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Stress management
Objectives: The main aim of the dissertation was to evaluate the current theoretical and newly acquired knowledge about the issue of stress management in the workplace and to propose desirable recommendations for enterprises that want to incorporate stress management into their internal processes. Methods: The theoretical definition of the issue focused on work-related stress, the most important work-related stress models, the sources and causes of stress in the workplace, and especially its influence on the business environment. It also addressed the impact of Industry 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic as new significant stressors. Emphasis was also placed on defining the stress management issue and implementing appropriate measures and recent trends. Primary data was obtained through quantitative research. The research was carried out at the enterprise level. The enterprises in the primary set were located in the South Bohemian Region and were part of the CZ-NACE category C (10-33): Manufacturing. The research was conducted in 194 small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in 2022 by an electronic structured questionnaire. Conclusions: Based on the analysis of primary data, the current state of stress management in small and medium-sized enterprises was determined. The recommendation was made for enterprises that want to integrate it into their internal processes. Based on multivariate statistics, company profiles were created according to similarities in the field of stress management.
Remuneration System in Terms of an Entity
A well-chosen employee reward system is one of the most important personnel activities in the company. Remuneration is closely related to motivation and benefits. Employees are not only affected by the money they receive for work. It is important for an enterprise to motivate it with non-financial tools such as praise or recognition. Properly motivating employees are more willing, more demanding, and creating a pleasant working environment. Benefits do not directly affect remuneration. But they are beneficial to the relationship between the employee and the employer. They are taken as something the employer provides to its employees in addition. This bachelor thesis deals with remuneration, motivation and benefits for employees. It explains the important concepts in which each employer and employee should be oriented. The result of the thesis is an analysis of the company's remuneration system and proposing measures. These measures are especially beneficial to employees. They help to meet their needs more effectively.
Compensation program for youth in ice hockey
Soukupová, Nikola ; Prajerová, Květa (advisor) ; Nováková, Pavlína (referee)
Title: Compensation program for youth in ice hockey. Objectives: The main goal of this work is to compile and verify the effectiveness of the compansation program for ice hockey players in the older school age category. Methods: In our work, we used the empirical qualitative type of research of one 10 - member control group of ice hockey players of the same age group, aged 12-13, conceived as a quasi-experiment. The muscle imbalances are evaluated in the practical part. Based on the results of the input diagnostics of the postural and phasic muscles we built a compansation program containing a battery of exercises set up to relaase, stretch and strengthen the most problematic areas of the movement apparatus of ice hockey players. The results evaluate the effectiveness of the compensation program, which has been running for ten months. Results: The work proved the hypothesis that the compansation program works. The compansation excercises positively influence the muscle imbalances. The control group has achieved better results in output testing. Keywords: Muscle imbalance, ice hockey, testing, compensation exercises, older school age.
Influence of stress on work performance in selected companies
The main aim of diploma thesis, which called Influence of stress on work performance in selected companies, is to explore stress factors in the workplace and their influence on work performance. In the theoretical part of this thesis were summarized issues of stress, symptoms of stress, stress and healthy, types of stressors, stress factors in the workplace, stress management, work performance and pathological situations in the workplace, such as bossing, mobbing and sexual harassment.
Stress factors arising from the profession
The main aim of this bachelor work, which called Stress factors arising from the profession, is to explore stress factors in the workplace. In the theoretical part of this thesis were summarized issues of stress, symptoms of stress, stress and healthy, types of stressors, stress factors in the workplace and stress management.The selected research mehtodology was a questionnaire surfy. The research was focused on the speeches of employees, work enviroment and stress management. The workers were uncontrolly interviewed. The questionnaire was filled in by a total of 232 respondents. All respondents were workers who are in daily contact with customers. The data were evaluated overall and made into tables and graphs which were followed by particular results and discussions on individual issues.Based on the results we can say that many factors contribute to work stress. Some factors are more important than others, but each can be influential. Main factors are customers, poor working conditions, lack of job security, poor relationships with co-workers or supervizor, too much responsibility for people or for things, salary or extremely difficult tasks.

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