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Conceptual Metaphor in Spanish
Volfová, Eliška ; Kratochvílová, Dana (advisor) ; Čermák, Petr (referee)
Present work deals with the conceptual metaphor in Spanish taking into consideration also the Czech language. This phenomenon is described from various points of view. The conceptual metaphor is defined and given in the context of cognitive linguistics. Metonymy is also analyzed together with its relation to the metaphor and the role of these in grammatical system is described. In case study we analyze the conceptualization of anger emotion and examine associated metaphors.
Names of Colours in Spanish
Volfová, Eliška ; Kratochvílová, Dana (advisor) ; Čermák, Petr (referee)
The present work deals with the conception of the colours in Spanish and Czech. Subject of our research is the system of the basic colour terms and their usage in the phraseology. By means of analysis of language corpora, we observe main differences of the concepts of colours in given languages. We investigate to what extent these constructions influence speakers in the language perception of reality.
The transformation of Czechoslovak regional daily press: The case of Jihočeská pravda journal
Volfová, Eliška ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Cebe, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis will be focused on the process of transformation in Czechoslovakia at the beginning of the 90's of the 20th century. Specifically the author will researchs the process of transformation of regional daily press. The press (as well as another mass media) changed fundamentally in consequence of the change of political system in the late nineties. While during the most of the second half of the 20th century the regional press had been the institutions owned and controlled from the state, during the nineties passed to private property. This transformation will be described on the example of Southbohemian daily press - "Jihočeská pravda". At first the author dedicates to the form and characteristic of the newspaper before the year 1989 (more precisely between 1985-1989), including the brief view on the newspaper at the age of censorship and the supervision of their publisher - The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. Then, this work describes the way of imaging of "the Velvet Revolution" in the newspaper and the first steps of the change of the publisher (November-December 1989). Finally the work reconstructs the way of daily press to private property, including the phenomenon of foreign owners of Czechoslovakian regional press. The bachelor thesis ends in 1993 when the process of...
"Qui a revé cette histoire?" Kundera´s French Novels
This dissertation deals with three selected French novels written by Milan Kundera: La lenteur, L´identité, L´ignorance. The aim is to make an analysis of these works, which are known as "the French cycle". We focus especially on the process of the construction of a narrative world (by using the semantics of fictional worlds and narratological concepts), as well as on the thematic level of these works. At the center of our dialogue with the novels is the question of whether they could create a real cycle, and what are the aspects that could connect them to each another. We also pay attention to the position of these works in the context of Kundera´s other writings.
Narrative Method in Olga Barényi´s Novel Janka
This bachelor thesis deals with narrative strategy in the first Czech Olga Barényi´s novel. Janka, the novel from the early 40´s of the 20th century is still ignored by literary public. This work is trying to change this attitude and to demonstrate why this novel can be attractive for the readers. The aim is to make a detailed analysis of the novel, using mainly narrative methodology and to study which means the author uses in the story and if they are unusual or regularly used in the context of Czech period prose.

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