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Discharge of debts of spouses
Janoušková, Kamila ; Pohl, Tomáš (advisor) ; Frintová, Dita (referee)
Discharge of debts of spouses This thesis deals with in these days very current issue of discharge of debts of spouses. During the effectiveness of the discharges of debts regulation in Czech laws the social development continues. This development brings also a new phenomenon - a huge indebtedness of natural persons (not self-employed persons) respectively households in the Czech Republic. In spite of the fact the problematic regulation of discharge of debts of spouses is being subject to many amendments, the outcome of them was not always satisfactory. The aim of this thesis is to introduce the institute of discharge of debts of spouses, to point out the imperfections of the regulation, to provide its comparison to foreign regulations and to phrase potential amendments of the particular problematic provisions. The thesis is divided into four separate chapters. Chapter one focuses on theoretical basis of the issue in the wide scope of insolvency law and also introduces actual indebtedness of the Czech households that gives rise to legal regulation of discharge of debts. Also it summarizes the regulation of joint marital property in the Czech law which may cause several problems when applying the debt forgiveness regulation on married persons. The first chapter comprises the ground for the following...
Rule of entrepreneurial judgement
Janoušková, Kamila ; Eichlerová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Josková, Lucie (referee)
Every corporate director is under the obligation to perform his duties with reasonable care and loyalty. In connection with re-codification of the Czech private law, the Business Corporations Act brought a new institute to the Czech legal system - the business judgment rule. This rule provides corporate directors with a special protection against the liability for the breach of their duties. The aim of this thesis is to focus on this institute, to analyse the Czech version of business judgment rule, to compare it with its foreign models and provide the most likely judicial interpretation of it. The thesis consists of three main chapters. Chapter One deals with the issue of directors duties of care and loyalty and describes the grounds for existence of business judgment rule with a broaded context of law and economics knowledge. It explains the role of capital companies in business in order to define leading requirements for company regulation. Author focuses on the necessity of taking a risk in process of making entrepreneurial decisions. Chapter Two provides a description of two foreign models of business judgment rule. First, it deals with the business judgment rule originated from the practise of the courts in USA and two possible interpretations given by them - a standard of review and an...

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