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Value orientation of the offender
Gärtnerová, Emilie ; Sotáková, Hana (referee) ; Goldmann, Petr (advisor)
Presented graduation thesis concerns with value orientation of the offender - male. Experimental sample was composed of six men (young convicted, habitual criminal, first offender, convicted person for property criminality, convicted person for violent criminality and one informant was already discharged for the period of three years). At the theoretical part of the work I am concerned in approach to the value from the psychological, philosophical and spiritual point of view and I am trying to specify basic definitions. I also address personality of the offender from the psychological point of view and regarding to this I am drawing the attention on possible influencing of value orientation by characteristic features of the personality. Also I am addressing life style of the offender and general prerequisites of the criminal career. Theoretical part is closed down by discourse about execution of the punishment - imprisonment and about possible impact of this specific environment on the value orientation of the offender. At the research part of my thesis there are used several methods. These are pre-research survey, anamnestic dialogue and questionnaire, observation, semi structured dialogue, modified version of Rokeach Value Survey Questionnaire and self-evaluation questionnaire ESK - Existential Scale....
Integrative Validation
Janečková, Klára ; Goldmann, Petr (referee) ; Hadj - Moussová, Zuzana (advisor)
The main focus of this thesis is Nicole Richard's Integrative Validation approach which has been developed specifically for patients suffering from dementia. The aim is, firstly, to give a comprehensive description of this approach which previously in the Czech Republic has been neither applied nor described in detail, and secondly, to look at its theoretical foundations and evaluate its practical implications for patient care. Integrative Validation is described as a non-pharmaceutical holistic approach to patients suffering from dementia with the principal aim of improving the lives of these patients and of dealing with the problematic behaviour of patients suffering from BPSD (Behavioral and psychological Symptoms of Dementia). The approach makes use of the so called interviews in Integrative Validation which are conducted between carers trained in Integrative Validation and patients suffering from dementia. These interviews are based on several basic principles: carers endeavour to understand the experience of patients, to mirror their emotions and, whenever possible, to come up with solutions. By contrast, carers should not attempt to bring disoriented patients back to reality, confront them with their disorientation, interpret their behaviour, take what they say literally nor distract them from their...
Deliberate self-harm in childern and adolescents (in connection with focus on using psychodiagnostic methods)
Fořtová, Helena ; Goldmann, Petr (advisor) ; Procházková, Jana (referee)
Deliberated self-harm (DSH) is defined as any form of self-injurious behaviour It is concious targeted injure him or herself deliberate invasion of personal physical identity Picture of self-harm is unconfined in accordance with form, quantity and measure of urgency Self-harm can take a number of forms. The main methods of DSH are cutting (knife, blade, culiet, scissors); scratching (nails). taking overdoses of tablets or medicines, punching oneself; pulling out hair, burning (cigarettes, lighter) There are used vary places on the body, where someone self-harm It is forearm, arm, leg or hip most frequently, abdomen and face too We can go shares self-harm on impulsive and compulsive. Impulsive self-harm is episodical or recurrent behavior, which bring some sort of respite Compulsive self-harm is urgent and recurrent ritual behaviour, which have symbolic character Motives for DSH vary. Who self-harm often reports self-punishment, escape from a terrible state of mind and the desce to stop bad feelings DSH is very dangerous because of high risk of suicide, possible threat of life, possibility of "infection", craving and very difficult pharmacological and psychotherapeutical suggestibility. Rates of deliberate self-harm appear to be rising among young people Self-harm is most common in children over the age of 1...
Otherness viewed from the Inside and Outside
Francová, Markéta ; Goldmann, Petr (advisor) ; Hadj - Moussová, Zuzana (referee)
The theme of my graduation theses is "The View of the Otherness From Within and Without". My work focuses on exploring and becoming acquainted with "The Others": How they Perceive themselves, their experiences, how they cope with their otherness, and the reactions their communities. I further seek to explore how their otherness is perceived by their ^milies and friends as well as how "The Others" perceive those that are likewise "other" and their opinions about differing forms of otherness. "The Others" within the context of my work delude the physically handicapped, homosexuals, people of Russian ethnicity and practicing Catholics. Powered by TCPDF (
Suicidal Tendencies in Children and Adolescents
Kajuková, Věra ; Goldmann, Petr (advisor) ; Valentová, Lidmila (referee)
This thesis is discussing suicidal behaviour in children and adolescents. Suicidal behaviour is very serious matter of wide comprehension. Suicidal attemts coresponds with a call for help and therefore it is greatly important to concentrate on a background of a suicidal behaviour in order to search for answer, what it is, that make child or an adolescent to choose death instead of live. The goal o f this thesis is to map risk and dangerous factors and their influence over the suicidal behaviour, its structure and dynamic, espessially on two cases with adolescents. In order to preserve unity and coherence, this thesis is devided into two sections, theoretical and practical. In the fírst part, I am summarizing mine up today knowledge about suicidal behaviour in children and adolescents. I am presenting summary of how the suicides were understood in the history and also from epidemiology point of view. The part dealing with an understanding of an suicide in a childhood and adolescent age. In following parts I am concentrating on suicidal behaviour and on risk factors - outem and inner influence (mental disorders). According to suicidal behavior, I am concentrating on a particular forms, dynamism, manners and motives. In a second half of theoretical part I am dealing with diagnostical assets used for judging...
