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Experiences of Vegan and Vegetarian Men Living in Turkey
Dinçer, Kemal ; Helman, Ivy Ann (advisor) ; Pavlík, Petr (referee)
Key words: Hegemonic masculinity, vegan, vegetarian, meat and men, masculinity. Although there have been many different academic studies on veganism/vegetarianism in recent years, there are limited studies specifically addressing vegan/vegetarian men. Considering the studies on this subject in Turkey, it is also seen that there is almost no research focusing on vegan and vegetarian men. This study aims to find the relation between men and meat and the role of this relationship in the experiences of vegan/vegetarian men in Turkey. Using hegemonic masculinity as a theoretical framework, I aim to illustrate if veganism/vegetarianism is popular among men in Turkey, in which environments and areas vegan and vegetarian men are exposed to negative experiences, what kind of reactions do they get in social environments and what institutions are directly or indirectly involved in the experience of vegan and vegetarian men. Additionally, my thesis researches the position of vegetarian and vegan men within Turkey-specific hegemonic masculinity practices. My work also specifically addresses the question of whether vegan and vegetarian men challenge this Turkey-specific hegemonic masculinity, and if so, how does the process take place.
Questioning youth: Strategies and support of youth development in the context of the Czech educational system
Hrdličková, Agáta ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Pavlík, Petr (referee)
Master thesis Questioning youth: Strategies and support of youth development in the context of the Czech educational system analyses the system of prevention of homophobia and transphobia as well as possibilities of supporting questioning youth - adolescents who question their sexuality or gender identity. This master thesis provides an analysis of theoretical concepts regarding LGBTQ* adolescents, gender socialisation and institutional education. I followed three main research questions: It attempts to find answers to the following research questions: 1) How do people who are working at school counselling centres perceive questioning youth or LGBTQ* adolescents? 2) Which tools of prevention do the schools have in the areas of sexual and gender identity based discrimination or bulling and which ones do they actually use? 3) What does the systemic support of schools in the field of homophobia and transphobia prevention look like? Semi-structured interviews conducted with school counsellor and school psychologists have been chosen as a main research method. The selection of communication partners is limited to Prague and the surrounding area and includes both public and private schools. The empirical chapter establishes that the main influence on the approach of the communication partners to...
Motherhood as a competence for primary school teaching
Müller, Blanka ; Dvořáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Pavlík, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis is focusing on phenomenon of change of career paths of university-educated but non-pedagogically educated women who return to the work process after maternity / parental leave. However, these women, who before motherhood were engaged in various jobs, in which they also achieved considerable job success and fulfilled their professional dreams, do not return to their original jobs. They are newly choosing the position of primary school teachers. Motherhood, as a loss of original professional competencies and gaining of new competencies, is thus a key aspect of research in connection with primary school teaching. The goal of this thesis is to uncover, in the form of in-depth interviews conducted from a feminist perspective, the reasons and motives for changing the employment of individual communication partners, to what extent it is a truly free choice of these women, and how the family, state or public discourse participates in this change. Key words Motherhood, intensive mothering, work-life balance, self-realization, gender, feminism, symbolic violence, teaching
Gender in the Coal Region, the case studies of one primary school in the Karlovy Vary Region
Tišlová, Lenka ; Dvořáčková, Jana (advisor) ; Pavlík, Petr (referee)
The submitted diploma thesis aims to find what students at the selected primary school in the Karlovy Vary region are aware of and attitudes about selected concepts and stereotypes associated with gender and feminist values. The case study method used to achieve the goal, which contains both qualitative and quantitative methods. Specifically, it is a method of the questionnaire survey, the respondents of which are pupils of 8th and 9th grades. The semi- structured interviews are also used, them are made with selected teachers who have the opportunity to pass the issue on, also with the principal and the school's psychologist. To complete the data, a content analysis of the educational plan of a selected primary school. The work may reveal new aspects regarding the perception of attitudes to gender issues, which could be hidden in a large city or another environment. KEYWORDS: gender, school, case study, elementary school, attitudes
Comparative analysis of the work- life balance policies in Austria and the Czech Republic
Jarošová, Nikola ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Kiczková, Zuzana (referee)
This thesis discusses two family policy models in the two selected Central European countries; the Czech Republic and Austria. The aim is to carry out a comparative analysis of these measures of family policy, which relates to aid reconciliation of family and professional life for families with children. Within this study of individual level measures of family policies in the selected countries, first the measures involving the formation of family and work roles in family life will be explored, followed by the possibility of interaction of the two family policies. The integral parts of the analysis will asses these measures from a gender perspective. The result of this work is a detailed comparison of the components of family policy, which affect the reconciliation of family and professional lives of families with child/children, including evaluation of the effectiveness of individual measures in the two selected countries. Key words: balancing work and family, family policy, comparative analysis, gender, family, maternity / parental leave, the labor market, institutional care for children
Care placement agencies: professionalization of care in expert systems
Souralová, Adéla ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Uhde, Zuzana (referee)
During last couple of decades, the paid child care has become one of the central issues of feminist research. The agencies mediating child care are relatively the new actor in child care arrangements in the Czech Republic. This MA thesis argues that they not only fill the gap in the market by offering a child care. Above all, far from providing the simple supply that reacts to the demand on the market, the agencies create the demand for specific care. Drawing upon qualitative research conducted with owners of these agencies, the text looks into the ways how the child care is constructed. The analysis consists of two parts. In the first one the agencies are understood as expert systems generating specific trust. In the second part, the issues of qualified, specialized, and professionalized care are discussed. The thesis aims at showing that child care in the agencies is deconstructed as a natural female activity and is reconstructed as a gendered activity requiring particular skills that are submitted to professional screening.
Gender audit of a regional authority
Stieblerová, Kateřina ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Křížková, Alena (referee)
The topic of this diploma work is the gender audit of regional authority. The goal is to find out if there are any institutional mechanisms that ensure the equality between men and women, how consciousness of gender problems among the interviewees is shown, if and how exactly the reign promotes the problems of equal opportunities on that particular level of regional authority, what the position of equality is of men and women in intern politics of the aforementioned regional authority, and finally, what could be changed in the aspects of region and authority. The work is divided into the introduction, the theoretical and empirical part, the conclusion, and the enclosure. The theoretical part is about the history and development of the institutional mechanisms for the equality of men and women, and of gender problems in our society. Prominent international and national documents about gender equality and about authorities of current institutional mechanisms are introduced. Also the tools for gender equality enforcement, and all above gender audit are mentioned. Methodology modified in terms of experience from foreign countries is also used. The bases, history, and ways of implementation of the gender audit are introduced as well. In the empirical part, the gender audit of the regional authority is presented....

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