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Not only felt slippers or in other words the reality of guideses during the normalization era
Špačková, Kateřina ; Indrová, Martina (advisor) ; Jordánová, Květa (referee)
This thesis deals with guide reality during the normalization era and the time right after, because the trends that started there continued even further. The aim of the work is to explore, what the guiding tours at the castles and palaces were like and what the visitors encountered when they took a guided tour at the time. Various aspects of the presentation of the monuments are captured. Attention is paid not only to the guide himself, but to the character of interior installations and exhibitions and also to the content of the interpretation. At the same time the thesis also occupy with feedback from the visitors of the monuments at the time, popularization of the monuments by the media and the laws of the monument care together with the government resolutions that affected presentation of the monuments in any way. For the thesis, a multi-stage research of primary and secondary sources of various types and origins was carried out including researches and audiovisual sources. Individual sources were subjected to criticism, analyzed and compared with each other. At the same time, a guided interview with the contemporary witness of monument care of the normalization era was also carried out for the purposes of the research. Some findings about the presentation of monuments during the normalization...
Comparison of approaches to the conservation of modern architecture in the context of contemporary ideological influences
Pilařová, Zdislava ; Indrová, Martina (advisor) ; Jordánová, Květa (referee)
The thesis focuses on the comparison of two approaches to the protection of modern architectural cultural heritage. The first approach is the protection of the First Republic, especially functionalist buildings, which began with the first culture heritage law No. 22/1958 Coll. The second approach is devoted to the contemporary challengers of protecting buildings from the socialist era in the context of reflecting the past that the buildings may represent. Both approaches are related to the issue of the subjectivity and ideological conditionality of heritage protection. The research is set in the context of the development of architecture since the 1920s, the development of heritage protection, and the context of reflecting the past. The fate of selected monuments that have become central points to the change of narrative is also discussed. The thesis employs a method of qualitative analysis of information obtained from the contemporary literature and the National Heritage Institute's web platform Památkový katalog, followed by a comparison of approaches to the conservation of buildings in the style of functionalism and buildings from the socialist era. The thesis tries to connect several themes - the development of functionalist architecture and architecture from the socialist era, the development...
Developing tradition or From exposition to interpretation: Methodology of guide services in historic interiors and exteriors
Jareš, Jakub ; Hudec, Petr ; Indrová, Martina ; Ranochová, Radka ; Hnojská, Vendula ; Sládková, Kateřina ; Jordánová, Květa ; Dryáková, Kateřina ; Rezková Přibylová, Naděžda ; Bláhová, Lucie ; Wizovský, Tomáš
The methodology provides methodological support and inspiration for the presentation and interpretation of cultural heritage through guided guided tours. It takes into account both tradition and the current demands of visitors, approaches to the protection of cultural heritage and new trends in interpretation, including foreign ones. When applied in practice, the methodology also has an impact on the general public, which is represented by several million visitors to the monuments managed by the NPÚ every year.
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Many forms of interpretation: Methodology of innovative approaches to the presentation and interpretation of historic interiors and exteriors
Hudec, Petr ; Jareš, Jakub ; Indrová, Martina ; Dryáková, Kateřina ; Kassl, Nikola ; Havlůjová, Hana ; Hnojská, Vendula ; Sládková, Kateřina ; Jordánová, Květa ; Rezková Přibylová, Naděžda ; Kazlauskas, Vendula ; Bláhová, Lucie ; Staufčíková, Helena ; Kosová, Šárka ; Neprašová, Eva ; Seidler, Tomáš
The methodology is an effort to revitalize and innovate the guide service in the environment of historical monuments under the administration of the National Museum of Natural History. This publication is a follow-up to Part I of the methodology We are developing tradition or From interpretation to interpretation and its purpose is to provide ideas, inspiration and methodological procedures on how to supplement and transform established methods of presentation and interpretation of monuments, including forms that create a parallel or alternative to guided tours . It takes into account foreign experience and interdisciplinary insights.
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