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Use of Jan Neruda's Texts in Literature Classes
Mrázková, Miloslava ; Klumparová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Hník, Ondřej (referee)
The theoretical part of the master's thesis first deals with the context of Jan Neruda's life and work and with the representation of Neruda's texts in post-revolutionary reading books for junior high school and high school. This part is based on the results presented in the author's bachelor's thesis Work of Jan Neruda in reading books. The next chapter follows the formation of Jan Neruda's image in literature textbooks for junior high school and high school published after 1989. The analysis of reading books and textbooks shows the remaining emphasis on the writer's poetic work even though his contribution to the field of feuilleton and modern prose is considered to be more important. The results of this analysis are used to elucidate the aim of the thesis, which is a new selection of Neruda's texts and the creation of the author's own textbook explanatory texts emphasizing the writer's feuilletons and prose work. The practical part of the thesis contains a questionnaire "mini-research" of pupils' and students' preconceptions regarding the personality and work of Jan Neruda. This research together with another "mini-research" of different teachers' conceptions of teaching about Jan Neruda form the basis for accomplishing the aims of the thesis. The last chapter contains the author's selection of...

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