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Autonomous Control of Sunblinds
Kovařík, Viktor ; Hujňák, Ondřej (referee) ; Viktorin, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to acquaint with sensors which are suitable to detect changes of weather, and also with active element of blinds controller. In the first part of the thesis are described individual sensors, microcontrollers that can work with them, Turris router, which serves as a control unit and communication protocols. In the implementation part, the principle of autonomous blinds management was designed and implemented on Somfy blinds. At the end of the thesis are summarized the achieved results.
Automatic Testing of the BeeeOn System
Wolfert, Richard ; Hujňák, Ondřej (referee) ; Viktorin, Jan (advisor)
This Master's thesis is about analysis of Internet of Things project BeeeOn, design and production of unit, integration and system tests and their automation by utilization of Continuous integration system Jenkins CI. The theoretical part is devoted to software testing fundamentals and Continuous integration systems. The main point of this thesis is about specification and description of BeeeOn system, its requirements for automatic testing and its implementation. In conclusion, the results of this work and expansion possibilities are discussed.
Server for Collecting Sensor Data and Control of Active Elements
Halaj, Jozef ; Hujňák, Ondřej (referee) ; Viktorin, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis aims on communication with remote sensors and active elements in the smart home system called BeeeOn. The individual parts of the BeeeOn system are described with respect to the current insufficient communication principle and implementation. For communication with BeeeOn gateways, the WebSocket technology is used. It allows communication on netwoks with a restricted access to privileged ports. The implemented server is in principle capable of serving a high number of BeeeOn gateways that works as a bridge among the server and the remote sensors. The communication is secured with SSL/TLS, it uses confirmation mechanism to guarantee reliability and it is easily extendable by other protocol messages. It enables the system to send asynchronous commands to the BeeeOn gateway and to the connected devices. The server is implemented in C++ language. The most common communication scenarios were tested by automated tests.
Smart Home with the Third Party Sensors
Tisovčík, Peter ; Hujňák, Ondřej (referee) ; Viktorin, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was to acquaint with selected wireless sensors, which use Z-Wave and OASiS protocol and to create the uniform interface for BeeeOn system providing communication with the selected sensors. The theoretical part of the thesis describes sensors and USB devices that serve for communication with sensors or operating system to which they are connected. In the practical part, the BeeeOn application was extended by device manager which can support the other communication protocols.
System for Detection of APT Attacks
Hujňák, Ondřej ; Kačic, Matej (referee) ; Barabas, Maroš (advisor)
The thesis investigates APT attacks, which are professional targeted attacks that are characterised by long-term duration and use of advanced techniques. The thesis summarises current knowledge about APT attacks and suggests seven symptoms that can be used to check, whether an organization is under an APT attack. Thesis suggests a system for detection of APT attacks based on interaction of those symptoms. This system is elaborated further for detection of attacks in computer networks, where it uses user behaviour modelling for anomaly detection. The detector uses k-nearest neighbors (k-NN) method. The APT attack recognition ability in network environment is verified by implementing and testing this detector.
Support for RADIUS Protocol in SSSD
Hujňák, Ondřej ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Zelený, Jan (advisor)
Moderní trendy ve správě uživatelů ve firemních prostředích směřují k centralizovaným řešením jako je LDAP či Active Directory. Ověřování uživatelů vůči těmto úložištím v Unix-like systémech je dostupné buď přes PAM moduly, nebo nově i přes bezpečnostní démon SSSD. Tato práce analyzuje využití RADIUS protokolu pro ověřování uživatelů a v rámci práce byl vyvinut modul do SSSD umožňující využití tohoto protokolu.

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