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Concrete poetry in the literary communication in the foreign language teaching
Divišová, Lucie ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Křivánek, Vladimír (referee) ; Hník, Ondřej (referee)
Disertační práce Konkrétní poezie v literární komunikaci ve výuce cizího jazyka Mgr. Lucie Divišová ABSTRACT We have formulated the research problem in the doctoral thesis called Concrete poetry in the literary communication in the foreign language teaching as a problem of reception of concrete poetry which is a distinctive and atypical poetry genre as well as its potential integration into the teaching of French as a foreign language to specific groups of university students. In the end we change the subject from the substantive theory which says something just about the reception of concrete poetry in students in question in particular conditions (in four specific groups of university students) to formal theory (which says something about the phenomenon itself; how and why the concrete poetry deepens relationship to the foreign language as well as to its linguistic and literary aspect, and about the contribution of the integration of the poetic, or the more precisely literary text into the foreign language teaching in general). The aim of our action research is to contribute to the extension of the expert knowledge which in our case consists in combining literary-scientific knowledge with the topic of concrete poetry and a didactic and theoretic knowledge and subsequently in transformation of this...
Krizový management ve vybrané organizaci
This thesis deals with analysis of the crisis management in company and it is focused on occupational health and safety.
Remuneration in chosen enterprise
The aim of the bachelor work is the analysis of the current reward system of workers in chosen enterprise and based on discovered information make suggestion of changes to improve the management of remuneration. This work contains the basic information about enterprise, its history and its organization chart. Then work contains analysis of the reward system and analysis of the development of average wages in years 2006 - 2011. In the end of work are made suggestion of changes, which can help to improve motivation of workers, existing reward system in company and competitive ability of company on the labour market.
Vylešpení modelu dynamického rozhodování pomocí metody "Iteration spread in time"
Divišová, L. ; Zeman, Jan
In the present work we study the problem of ¯nding the best de- cision based on our previous experience with the system. To solve this task, we use the dynamic programming and its approximations. In the work we summarize the theory needed for usage of the dynamic programming and we deal with its application on futures dealing trying to ¯nd best strategy, id est a sequence of decisions, maximizing our gain or minimizing the loss function. We introduce notion "Bellman function", explain why the approximation of this function is needed, demonstrate one of already tested approximation methods together with its results and we try to propose a method that would lead to the best approximation in suitable time and with available computation aids.
The concept of housing policy at a municipal level
Divišová, Lucie ; Toth, Petr (advisor) ; Mizerová, Ivana (referee)
This paper analyzes the concept of housing policy at a municipal level. It looks at current status of areas in the Czech Republic in relation to their housing provision and individual stakeholders' roles in this process. The key role is played by the government and its influence of housing policy through legislation. Various general as well as individual areas' issues are explored and solutions discussed. One example outlines detailed analysis of a situation in a specific area of the country.The analysis was conducted based on current data provided by the Ministry of Local Development and the local council and a research conducted by the author. The aim is to define and analyze current housing policy in the Czech Republic and discuss potential solutions.

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