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Invertebrates: problematic parts in science school curricula
The main aim of the thesis was to identify problematic areas in the zoology of invertebrates and Protozoa in primary school curricula. The first chapter discusses problematic areas in primary school education in general (their emergence, identification and ways to overcome them in teaching). The second part analyses textbooks of biology with a focus on invertebrates (comparing the number of representatives of the group, how much information is provided, how many specialised terms are used). The next section presents the results of a questionnaire survey designated for biology teachers which examined the reasons why various groups of invertebrates are problematic for primary school teachers and pupils. The following part of the thesis is focused on interviews with seven biology teachers discussing the problematic areas identified in the questionnaires. The final part provides examples of three activities that can help with the teaching of these problematic areas (a large amount of terms in the curriculum on protozoa, the topic of flatworms being too abstract for pupils, an excessive amount of insects' representatives in the curriculum).
Application for Change Management in the SAP System
Pavelek, Ota ; Rychlý, Marek (referee) ; Bartík, Vladimír (advisor)
This thesis describes implementation of HR change management processes of company ABB in ERP system SAP. Due to highly specific requirements for applications, standard component Personnel Change Request was not used. Authorized applicants have access to applications via SAP NetWeaver Portal. Approvers decide about approval or rejection of requests in Universal Worklist component of SAP NetWeaver Portal. Requests that require processing in HR Center are processed by employees of HR Center in SAP ERP. Applications that can be accessed via SAP NetWeaver portal were programmed with useage of framework Web Dynpro for ABAP. Processes are controlled by SAP Business Workflow.
Taking Inventory The School Collection At Elementary School Emy Destinové
The main goal of this thesis was to organise the geological collection of rock material, which the elementary school Emy Destinové got as a gift, and to create a working sheets which could be used during the work with this collection. The first part of the thesis deals with the topic of collections at schools - the history of geological collections at schools, the definitions of basic terms, how to create a collection and how to care for the collection's items. Then is described the process of creating the collection at the elementary school Emy Destinové. The third part of the thesis deals with defining the education of geology regarding the RVP ZV and with the analysis of textbooks, in order to accordingly create good working sheet. The last part of the thesis focuses on an analysis of the testing of chosen working sheets. The result of this thesis is not only the text of the bachelor thesis itself, it is especially the collection, which will be used in the lessons at the elementary school Emy Destinové for many years.
Light like a dramatic expression tool in cinematography
Pavelek, Tomáš ; ŠPELDA, Josef (advisor) ; MACÁK, Jiří (referee)
This thesis focuses on the importance of light as one of the main aspects of filmmaking and as a main tool for creation of atmosphere in cinematography. I mention some expressive cinematographer's styles in the history of cinematography and how different the work with light was in the context of the era. I focus on realistic and logical way of work with light and on technical and technological cinematographer's tools which enable this work and help him to create the light atmospheres and support the script to be perfectly visually translated.
Richter, Jan ; Pavelek, Milan (referee) ; Trenz, Oldřich (referee) ; Šťastný, Jiří (advisor)
It is possible to simulate an airflow by additives to shoot images and records of such flowing. Additives can be in the form of particles or continuous filaments. A computer evaluation of such data differs depending on the kind of visualization method. This thesis deals with a number of different approaches to determine the airjet shape and airflow velocity in airflow images and records. Exact procedures area sed for these purposes as well as neural networks and genetic algorithms.
Proteomics, Lymphocyte Population in Multiple Sclerosis and Disability
Pavelek, Zbyšek ; Vališ, Martin (advisor) ; Mareš, Jan (referee) ; Hradílek, Pavel (referee)
Introduction Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating and neurodegenerative disease affecting the central nervous system. Although research on the diagnosis and treatment of this serious illness has made significant advances, the MS etiology remains unknown. Although there is still much to be found in the MS pathogenetic mechanisms, understanding the mechanisms of immune-mediated damage to the central nervous system (CNS) components of MS allows not only the introduction of new drugs that positively modulate inflammatory inflammation but also the understanding of immune- mediated diseases affecting the CNS in a broader sense. Methods The Ph.D. thesis is a general introduction followed by an annotated set of author's publications on proteomics, lymphocytic population in MS and disability. Study 1: Proteomic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and clinically isolated syndrome was conducted to find changes in the low molecular cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) segment and to determine what native peptides and how much they are in cerebrospinal fluid among patients with clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) and relapsing-MS (RR MS) compared to a healthy population. Study 2: Lymphocytes in the treatment with interferon beta-1b targeted individual...
Experimental validation of stability of hydraulic systems
Petrůjová, Hana ; Pavelek,, Milan (referee) ; Takacs,, Ján (referee) ; Košner,, Jan (referee) ; Formánek, Marian (advisor)
Dissertation thesis falls within the area of indoor climate and deals with a hydraulics of heating systems, mainly with the hydraulic separator. This earlier widely used element of the heating system, which hydraulically separates heat source and heat appliance, is nowadays in the heating systems based on condensation technologies inappropriate, as the results obtained from experimental measurements show. This findings also well correlate with own theoretical solution based on the calorimetric equation. Conclusion of the dissertation thesis shows fact that in case of imbalance flow rate between heat source and heat appliance adverse warming of return pipe water in the heating system with hydraulics separátor is caused. This effect in practice reduces the efficiency of heat production and expected condensation process of flue gas is discontinued.
