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Design with respect to production costs
Homola, David ; Omasta, Milan (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis analyse general principles of Design for cost strategy in parts manufacturing. Compared manufacturing processes are Machining, Casting, Welding and 3D Print. Each process is rated based on production costs which are influenced by amount of manufactured parts, material, shape complexity, achieved tolerances and surface quality. Those informations are than applied in construction design of chosen part for each process separately. Each design is than compared based on production costs for specific amount of manufactured parts.
Molluscs as a new model system in molecular biology
Ber, Tobiáš ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Pergner, Jiří (referee)
Molluscs form the second largest animal phylum and are of great biological and economic significance. Their distinct evolutionary adaptations enabled them to inhabit a broad range of environments, with many of them invading new areas and becoming invasive pest species. Despite their importance, molluscan model systems have not received attention they deserve. In this bachelor thesis, I have reviewed the current state of molluscan model systems in molecular biology and analyzed their significance for more common use. From available data, it is apparent that the already established molluscan models are either marine or fresh-water, and therefore require more complex logistics and maintenance in order to set up a laboratory culture. To remedy the problem of aquaculture, the use of terrestrial gastropods was proposed. Here, I suggest that gastropods genus Deroceras have a good potential to become a new prominent molluscan model system in molecular biology.
Felling woody plants which grow outside of the forest and a transport infrastructure
Bilanin, Petr ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Felling woody plants which grow outside of the forest and a transport infrastructure Abstract The subject of this diploma thesis is a legal regulation of felling woody plants located near road and rail transport infrastructure. It focuses mainly on the analysis and evaluation of the current legal regulation of this area, together with de lege ferenda proposals that could lead to the improvement of this legal regulation. This thesis is divided into three sections, which are further divided into individual chapters and subchapters. The first section is focused on the description of the general legal regulation of felling woody plants which grow outside of the forest. This general legal regulation form the basis of special legal regulations of felling woody plants located near road and rail transport infrastructure. In this section there is an illustration of the central concept of woody plants which grow outside the forest, an exploration of three basic principles of this regal legulation and, above all, a description of the individual regimes under which it is possible to fell woody plants. Special protection regimes of woody plants which grow outside of the forest are also briefly discussed. The second section is dedicated to the felling of woody plants which are located near road infrastructure and related...
Public administration bodies in the capital city of Prague
Zemanová, Eliška ; Vedral, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Public administration bodies in the capital city of Prague Abstract The thesis deals with the organization of public administration in the capital city of Prague. Its aim was to give a comprehensive overview of a not very often treated issue and to touch upon the unclear position and legal nature of the city district. The intention is to highlight some controversial issues. After the necessary introduction to the issues of the public administration bodies, the thesis deals with the historical context of the public administration bodies in the capital city of Prague. The following chapter deals with the legal regulation of the public administration bodies in Prague, and the fourth chapter deals with public administration bodies in a narrower sense. The thesis describes the position of the individual bodies of the capital city of Prague and the bodies of the city districts and analyses the performance of local self-government and state administration in the environment of the capital city of Prague. A sub-objective is to open a controversy regarding the legal nature of the City of Prague. The question of whether a municipal district is a sui generis public law corporation is controversial. The analysis has shown that the opinion on the legal nature of the municipal district is hardly anchored at all. Thus,...
The role of microRNAs in regulation of mammalian oocyte and embryo development
Marcollová, Kateřina ; Procházka, Radek (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Cumulus-oocyte complex (COCs) is crucial for mammalian reproduction. Cumulus cells not only nurture the oocyte; they also represent important communicational nodes for mediating information towards and from the oocyte. The non-coding miRNAs can modulate posttranscriptional events they might serve as a useful biomarker for evaluating cell conditions. Based on the COCs staining with vital Lissamine Green B stain we divided cumulus cells into high- and low-quality ones. Furthermore, we implemented division based on the maturation stage, the GV and MII. Sequencing data analysis showed that DE miRNAs from qualitatively different stages donot significantly vary. Nonetheless, significantly DE miRNAs were detected between two developmentally different stages. We identified e.g. ssc-miR-183, ssc-miR-182, and ssc-miR-21-5p to be highly downregulated when comparing GV to MII stage. Among the highly expressed miRNAs from all samples were members of let-7 family (let-7c, let-7a, let- 7f-5p), ssc-miR-16, ssc-miR-21-5p, and ssc-miR-125a. Targeted genes by the DE miRNAs were involved in ErbB, TGF-β, MAPK, FoxO, gap junction and cGMP signalling pathways. We conclude that single miRNAs in cumulus cells probably cannot be used as a reliable oocyte quality marker. On the other hand,changes in the miRNA expression in...
