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Mass spectrometry imaging
Vrkoslav, Vladimír ; Strnad, Štěpán ; Kučera, L.
The course will focus on MALDI mass spectrometry imaging. Knowledge and procedures of sample preparation, matrix application, measurement, and evaluation of MALDI MSI will be summarized. The first part will be followed by a block dedicated to the practical experience of MALDI MSI of lipids,metabolites, and other analytes on tissue sections and other planar surfaces. We will also explain MSI by other ionization techniques (DESI, DAPPI, LAESI, etc.)
Vít, Martin ; Vrkoslav, Vladimír (advisor) ; Schwarzová, Karolina (referee)
The aim of this diplom thesis was development of the reverse phased high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) for analysis the aliphatic hydrocarbons with long chain and optimalization of this method. In theoretical part is described occurrence and properties of a hydrocarbons, also used separation methods and detectors - evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) and matrix assisted laser desorption ionization with time of flight analyzer. In experimental part is described izolation of cuticular hydrocarbons from a fly Neobellieria bullata. It was study experimental conditions of separation and detection izolated hydrocarbons. It was performed deep optimalization of conditions on RP-HPLC - composition of mobile phase, gradient, mobile phase flow rate and column temperature. Method optimalization was done by ELSD. It was used kombination of two solvents to mobile phase - acetonitrile : ethylacetate, mobile phase stream 0,8 ml/min and column temperature 50řC were found as optimal conditions for analytical separation. This method were aplicated for analysis cuticular hydrocarbons from fly specie Neobellieria bullata. During separation were collected fractions and then fractions were determined on MALDI-TOF. It was found 37 aliphatic hydrocarbons which included 25 up to 47 carbons and 0 to 3...

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