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Supported Housing for Persons with Learning Disability from the Viewpoint of Those Persons
Fialová, Monika ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The thesis focuses on supported protected housing for persons with learning disabilities and the personal experience of such persons using various types of such housing. The first chapter contains the theoretical basis of this topic and its subchapters list certain trends in social services. It contains the definition of the expression supported protected housing for persons with learning disabilities and its individual types. Chapter two focuses on the users of the social services consisting in provision of supported protected housing for persons with learning disabilities. Its first subchapter focuses on the expression of adulthood, the other subchapters then deal with psychological characteristics and particular features of persons with learning disabilities. Chapter three contains the research. It contains the justification of the research issue, stipulates the objective of the thesis, and defines the research questions. Its subchapters discuss the research methods and describe the place where the research has taken place. The method of selection of research respondents and the respondents selected are described. Chapter four contains the presentation of the individual participants of the research through case studies and the written transcript of the interviews with them, containing the...
Phenomenon of homelessness in context of welfare services offer in Benešov city.
Tulachová, Blanka ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to familiarize with offer of welfare services for homeless people in Benešov City on the basis of theoretical knowledge and information about phenomenon of homelessness. Also to show the influence of social services offer on the life of homeless person, to call attention to other connections and importance of a form of social service help in a role of low-cost daily centre, doss-houses and field services for people without shelter. For research part of the thesis was chosen a qualitative research for its possibilities to examine some specific broadly defined phenomenon and to bring sufficient amount of information about it. Case study method was used. Results of the research part are summarized in the end. The effect of use of social services offer for homeless people in Benešov city on the quality of their lives is exposed. Discovered conclusions point out to importance of help and support which is offered through social services.
Secondary and terciary prevention of addictive substance
Kurz, Roman ; Šotolová, Eva (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
My final work is about three basic types of prevention, which are used in the field of narcotic's prevention. It's mostly about secondary and tertiary prevention. Besides the basic terminology you can read about the details of differents preventions, who is responsible for it and also about the treatment of addictive behaviours. In my work you can also find the descriptions of legal and illegal narcotics, which excessive using leads to jones. The questions in the questionaire were created with a respect to the respondents - they are the clients of the mental treatment, who decided to help themselves (sometimes not for the first time).
Lost and Found for a Family with a Child in the Final Stage of a Terminal Illness
Růžičková Lhotová, Ilona ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
This thesis describes the life of a family with a dying child. The objective of the thesis is to describe the experience of its members after the diagnosis has been decided, during treatment and after the child's decease. It discusses the phases of going through the disease and death of one's own child for the parents and other close persons and how such a critical event in a family's life changes its values and attitudes. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with experiencing of all stages of the child's disease by their closest persons and with the psychology of the ill child. In this context, it briefly describes the history and idea of care of the incurably ill and the possibility of family support provided by non- governmental organizations. The practical part of the thesis contains the findings of the qualitative research conducted using the phenomenology approach on how the parents supported the child in the terminal stage of their disease, what they went through during this difficult time of life and how they remember that time after certain time has elapsed. Respondents include the parents or closest persons of children aged over one year that deceased as a result of a malignant disease.

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