Functional analysis of the piRNA pathway in golden hamsters
Loubalová, Zuzana ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Haase, Astrid D. (referee) ; Ketting, René (referee)
The piRNA pathway is a highly conserved mechanism that regulates gene and retrotransposon expression at transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels. Defects in the piRNA pathway impair germ cell development in animals from invertebrates to mammals. In mammals, the current knowledge of the piRNA pathway has been mainly built from mouse model studies. The mouse model suggests that the piRNA pathway is dispensable for mammalian female germline. However, mouse differs from other mammals in several important aspects. It lacks PIWIL3, one of four PIWI proteins found in other mammals, and has a highly active RNA interference in mouse oocytes, which points towards a unique combination of small RNA pathways in the mouse female germline. These specific modifications of small RNA pathways in mice could obscure the biological significance of the mammalian piRNA pathway. My Ph.D. project aimed at investigating the importance of the piRNA pathway in mammals and analyzing conserved and derived aspects of this pathway. As golden hamsters encode all mammalian PIWI proteins and likely lack highly active RNA interference in oocytes, they represent mammalian small RNA pathways closer than mice. Therefore, we generated a golden hamster knock-out of MOV10L1 helicase, an essential factor in piRNA biogenesis. We...
Public law aspects of the construction and operation of water works
Brabec, Václav ; Petrmichl, Václav (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Public law aspects of the construction and operation of water works Abstract The subject of this thesis is to describe the administrative law relations that arise in the construction and operation of waterworks, as one of the types of construction that public construction law recognizes. The thesis focuses on the legal regulation of the construction and operation of major waterworks, such as hydroelectric power stations or dams. An important feature of this work is an attempt to bring closer the general institutes of administrative law, which the regulation of water law contains and de lege ferenda considerations in this specific area of public law. In the first part of this thesis, water law is defined as a branch of law with an overlap into private and public law and the relevant sources for the construction and operation of water works are defined, while the following chapter characterizes the relationship of Act No. 254/2001 Coll., on Water and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Water Act) with other regulations of the general part of administrative law. Furthermore, the first part describes the method of exercising public administration in the field of water management and defines the central topic of the thesis, i.e. water works. The second part of the thesis deals with water planning, which precedes the...
Public use of natural goods
Nováková, Katarína ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Balounová, Jana (referee)
Public use of natural goods Abstract The diploma thesis deals with the legal regulation of public use, as the right to free use of public affairs by an unlimited range of subjects, namely natural goods, namely air, water, forest, and landscape, as components of the environment. Jurisprudence distinguishes between general and special public use. General use can be considered a basic type of public use, which is usually established by law. For some farms, such the atmosphere arises from their natural nature and the emergence of general use by the owner's de facto dedication to the farm cannot be ruled out. The special use is realized based on the act of application of the law always issued by name to a specific entity, which can be both a natural and a legal person. Permits for special uses are issued by administrative authorities, whose jurisdiction is defined by the individual laws under which the permit is issued. Ownership of a public matter is limited by public law but is not completely withdrawn. Within the framework of public use, relations arise between users and owners of public affairs. The content of these relationships is mutual rights and obligations. It is the user's right to use the natural property within the set limits and at the same time, it is the user's duty to refrain from actions that...
Influence of inlet hole position in hydrostatic bearing recess using CFD simulation
Androvič, Dominik ; Svoboda, Petr (referee) ; Michalec, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the influence of inlet hole position in hydrostatic bearing recess in combination with lubricating film tilting using CFD simulation in ANSYS Fluent software. Before the investigation, encapsulation of hydrostatic bearing, CFD simulation and research of hydrostatic bearings was implemented. For investigation of ours the analytical reference model of an axial hydrostatic bearing based on recommended design parameters was created. The main parameters of interest maximal recess pressure and load capacity of bearing were emerged from analytic solution. Subsequently, the maximal recess pressure and load capacity of the bearing were computed using CFD simulation for selected position of the inlet hole and the lubricating film tilt. The results indicate that the load capacity of the bearing is decreasing with the increasing lubricating film tilt. However, in case of alteration of inlet hole position even combined with selected lubricating film tilts no significant changes in maximal recess pressure or load capacity of the bearing with changing in position of inlet hole has been observed. The obtained results might be used to improve the design of hydrostatic bearings.
Design of clamping device for mass production on CNC milling machine
Blahuta, Jiří ; Foltýn, Jan (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with a design of a milling fixture and a fixture for broaching on a press. The fixtures enable progressive production on a CNC machine with a high efficiency and minimal downtime. The fixtures are designed for a serial production of a specific component in automotive industry with quantity of 250 000 units per year. The main goal and partial goals of the thesis were accomplished. The designed milling fixture uses wedge clamps and hydraulic cylinders for clamping. The broaching fixture uses springs to position the workpiece. The design of proposed fixtures was verified by production capacity calculations, which prove that the series will be produced in a required time. To further increase productivity, it was suggested based on calculations to use five milling fixtures in the milling machine. The design of the broaching fixture was verified by FEM simulation, which showed that the device is sufficiently rigid and strong. The result of the work is a design of two fixtures in the form of 3D models and drawings. The work includes, among other things, research of three-axis CNC milling machines, broaching machines, and wrought aluminium alloys.

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