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Interpretation of texts in secondary school reading-books
Výborná, Adéla ; Vojtíšek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Králíková, Andrea (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the interpretation of snippets of literary works contained in secondary school reading-books and examines the extent to which texts of reading-books can represent the literary works. We start from the premise that short snippets in reading-books cannot contain all the dominant interpretative directions of the whole work and students may get the wrong impression of the meaning of the whole piece. We therefore want to examine to what extent and how these snippets can be misleading, how much can they lead to inadequate interpretations, whether a trend in selecting snippets by the authors of reading-books can be observed, or if the reading-books differ substantially in their choice of snippets. We proceed firstly by always interpreting the whole work, analysing its individual motives and inferring possible interpretative directions. Then we do the same with individual fragments of the work from our selected reading-books. We focus on what interpretative directions the texts of the reading-books tend to have and what impressions they can create in the students. In conclusion, we formulate the result of our analysis and propose solutions for creating snippets that would be more suitable representations of such works without suppressing other functions (e.g. motivational...

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