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Law aspect of cloud computing: GaaS as a new form of cloud servis
Janda, Petr ; Holcová, Irena (advisor) ; Žikovská, Petra (referee)
Cloud gaming, also known as Gaming as a Service or GaaS is a quickly developing service with significant economic potential. Author follows this trend and focuses on the topic of providing videogames as a service through cloud environment. The goal of this work was to analyse and describe legal relations between authors of videogames, providers, and users of GaaS in the context of Czech copyright and to present practical consequences of these relations, mainly in contrast to SaaS. Firstly, the reader is acquainted with basic aspects of videogames with emphasis on classification and description of videogames and its parts, i.e. computer program and other elements, as a work of authorship. Author describes possible theoretical views on the protection of audio-visual components of videogames. It is then pointed out that no satisfactory classification of video game as a singular work of authorship can be provided under the Czech Copyright Act. Videogame legislation is also proposed. Subject of the second section of this thesis is cloud gaming technology. This segment is written as to be understandable even for non-experts in the field. At first basic types of cloud services are presented. Then, the technology behind cloud gaming is described, along with business models one can come across nowadays....
Phylogenetic relation of Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens
Janda, Petr ; Dvořáková, Radka (advisor) ; Hora, Martin (referee)
The main idea of this bachelor thesis is to close the phylogenetic relation of Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens species issue. The first move is summary of findings in this issue following from fossil records of both species. There are researched findings directly deducing from fossils (for example morphological), but also findings, which can be only speculated from fossils with certain possibility (for example sociological). In conclusion there are given findings meaning similarity, but also difference of both species and in view of these findings there it is analyzed, how much are both species relative and how much they are be classify as one genus. Key words: phylogeny, relation, Homo neanderthalensis, Homo sapiens, morphology, sociology
Software Support for Projects Management
Janda, Petr ; Kreslíková, Jitka (referee) ; Květoňová, Šárka (advisor)
This project describes design and implementation of project management information system support, mainly for IT organizations. It includes informations about basic facts in project management and mainly about Rational Unified Process, the modern metodology which is well usefull in today changeable environment. System is implemented in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with support of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and consists of ASP.NET presentation and of DLL library written in C# language. Information system provides support for project planing and management. System work in standard internet browsers and is very usefull for geografically devided teams.
Positional Motion Control by means of 8bit uP
Janda, Petr ; Holý, Miroslav (referee) ; Matoušek, Radomil (advisor)
This thesis deals with positional control of DC motor Icla D065 of company SIG Positec Automation GmbH with aid of CAN-Bus and CANopen protocol. Individual parts describe general principle and standards of CAN-Bus and international normalized higher-level protocol CANopen for systems control. For control this motor was used microcontroller PIC18F4685 from company Microchip and developmental environment MPLAB® IDE. With used C language was made program for MCU control communication with a motor by support of CANopen protocol and its motion control. The result of this thesis will be used in solution of research project Intelligent Systems in Automation.
Steady state and short-circuit conditions in 110kV E.ON network fed from Čebín transformer station
Krutiš, Petr ; Janda, Petr (referee) ; Blažek, Vladimír (advisor)
Master’s thesis deals with computation of steady state and short-circuit conditions in 110 kV nodal area of Čebín. The first part of thesis is theoretical. There is described computation of steady state and short-circuit conditions. There is description of 110 kV nodal area of Čebín too. There are made computations in the practical part. Two types of operation of transformers T401 and T402 are evaluated. The transformers operate independent at first, then they are connected in parallel. Voltage conditions in substations, load of lines and transformers, power losses and short-circuit resistance of substations in 110 kV nodal area of Čebín are evaluated based on the computations. There are compared the both types of operation of transformers in the end of practical part.

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