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Forms of business and taxation of entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic and France
Oberfalzerová, Jana ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
Bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical, analytical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes the legal forms of business in the Czech Republic and France and the tax systems of both countries. Analytical part is focused on conditions for the profession of tourist guides in the Czech Republic and France. The practical part follows on the analytical and defining the fundamental differences.
Insurance companies products comparison
Mihók, Róbert ; Drozen, František (advisor) ; Šípek, Ladislav (referee)
Diploma thesis Insurance companies products comparison in the market of Czech Republic focuses on the subgroup of life insurance which is term life insurance. Thesis is divided in to the theoretical part, where the situation of Czech insurance market is brought in details and it depicts and analyses life insurance as a whole to emphasize the reason of selection of term life insurance outside of the other types. Theoretical part is constructed the way to enlighten the issues of life insurance for ordinary readers and on other hand to provide professionals working in this sector with useful and beneficial information. The core of the thesis is represented by practical part, where deep analysis of particular products and their interpretation and application on defined groups consisting of different people structures is provided. Thesis is trying to emphasize an importance of ensuring personal well-being via insurance and aspires to be helpful as a tool when choosing a right product of life insurance as well.
Business plan for founding a shop
Velová, Petra ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
The contect of the bachelor thesis is to build a business plan for founding a shop with climbing equipment in Turnov and to offer a climbing courses mainly for children. The main aim is according to the results of business plan to decide whether our intention to implement or not to. The theoretical part contains basic information about the term business,businessman, company and business plan in terms of its content and types. The practical part is focused at processing particular, a complete business plan.
Tax and legal issues of real-estate business in Austria
Banctel, Kristýna ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
The purpose of this study is to compare tax and civil-law issues concerning property business in Austria and in Czech Republic in 2016 and to investigate the efficiency of the current legislation against the real estate bubble. The theoretical part of this study contains selected demographic and price statistics concerning real estate in both countries and focuses on the description of the existing law currently in effect in both compared countries. The practical part analyses tax and transactions costs that concern property trading and a comparison of possibilities of amortisations and rentability of a rented flat in both countries.
External Sources of Finance for Business Projects in the Czech Republic
Kubíčková, Kateřina ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on external sources of finance for business projects in the Czech Republic. The theoretical framework summarizes the expertise and definitions relating to business, entrepreneurs personality, to legal forms of business and traditional external sources of finance. As the lack of resources or difficult access to traditional sources of capital can sometimes be an obstacle in the realization of a welcome and viable business plan, the second half of the thesis is devoted to alternative options of financing business projects with an emphasis on EU subsidies drawing. Other analysed external sources of finance are the investments of private investors called Business Angels, venture and private equity capital, crowdfunding and at the end preferential credits from banking institutions offered to start-ups or new business projects. The main target of this thesis is to provide an overview of the available external projects funding, to find out how they are going on in the Czech Republic and at the conclusion to assess, what kinds of projects are suitable for every single kind of funding. This thesis could help to entrepreneurs, who do not have enough funds for their idea, to be knowledgeable in current options of external financial sources.
the impact of the global economic crisis on international trade of the Czech republic
Sakhautdinov, Timur ; Drozen, František (advisor) ; Marková, Jana (referee)
This thesis addresses the effects of the global economic crisis on the situation in the international trade of the Czech Republic. I focused on exploring the causes of the crisis and its impact on international trade. The chosen problem I solved by using index methods, deduction, induction, and abstraction. Carried out by the research I've found specific effects on the territorial and commodity structure of Czech trade. The main findings are the impact of the crisis on the volume and structure of trade of the Czech Republic from the territorial point of view and according to the classification of SITC.
Transformation of printed media into digital
Herciková, Veronika ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
This study´s aim is to describe and evaluate the conversion of commercial strategy based on company Burda Praha. The basic element of the whole change process is transformation from printed magazine to digital version. This element is followed also with development of other activities which are inseparable parts of strategies that company Burda 360 uses. Based on given data the study has characterized and interpreted evolution of different forms of communication. The results obtained, we found that publishers were forced to maintain a competitive position to adapt to technological developments and changing market conditions. The main finding is that the whole process is very complex and it is impossible to concentrate on its individual parts.
Selected taxes in business
Prchalová, Petra ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
The aim of the thesis Selected taxes in business is evaluation of tax optimalization in Lasselsberger, s.r.o. and propose some improvement. Theoretical part contains basic information about taxes and describes income tax and road tax in detail. The practical ppart focuses on tax optimalization in Lasselsberger, s.r.o. in fringe benefits, using employee ´s equipment and car in business. On the basis of calculations current tax optimalization is evaluated and recommendations of improvement are provided.
Business plan. Founding accommodation facility.
Žaiglová, Markéta ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
The aim of this work was to determine the costs of operation and profitability of the operation of a new accommodation facility. In the theoretical part, I focused on business in general - what are the conditions for business, trade and the establishment of a company - then what features should have a successful businessman. The main content of the theoretical part is a description and content side of the business plan - what it should contain. In the practical part, the data for the analysis of industry and market examined both from own research and from the statistical tables published on the website of the Czech Statistical Office. There are taken into account various aspects that may affect the business. The work analyze local competition and it found that there is a large number of guest houses and hotels, but lack sufficient accommodation places in dormitory type devices. The marketing plan is developed, so that is not too expensive, but to hit as many target customers as possible. It also assess the potential risks to the business and their actions, strengths and weaknesses, and as well as eg. a turning point what shows how many customers will make profitable business. The financing plan is developer with three variants of the number of guests and potential profits. The conclusion was drawn to the fact that this area of business appears to be fairly uncertain and should consider whether to realize the plan.
Business plan for founding a family guest house
Šreil, Jaromír ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Drozen, František (referee)
In this bachelor thesis I focus on the elaboration of a business plan for founding a guest house in the border of Pardubice and Vysočina region. The main target of this thesis is to create an assessment of the profitability of this project. In the first theoretical part I focus on definitions of entrepreneurship and on description of the structure and essentials of a business plan. The practical part is devoted to description of this concrete project, market analysis, analysis of the competition and target customers and also includes a marketing plan.

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