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Documentation of the historical buildings for hops processing: thematic survey of hop dryers
Podroužek, Kamil ; Eismann, Šimon ; Horák, Jan ; Kaláb, Jiří ; Papoušek, Miroslav ; Kuprová, Renata ; Radová, Lucie ; Skalický, David ; Švec, Roman
The main focus of this project NAKI DG16P02B021 Documentation of the historical buildings for hops processing was to perform a basic documentation of the historical buildings for hops processing. These buildings are part of architectual assets bound to the specific natural conditions occuring only in some regions. These conditions constitute an important part of the urbanism of towns and cultural countriside. There has not been given any scientific attention to the development, function, constructions or the technological equipment used on these buildings. In addition, these buildings (except several) are not historically protected. With respect to size, these buildings are of a great financial burden to their owners and have lately been subject to a large scale of demolition. Out of more than 5500 of these buildings listed in the beginning of the 20th century in Zatec hops region itself only hundreds have been preserved. Hence, the documentation is the last possibility of recording these buildings for the future. As part of the basic documentation of the buildings, undoubtful identification, photo-documentation, the documentation of the specific contruction solutions, technological equipment and technological state of proving the hops processing, the land surveying, the construction measurements and sample collection for dendro-chronical dating of selected buildings was performed. The archive research was part of the study as well. Based on this evidence a special map and IISPP/GIS NPÚ based database was created. A highly easy-to-use system was created using sophisticated technology - phones with cameras and GPS modules, tablet PCs, remote network access to the external scanned document storage and remotely accessible GIS and MIS map databases. This system enables operational field documentation and based on this experience a methodology was created that describes the use of this widlely available technology in basic field architectural documentation.
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Cost optimization residential houses in terms of floor space
Kalábová, Michaela ; Kaláb, Jiří (referee) ; Výskala, Miloslav (advisor)
Diploma thesis is focused on minimum allowed floor area in houses. In theoretical part are introduced basic terms as residential building, house, floor area, etc. Theoretical part continues with building typology, building orientation and mainly are introduced standard house requirments. Attention is also payed to non the less important chapters as built-up space and price indicators. All of theese informations which are contained in theoretical part will serve us to make practical part. Practical part is focused on draft of optimal house with the smallest allowed floor area, calculation of built-up space, detecting price of house thanks to price indicators and detecting price of one squared meter of floor area of house.
Price of construction for different purposes
Kaláb, Jiří ; Krischková, Radka (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The aim is to determine the price of a building selected for different purposes, using itemized budget and methods for valuation of property under applicable laws. Explain basic concepts in property valuation, explain their rationale, show the procedure of formation value by different pricing methods and selected construction object to demonstrate their use.
Cost optimization residential houses in terms of floor space
Kalábová, Michaela ; Kaláb, Jiří (referee) ; Výskala, Miloslav (advisor)
Bachelor thesis pays attention to the smallest floor spaces of family houses. In theoretical part, we will pay attention to the basic nomennclature as Residental Building, Family House etc. After that we will acquaint with the kind od Family Houses with orientation in Family Houses and especially in theoretical part, we will acquaint with demands on normed houses. Other very importatnt chapters, we pay attention to, are enclosed space and price indicators. These two chapters will, serve us in calculations in practical part of Bachelor Thesis. Practical part od Bachelor Thesis describes design of optimal Family Houses which are pointing at the smallest allowed floor space, followed by calculation and complete evaluation of best designed Family House.
Marketing processes in the building industry
Kaláb, Jiří ; Buchalová, Jana (referee) ; Dohnal, Radek (advisor)
The subject of the Bachelor thesis "marketing processes in the construction industry" is the specification of the individual marketing processes in the field of construction and use them to solve a major weakness in concrete construction company and come up with proposals that would enhance its effectiveness in business.
Applied quantitative methods of Austrian Business Cycle Theory
Kaláb, Jiří ; Svoboda, Miroslav (advisor) ; Janíčko, Martin (referee)
This paper analyzes the Austrian theory of business cycles. This theory describes the reasons that cause cyclical fluctuations in economic activity. Its foundations are built on the Austrian theory of capital. The main goal of this paper is to identify these reasons and construct a model based on them. This model attempts to capture the effect of explanatory variables on the structure of production according to Hayek's triangle. This is based on a sample of monthly U.S. data from the period 01/01/1977 to 04/01/2011. Data were tested using a linear regression model. Output from the model confirmed some of the variables as consistent with the Austrian theory of business cycles. However, there are many problems associated with applying this econometric model to the theory, whose leaders consistently opposed the introduction of mathematical methods in economic science.

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