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Optimizing and Evaluating the Biocompatibility of Fiber Composites with CaP Additives
Suchý, Tomáš ; Sucharda, Zbyněk ; Balík, Karel ; Sochor, M. ; Bačáková, Lucie
Composite materials based on a polyamide fabric (aramid) and a polydymethyl-siloxane (PDMS) matrix were designed for application in bone surgery. In order to increase the bioactivity, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 vol. % of nano/micro hydroxyapatite (HA) and tricalcium phosphate (TCP) were added. The effect of the additives on the biocompatibility was studied. It appears that nano additives have a more favorable effect than micro particles on mechanical properties. For final application of the composites as substitutes for bone tissues, 15 vol. % of nano hydroxyapatite additives is an optimum amount: in this case both the mechanical properties and the biological properties are optimized without distinct changes in the inner structure of the composite.
The Influence of Steam Sterilization Processes on the Micro- and Macromechanical Properties of Polyamide Fiber-Reinforced PDMS Composites for Medical Device Applications
Sochor, M. ; Balík, Karel ; Sedláček, R. ; Suchý, Tomáš ; Sucharda, Zbyněk ; Šepitka, J. ; Lukeš, J.
The effect of multiple steam sterilization processes on the structural integrity of the polymer matrix composite polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) reinforced with polyamide fibers (Aramid) is investigated by 3- and 4-point bending tests and by nanoindentation.
The ash quality monitoring of biomass combustion
Tlustoš, P. ; Ochecová, P. ; Száková, J. ; Perná, Ivana ; Hanzlíček, Tomáš ; Habart, J. ; Straka, Pavel
The aim of methodology was, on the basis of results of analyzes of ash from more than 40 sources in the Czech Republic, these ash categorize by feedstock and identify suitable ash for use on agricultural land. It could lead to a significant shift to reduce the cost of incinerators, to the entry of new businesses on the market and to easier fulfilling of republican obligations in the share of energy production from renewable sources. Another advantage of finding employment for these materials, from an environmental view, is the reduction of landfilling and support for recycling of nutrients. The methodology presented the process for the selection of suitable ash for agricultural purposes and the reader should be able to determine the applicability of the material.
Dynamics and fragmentations of meteoroids during their flight in the atmosphere
Kalenda, Pavel ; Borovička, Jiří ; Spurný, Pavel
The dynamic fragmentation of meteoroids during their flight in the atmosphere is described. The examples of very weak meteoroids, which easy fragments, up to strong meteoroids, which produce the explosive fragmentation, are described.
Methodology of Zr1Nb alloy hydriding
Weishauptová, Zuzana
The study describes the original method of Zr1Nb alloy hydriding.
The comparison of the corrosion layers character of Zr1Nb alloys samples
Weishauptová, Zuzana ; Sýkorová, Ivana
The performed study is aimed on the identification of the corrosion layers character of 3 samples of Zr1Nb alloy after the exposure to pressurized steam and VVER 360 oC.
Application of geochemical analysis in the research of chemical fossils
Havelcová, Martina ; Sýkorová, Ivana ; Trejtnarová, Hana
Biomarkers (also termed chemical fossils) are specific organic compounds in geological samples which are derived from biochemical precursors by reductive or oxidative alteration processes. Chemical structures of biomarkers can be related back to the original compounds and utilized as indicators of biogenic, paleoenvironmental and geochemical processes. Examples of identified biomarkers in several studied coals, sediments, and wood fossils remnants are presented.
Coalification – properties and classification of coal
Sýkorová, Ivana
The rank, properties and composition of peat and coal are discussed in relation to classification and utilization of coals.
Pyrolysis of coal/waste plastic mixtures in cokemaking
Melegy, A. ; Sýkorová, Ivana ; Kříž, Vlastimil ; Havelcová, Martina
In the recycling process of waste plastic using coke oven, sub-bituminous coal and added 5 vol. % of plastics are carbonized and changed into coke of optimal properties, tar and gas .
Primary field data measurement
Kasíková, J. ; Novák, P. ; Nováková, L. ; Michálková, J. ; Vaněček, M. ; Vanerová, Z. ; Semíková, H. ; Zuna, M. ; Skřipko, J. ; Nováková, Lucie ; Plšková, M. ; Vojtěchová, A. ; Sosna, K. ; Kocourek, R. ; Záruba, J.
The report delineates drilling and well logging including acoustic borehole imaging applied in 2011 in the project. Description and interpretation of the data is given subsequently.

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