An Analysis of the Counselling-Therapeutic Process in the Substitute Programme Subutexem o.s. Prev-Centrum
Miláčková, Markéta ; Procházková, Jana (referee) ; Goldmann, Petr (advisor)
This diploma paper focuses on the analysis counselling process in The Subutex® substitution programme Prev-Centrum, NGO, in Prague. On the strength of contemporary knowledge questions are asked about both this process and the whole programme. The theoretical part of this paper overviews contemporary knowledge on drug abusing; focussing on opiods, drug dependence and drug addiction and possibilities of drug users' treatment. It maps the situation in this field in the Czech Republic at the present time. This paper concentrates on both pharmaceutical and psychosocial stages of drug treatment, with special attention on the use of buprenorphine (Subutex®) as substitution. In the practical part of this paper the author analyzes her own factual examples of counselling praxis in The Subutex® substitution programme, with regard for previous theoretical basis. Pointing to key moments of this counselling process she is looking for their reasons and consequences, and considering the practical use of final statements in The Subutex® substitution programme Prev-Centrum, NGO. Powered by TCPDF (
Aggression and Drug Dependence - Looking for a Relationship
Šrahůlková, Kateřina ; Goldmann, Petr (advisor) ; Hadj - Moussová, Zuzana (referee)
In meiner Diplomsarbeit möchte ich mich den Zusammenhängen der Aggressivität und der Abhängigkeiten von Suchtstoffen widmen. Ich möchte an einer kleinen Stichprobe von Drogenabhängigen versuchen zu feststellen und nachfolgend zu bescheiben, auf welche Art der Missbrauch von Suchtstoffen ihr Verhalten und ihre Tendenz zur Aggressivität beeinflusst. Außerdem würde ich gerne herausfinden, ob im Verhältnis zur Aggressivität, ein wichtiger Faktor die Art der Droge, welche diese Abhängigen miss - gebrauchen, ist. Die Diplomsarbeit wird einen Forschungscharakter haben. In dem theoretischen Teil werde ich aus theoretischer Sicht die Aggressivität und Drogenabhängigkeiten und auch die Charakteristik einzelner Drogen und ihre Wirkung behandeln. In dem praktischen Teil werde ich Drogenabhängigen (welche verschiedene Drogen missbrauchen) einen Handtest und einen Baumtest vergeben. Zur Vergabe und der Auswertung des Handtests wird mich Mgr. A. Šrahůlková einlernen. Gemeinsam mit diesen Tests werde ich den Drogenabhängigen auch Fragen aus eigenem Fragebogen, in welchem ich ihre subjektiven Gefühle in Zusammenhang mit dem Missbrauch von Suchtstoffen und dem Einfluss dieser Stoffe auf ihre Persönlichkeit erforschen versuche, stellen. Zur Endbeurteilung ihrer Persönlichkeit werde ich noch ein gezieltes Gespräch mit dem...
Birth Trauma
Kovaříková, Zuzana ; Goldmann, Petr (advisor) ; Procházková, Jana (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to present the concern with the issue of birth trauma. Theoretical part deals with birth as a psycho-physiological process and a socio-cultural phenomenon. Practical part constitutes of interviews with women who experienced traumatising birth. The interview material is analysed by use of qualitative metodology and is presented as birth stories. Birth is a very sensitive time in both child's and mother's lives and plays a crucial role in forming their relationship. It can be the most beautiful experience in woman's life and, from the psychological point of view, a big source of energy, self- confidence and pride which positively influence the mother-child relationship. On the other hand, childbirth experience can turn into an extreme psychological distress resulting in feelings of guilt and one's inferiority and have long-term negative effects on the integrity of the mother-child relationship. The thesis presents a complex variety of circumstances and reasons which may result in birth trauma. It focuses on the influence of obstetric care and communication between medical staff and the birthing woman that often lead to birth trauma and place a great strain on the mother-child relationship. The present work also discusses ways of dealing with the problem. Powered by TCPDF (
Psychological Deprivation in Children and Repercussions in the Test of Colour Semantic Differentials
Veselá, Michaela ; Goldmann, Petr (advisor) ; Procházková, Jana (referee)
Několik let jsem byla zapojena do programu Pěti P, který se věnuje dětem znevýhodněným v různých ohledech. V programu bylo nejvíce dětí, u kterých problémy nastaly s největší pravděpodobností působením prostředí, v němž vyrůstaly. Jednalo se převážně o děti ze sociálně slabých rodin, jimž se rodiče skoro vůbec nevěnovali, nebo děti, které se nedovedly (či nemohly) začlenit mezi vrstevníky, neměly kamarády a toužily po nich. V posledních několika letech se ovšem problém zanedbávání výchovy rozšířil ze sociálně slabých vrstev i na rodiny bohatých podnikatelů apod., kteří věnují veškerý svůj čas zaměstnání a kteří sice děti zahrnují přemírou hraček a spotřebního zboží, ale nevěnují jim potřebnou pozornost, cit a lásku. I děti z takových rodin nezapadají mezi vrstevníky a nemají kamarády. Téměř každodenní kontakt s těmito dětmi mne vedl k uvědomění si spojitosti mezi problematikou rodinného prostředí a konflikty dětí se spolužáky a učiteli ve škole a konflikty se společností vůbec. A právě to mě nasměrovalo k problému psychické deprivace.
Comparison of Individual Performance in Intelligence Tests WAIS III and RPM (Raven's Progressive Matrices)
Petrů, Vít ; Soukupová, Tereza (advisor) ; Goldmann, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with replacement of performative scale of Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (3rd revision) through Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices and Advanced Progressive Matrices. In the theoretical part introduces the concepts of intelligence, approaches to its exploration and intelligence tests. The theoretical part is also devoted to the description of the used methods and presents an overview of the research on a similar theme as this work. In the empirical part of the thesis is processed data collected from 50 probands who underwent testing of the above tests. Data were processed by correlation and factor analysis. Conclusions of statistical processing are further developed in the empirical part. Discussion focuses on the reflection of the individual parts of the research, possibilities for future research and analysis of the limitations of this work Keywords: intelligence, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices, Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices

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