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Topological properties of algebraic curves
Hudec, Pavel ; Šťovíček, Jan (advisor) ; Kazda, Alexandr (referee)
The thesis aims to present a theory about algebraic curves over complex numbers from the topological perspective. The main result proved in the thesis is the classical degree-genus formula which states that in the projective setting, non-singular algebraic curves are compact surfaces whose genus depends only on the degree of the curve itself. The presented proof relies heavily on algebraic topology; it is shown that the curve acts as a covering space for the projective line (without a finite set of images of ramified points), then a suitable triangulation of a projective line is lifted to the curve. Later, we discuss how our result relates to the popular definition of genus as the number of handles attached to the sphere. Finally, we briefly go through singular curves showing that the degree-genus formula cannot, in general, be applied to them. 1
Hudec, Pavel ; HUDEC, Jiří (advisor) ; ŽALUD, Radomír (referee)
The double bass is among all the other string instruments a very rare one, as to it’s original development, which differs from the other string instruments. It does not have a unified number of strings and tuning, as one of the last instruments being currently used. I would like to put an emphasis on the fact, that the name of W. A. Mozart is figuring only as an orientation in time, as a kind of brackets to defy the period, which I am describing. It is also a symbolism; Mozart’s name is very closely related to the city of Vienna, which has in his time witnessed successes of double bass as a solo as well as a chamber instrument. In my work I would like to concentrate mainly on this period, and on the periods being closely related to it and show the different ways and purposes, how this instrument was being used. For a more authentic look into this age I also translate some crucial documents, which have not been translated to the Czech language yet. The main aim of this work is to give a general view about three main countries, where the musical life was being formed, that is to say in France, Italy, and the German speaking countries.
True Finns. Establishment of right-wing populism in Finland?
Hudec, Pavel ; Charvát, Jan (advisor) ; Brunclík, Miloš (referee)
The master thesis "True Finns. Establishment of right-wing populism in Finland?" deals with political party True Finns (The Finns, PS), its historical development and current position in Finnish party system. The master thesis is devided into three chapters. The first chapter deals with populist radical right political parties (PRR), which have established themselves in a lot of Western Europe party systém (inluding Scandinavia). Finland represented a state which had been immune of PRR. The aim of the first chapter is to answer an question, which are the main reasons of PRR emergence, respectively which were the reasons which delayed the Finnish PRR. The second chapter is concerned with political party True Finns (The Finns, PS), its historical development and ideological profile. The chapter reffers to ideological and personal roots in Finnish Rural Party. A part of the chapter is ideological core used by Cas Mudde (nativism, authoritarianism, populism) which is supplemented by an economical programme. The final part deals with the parliamentary election 2012. The final chapter concerns with current PS position in Finnish party systém and with impact on finnish politics. The chapter is closed with positive and negative factors for the future development.

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3 Hudec, Patrik
10 Hudec, Petr
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