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Storytelling according to the TAT in the State of Moderate Stress: The Effect of Defense Mechanisms on Coping with Moderate Stress.
Míčková, Martina ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Čáp, David (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on storytelling in the state of moderate stress. The theoretical part includes an introduction to the issue of stress, defense mechanisms, Thematic Apperception Test and then explains in detail theory of defense mechanism according to Phebe Cramer and also Defense Mechanism Manual which is used for evaluation of TAT defenses. The aim of empirical part of this thesis is to find out whether moderate pain which is caused by the fact that participants holds their hand in front of them (in position of "staying power") has effect on number of occurrence of defense mechanisms in narratives according to TAT. The stories are narrated during the staying power position. The second aim is to verify whether number and quality of used defenses has effect on the duration of the staying power position. The simple regression analysis was used to find out that there is no significant relationship between number of used defense mechanisms and the level of experienced pain. However, it is shown that higher usage of defense mechanisms has positive effect on duration of staying power position. This effect is even stronger if only matured defense mechanisms are included in the model, which is projection and identification.
Determination of value of the company
Mičková, Martina ; Scholleová, Hana (advisor) ; Brabec, Martin (referee)
The aim of this Master's Thesis is to determine the value of cheese factory Orrero to December 1, 2013 for yet unknown buyer. The first part of the thesis deals with a theoretical basis for company valuation, there are stated reasons for evaluating the company and there is described a valuation procedure, followed by a description of strategic and financial analysis, financial plan and valuation methods. In practical, core part of the thesis I have presented Orrero enterprise and then I have worked out its valuation in accordance with the theoretical part of the work. As a valuation method there was chosen free cash flow to the firm.
Financing specifications in a church chapel
Mičková, Martina ; Boukal, Petr (advisor) ; Eisler, Jan (referee)
This Bachelor's Thesis concentrates on financing specifications in the Evangelical church of Czech brethren. It describes and compares particular items from profit and loss statement, mainly according to absolute indicators. The first part of the text focuses on non -- profit sector and a place of church organizations in it. Following chapters concern the mission of church organizations, their legal security and models which state and church can have. Next chapter briefly describes history and structure of the Evangelical church of Czech brethren. Theoretical part of the text is connected with practical part, which deals with financing of the chapel of Evangelical church of Czech brethren in Horní Krupá. Particular items of costs and revenues and their progress in time are analysed there. The thesis includes a comparison with a similar chapel of Evangelical church of Czech brethren in Chrudim. In the end it sums up the way of financing the chapels.

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