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Early Local Elections. Case Study of the Ústí Region
Děcká, Dana ; Jüptner, Petr (advisor) ; Čapek, Jakub (referee)
The bachelor thesis examines early local elections in the Ústí nad Labem region. The thesis aims to quantify the phenomenon of early local elections and to determine their circumstances and impacts. Their occurrence is examined in the last completed electoral period, i.e. between 2018 and 2022. The thesis uses mainly data from the Czech Statistical Office, personal interviews and documents of individual municipalities, which are mainly minutes of municipal council meetings. Using these data, the situation since the 2018 regular elections is described. Within the regular elections, the election results are interpreted and the situation in each municipality is described. Subsequently, the causes of the elections, the reasons for the resignation of councillors, the results of the extraordinary elections and, last but not least, the consequences that are related to the holding of early local elections in the individual municipalities of the Ústí nad Labem Region are mapped. This is directly related to the deduction of the possibility of preventing their holding through substitutes and the identification of changes in the municipal council and changes in the position of the mayor of the municipality. The work does not avoid the current electoral period, mostly because of the consequences, and in some...
Sustainable urban neighbourhood design of a Czech city
Faryová, Markéta ; Řehák, Filip (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of the master's thesis was to propose a solution for the current urban structure, based on the principles of economic, social, and environmental sustainability – the urban vision of the city of Břeclav. The defined area is bordered by 1. máje street and the embankment of the relief arm of the Dyje river; to the east, it neighbors the historical center, and to the south, residential buildings and a hospital. Various types of buildings are found in this area: supermarkets, storage facilities, industrial complexes, residential buildings etc. However, the density of development is not high. Residential buildings within the defined area are preserved. Buildings unsuitable for the central part of the city due to their character, design, or scale will be replaced or relocated to a more suitable location. The newly proposed structure represents a compact part of the city, mainly comprising urban blocks typical of urban space. It also responds to the surrounding existing development, connecting the older and newer parts of the city. A part of the proposal involves making accessible and integrating parts of the millrace into the public space as a significant element of Břeclav's identity, which abounds in natural wealth. Together with other principles, emphasis was placed on creating a space for people that serves as a home, workplace, meeting point, and living space.
Sustainable urban neighbourhood design of a Czech city
Kiowský, Filip ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design a new urban structure for Břeclav. The conceptual study addresses the connection of two separate urban units through a new polyfunctional district. Returning to well-proven urban planning methods plays an important role: compactness and working with public space, as well as nature-inspired landscape interventions. The result is a polycentric neighbourhood for eight thousand inhabitants. The design consists of a series of urban blocks, the scale of which is adapted to the existing part of the city, thus achieving intensive land use, tapping into the potential of the area for the sustainable development of the entire Břeclav without a need to expand into the surrounding countryside. Public spaces are systematically hierarchized, giving the new district order. Emphasis is placed on permeability, overcoming barriers such as watercourses and the busy main street 1. máje. Ecological modes of transport are preferred - namely public transport, cyclists, and pedestrians. The design thus offers an alternative to the current wave of Czech cities expanding to their surroundings.
Sustainable urban neighbourhood design of a Czech city
Koudelka, Vojtěch ; Řehák, Filip (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
The task of the thesis was to create a new urban structure in the city of Breclav. The area in the project is located along the 1st May Avenue, which is a congested traffic route of the municipality. The area contains disparate buildings, industrial buildings and brownfield areas. The task of the work was to conceptually design the entire city with an emphasis on the selected location of the new urban district. The proposal creates a new compact block development that will compact the core of the dispersed city. The focus of the design is on increasing temperature conditions, the creation of new housing opportunities and the connection of the designed area with the nearby surroundings separated by barriers. The design also addresses wider urban connectivity, creating alternative routes for congested arterial traffic and complementing existing urban amenities.
Sustainable urban neighbourhood design of a Czech city
Venglář, Václav ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis aims at designing a new urban district in the Czech town near state borders of Břeclav. This town has a specific historical development, landscape location, natural conditions including flood risks and its own almost rural character. In the second half of the 20th century, this character was considerably disrupted by the construction of high-rise apartment buildings and new housing estates that did not respect the existing scale of the buildings and the town as a whole. The approach taken in the creation of the new district was to respect the existing scale of the city and to preserve the existing residential buildings and the size of the original building blocks. Furthermore, the amenities such as school facilities and a nursing home are added and the currently underused or poorly used areas in the middle of the city are reclaimed. These areas should be instead the most exclusive and active. The newly designed development thus fills in the current blind spot of the city, limits urban sprawl into the open countryside, raises the potential of the city centre itself and improves the connection of the individual city districts both by transport and urban structure.
Bicycle Path Construction Project Proposal
Dlapka, Jiří ; Širáňová, Lenka (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the elaboration of a design project for the construction of a bicycle path leading through the municipalities of Střelice, Troubsko and Ostopovice. The contracting authority and at the same time the project supporter are the affected municipalities. The diploma thesis contains theoretical knowledge, which is compared with reality, an analysis of user needs, a proposal for analyzes needed to create project management documentation, and an economic evaluation.
The Evaluation of Management of the Municipality Kunstat
Vodáková, Michaela ; Kolář, Stanislav (referee) ; Lajtkepová, Eva (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis deals with the municipality economy of Kunstat in 2006 – 2009. This work is comprises theoretical municipality knowledge, the basic information about Kunstat, an analysis of the budgetary revenue and expenditure and proposals for improvement of management in municipality.
The Economy of the Selected Municipality
Fousek, Ondřej ; Zahradník, Petr (referee) ; Pernica, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the regional authority, namely the township. This thesis will be closely focused on investment plan of the township in the years 2009 - 2013. The practical part describes the township Pecka in general terms but also the financial situation of the township is considered. The center of the bachelor thesis is the investment plan of the building observatory in Krkonošská view, financial part of the project and possible impact on the implementation of this project to management of the township.
Analysis of Economy for Selected Municipalities
Ševčíková, Markéta ; MVDr.František Václavík (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the evaluation of quality of life in Machová. Needs of inhabitants are detected with the help of a questionnaire survey. Partial target is to analyze the economy of selected municipality. The work is divided into three sections. The first section describes the theory of municipal budget and the issue of internal and external environment of Machová. In the second, analytical part of the thesis is presented selected municipality, an analysis of its financial performance for the past seven years and SLEPTE and SWOT analysis. In the third, the proposal part is a questionnaire survey of citizens' satisfaction. The results of the questionnaire and results of analysis is used to formulate proposals to improve the quality of life in Machová and to improve its economy situation.
Appreciation in Municipal Property over Time
Sýkora, Ondřej ; Hromádka, Vít (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
The aim of thesis "Appreciation in municipal property over time" is the selection of the most suitable variant of financing the investment project. The project solves the reconstruction of the existing unused House of Services at the Community House of Seniors. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the functioning of public administration and territorial self-government, public and mixed goods. Municipal budget and revenues of territorial budgets. Furthermore, project funding, grant titles and project preparation and implementation are mentioned. The practical part deals with ways of financing an investment project using bank products, where the use of state subsidy is also used. The calculations take into account income from regulated and market rents. Variants are compared to find the most appropriate funding option for this project.

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