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The content of the teaching assistants work at the selected school and its specifications.
Makulová, Radka ; Richterová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
Well-thought-out cooperation between the teacher and the teacher's assistant not only leads to more efficient work, but is also very beneficial for students and the classroom climate. Already at the beginning of their cooperation, it is necessary to have clear nules, roles and competences set.. I focused my research on the cooperation of a teacher and a teacher's assistant, on the factors that influence the cooperation in everyday practice. The first part of the thesis contains a theoretical definition of this issue. It deals with the concepts of inclusion and inclusive education. It characterizes the position of a teacher and a teacher assistant within the teaching process and its legislative anchoring. The empirical part of the work is devoted to the research of mutual satisfaction of cooperation between respondents. A teacher and a teacher's assistant from a small school participate in the research, followed by teachersmand teaching assistans from several schools in the surrouding area.. The research itself will be conducted qualitatively in the first part through participant observation in the classroom observations. In the second part, semi-structured interviews with participants. At the of the work, I present an overview of the results found regarding the area of communicatioon, activities...