Development of Simulation Tool for Semi-Hermetic Compressor with the Objectives to Improve Efficiency
Tuhovčák, Ján ; Masaryk, Michal (referee) ; Pavelek, Milan (referee) ; Jícha, Miroslav (advisor)
Compressors are widely used across the all technical fields and current pressure on ecology increases the demand for more effective compressor with economical operation costs. The reasons for inefficiencies must be identified during the development process of a new compressor, where simulation tools might become very useful. There are many different tools for compressor analysis and choosing the right one is mostly dependent on the level of detail that must be analyzed. Models based on energy balance seem to be appropriate when the global parameters of a compressor are demanded. These models offer quick results with reasonable degree of accuracy in terms of basic compressor characteristics. The goal of this thesis is to develop such a simulation tool for a reciprocating compressor. The tool can predict compressor behavior based on compressor dimensions and valve properties. The processes inside the cylinder and heat transfer between the components of a compressor are analyzed using energy balance equation. Simulation tools were verified and experimentally validated using two different types of compressors, therefore they might be used for any reciprocating compressor under some conditions. Mathematical solution was developed in Matlab and therefore it is possible to add new sub-models or to couple the actual model with other simulation tools. This work also contains an analysis of heat transfer models used to predict heat transfer coefficient inside the cylinder and comparison with complex numerical approach. Impact of heat transfer on the compressor efficiency was evaluated too.
Research on Effective Methods of Exhausting
Pech, Ondřej ; Kratochvíl, Zdeněk (referee) ; Černecký,, Jozef (referee) ; Pavelek, Milan (advisor)
Many production technologies generate a variety of gas pollutants, which are unhealthy. The aim is therefore to minimize the content of such gas pollutants in the work environment. The highest capture efficiency of gas pollutants offers the local exhausting. Its disadvantage is the necessity to surround the source of pollutants, or to be as close as possible which is usually not technically or technologically possible. A possible alternative is to use a reinforced exhaust system that achieves greater capture distances. In the initial stage of the solution of the dissertation, a review of reinforced exhaust systems was carried out. Further, an existing measurement system was modified for measurements with the partition above the exhaust slot and the measurement system was partially automated. In order to investigate the case with pollutants having a lower density than the air, the workbench - the partition was moved above the exhaust slot. Based on of the literature review, a modification of the reinforced slot exhaust system was proposed. The modification consisted in the adjustment of the air inlet adjustment where a set of holes and a tube assembly were used instead of the slot. Such setup allowed for higher flow turbulence and thus for an increased exhaust efficiency. Subsequently, the inlet streams from the slot, holes and tubes were visualized by the smoke method. Further measurements were carried out by the tracer gas method for the determination of the exhaust efficiency. Measurements of velocity fields in front of the proposed configurations of the reinforced slot exhaust hood were also carried out. In conclusion, an energy performance assessment was carried out by means of the measurement of the electric power input to the fans with the determination of the electric loss power.
Compact Sensors for Evaluation the Thermal Comfort
Kazkaz, Mohammad ; Fiľakovský, Karol (referee) ; Šafařík,, Pavel (referee) ; Pavelek, Milan (advisor)
Teplota vzduchu je nejčastěji používaná k posouzení tepelného stavu vnitřního prostředí. Avšak teplota vzduchu sama o sobě, je v mnoha případech pro toto posouzení nedostatečná. Hlavním cílem disertační práce je vyhodnotit tepelný stav vnitřního prostředí a specifikovat parametry, které na něj mají vliv. Teplota vzduchu, střední radiantní teplota, rychlost vzduchu a vlhkost vzduchu jsou čtyři základní parametry, které určují tepelný stav vnitřního prostředí. Vzhledem k tomu, že tepelný stav prostředí závisí na mnoha aspektech, byly odvozeny veličiny, které zahrnují kombinovaný účinek několika nebo všech těchto parametrů k určení tepelného stavu prostředí. Jedná se např. o efektivní teplotu, teplotu kulového teploměru, operativní teplotu, ekvivalentní teplotu, PMV a PPD indexy... aj. V dnešní době existuje spousta vysoce přesných senzorů, které mohou zhodnotit tepelný stav vnitřního prostředí. Z důvodu jejich vysoké ceny jsou používané převážně pro účely výzkumu. Předkládaná práce se převážně soustředí na vývoj kompaktního deskového senzoru pro vyhodnocení tepelného stavu vnitřního prostředí. Zaměřuje se hlavně na nízkou cenu senzoru společně s dostatečnou přesností. K dosažení cíle této práce jsou provedeny následující postupy: • Analýza environmentálních faktorů ovlivňujících tepelný stav prostředí. • Studium dopadu teploty vzduchu, střední radiantní teploty a rychlosti proudění vzduchu na tepelné indexy: teplotu kulového teploměru a operativní teplotu. • Teoretické porovnání teploty kulového teploměru a operativní teploty. • Navržení, rozvoj a konstrukce nového deskového senzoru pro posouzení tepelného stavu vnitřního prostředí. • Navržení a konstrukce testovací komory pro porovnávání senzorů tepelného stavu prostředí. • Kalibrace zkonstruovaného senzoru měřením fyzikálních veličin charakterizujících tepelný stav prostředí. • Testy směrové závislosti vyvinutého deskového senzoru a porovnání s kulovým teploměrem v testovací komoře. • Srovnání teoretických řešení s provedenými měřeními v testovací komoře. Výsledkem této práce je vlastní teoretické srovnání teploty kulového teploměru a operativní teploty ve vybraném rozsahu teploty vzduchu, střední radiantní teploty a rychlosti vzduchu pro možnost hodnocení tepelného stavu vnitřního prostředí pomocí kulového teploměru. Hlavním výstupem je však navržení a zhotovení jednoduchého deskového senzoru, který by byl dostatečně přesný pro měření tepelného stavu prostředí. V rámci disertace byla postavena také testovací komora a bylo provedeno testování vyvinutého senzoru pomocí měřicího systému INNOVA.

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