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Secure reading of smart meters
Chaloupková, Denisa ; Mlýnek, Petr (referee) ; Kohout, David (advisor)
The work deals with the implementation of the secure push mode of the DLMS standard. It introduces the DLMS/COSEM standard, contains a theory for message security and describes how push works and its attributes. The Gurux library in Java is used and the example gurux.dlms.push.listener is modified. The Raspberry Pi platform is used as the server. Wireshark and the Gurux DLMS Translator available in Gurux GXDLMSDirector were used to verify security of a push message. Subsequently, push messages are compared in terms of their size according to the type of security used. The larger the content of the data sent in the message, the smaller the additional data needed to secure the messages in proportion to the total volume.
The Development of Animations Supporting Teaching of Biochemistry at High Schools - Signal Transduction
Chaloupková, Denisa ; Teplá, Milada (advisor) ; Martínek, Václav (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the processing of educational materials (animation and educational text) to support the teaching of cell signalling. The created materials are primarily intended for students of higher grammar schools and chemically oriented secondary schools and they are aimed at teaching the subject of chemistry and biology. The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis includes the definition of basic concepts of visualization, visual or animation. Subsequently, it deals in more detail with animations, their advantages and disadvantages in teaching and it also deals with the effectiveness of the use of animations in teaching and the variables that affect this effectiveness. This chapter also presents the criteria that should be fulfilled when creating an educational animation and subsequent inclusion in the teaching process. Furthermore, in this part, there is an analysis of curricular documents performed, which is the Framework Education Programme and the School Education Programme related to the topic of cell signaling. The practical part is devoted to the analysis of already created videos freely available on the internet, which deal with the topic of cell signaling. Subsequently, it presents teaching materials that were created by the author of this work. The first teaching...
Post-conflict development - Case study of Syria
Chaloupková, Dita
The bachelor thesis deals with the proposal of changes in process of theory of post-conflict development in Syria, the development of education level in Syria from the beginning of the conflict. The work is divided into three parts. Literature research deals with theory of post-conflict reconstruction, demography, migration theory, theory of educational systems and process of reintegration. Second part is dealing with analyses of the demographic structure of Syria, their population with emphasis on children and analyses of education sector in different parts of the country. In the last part are proposed suggestions how to improve the education system of Syrian children.
Lifestyle of young generation - eating habits
Chaloupková, Denisa ; Mlejnková, Lena (advisor) ; Indrová, Jarmila (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with lifestyle and eating habits of young generation on territory of the Czech republic. The aim of the work is to analyze consumer behaviour of students studying high schools or university and subsequent evaluation of their eating habits. In theoretical part of thesis are characterized basic terms such as lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, healthy and unhealthy eating habits. It also contains the description of selected factors, which influence the eating habits of young generation. In practical part was made analysis of lifestyle and eating habits in form of questionnaire inquiry and then it was used for fulfilment of set aims and for confirmation or disproval of hypothesis. The main finding of this thesis is that the young generation tries more to take care of their health and takes seriously the principles of good nutrition, which is for the future of the young generation crucial fact.

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