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Epidural analgesia during childbirth
This thesis focuses on the topic of epidural analgesia during childbirth. The work consists of two main parts-theoretical and practical. The theoretical section first and foremost defines the concept of childbirth and describes all birth times. Last but not least, it is also dedicated to the role of midwife in childbirth. Another topic is obstetric pain, which is followed by the theme of pharmacological methods to labor pain relief. The issue of epidural analgesia is described in detail and divided into additional subchapters. These are devoted to the description of the procedure for administering epidural analgesia in childbirth, it's indications and contraindications, the advantages and disadvantages, the complications of epidural analgesia in childbirth and, last but not least, the role of the midwife in the care of the woman with epidural analgesia. The theoretical section concludes with a chapter on non-pharmacological methods of controlling birth pain. The first objective of the work was to determine whether women use epidural analgesia during childbirth. The second goal was to map women's satisfaction with the effects of epidural analgesia in childbirth. The third and final goal was to see if women worked better with midwives after receiving epidural analgesia. Three hypotheses have been set for the objectives. H1: First-time mothers are more likely to use epidural analgesia than multi-parents. H2: Younger women (under 30) are more satisfied with the effects of epidural analgesia in childbirth than older women (over 30). H3: Women with epidural analgesia at birth cooperate better with midwives than women without epidural analgesia. The objectives were achieved by a quantitative research investigation in the form of own design questionnaires, which consisted of both open and closed questions. The assessment of the questionnaires was carried out using a statistical chi-square test which determined the significance or insignificance of the results. The first research set consisted of 205 women active on the Facebook social network. Of the total number of respondents, women in the 26-30 age range had the highest representation. The second research set included 102 midwives working in the delivery room. Midwives in the 20 to 30 age range had the highest representation of total respondents. The research investigation revealed that more than half of the respondents had used epidural analgesia during childbirth. However, only a third of women are certain that they would also use epidural analgesia for their next birth. The other two-thirds of women do not know whether they would use the epidural analgesia method or are certain that they do not want epidural analgesia in their next childbirth. We also wanted to find out whether younger women (under 30) are more satisfied with the effects of epidural analgesia in childbirth than older women (over 30). This hypothesis has not been confirmed. This was due to the low representation of the group of women over 30. We also wanted to find out whether first-time mothers use epidural analgesia more often than multi-time mothers. The result of the research showed that the largest representation of our female respondents who took advantage of epidural analgesia was just 7 % more first-time mothers. However, the difference is not statistically significant. We also wondered if women with epidural analgesia at birth cooperate better with midwives than women without epidural analgesia. According to the research investigation, the vast majority of midwives think that women with epidural analgesia cooperate better during childbirth than women without epidural analgesia.
Impacts of Crisis in Civil Engineering on Production Field of Building Materials
Maříková, Tereza ; Vlnas, Pavel (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the crisis of the building sector in the Czech Republic. It describes its environment, how it functions and the subjects which operate in the building industries. The second part of the thesis looks at the world economical crisis, its origin, its course and main of all it describes how it impacts the building industries. As the coefficients of development in the building sector are used building production, the number of issued building permits or the orientational value of buildings. It will be more closely looked at the environment of the building material production together with a particular company which is operating in this field. The aim of the thesis is to find out how the crisis influenced the society and the whole building sector and if the development during the crisis corresponds to it or if it goes the opposite way.

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3 MAŘÍKOVÁ, Tereza
3 Maříková, Taťána
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