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Preparedness of Citizens for Emergencies
Lichevníková, Nikola ; Svoboda, Bohuslav (referee) ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on preparedness of Citizens for Emergencies. Ability to manage these events could be one of the preferences for inhabitants and communities. In this study is assessment the current state in the Czech Republic and in my place of residence. The first part describes the general principles of preparedness. The second part is focused on the individual extraordinary event and the method how to behave in thesexc situations. The conclusion includes suggestions to improve the current state of preparedness of citizen, together with evaluation of anonymous questionnaires which are focusing on the management of extraordinary event.
Drinking water emergency supply in selected parts of the South Bohemian Region
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of emergency supply of drinking water when dealing with emergency and crisis situations at selected drinking water distributors in the South Bohemian Region. The topicality of the topic stems from the effects of climate change, such as the current long-lasting drought and the associated lack of water. The aim of the diploma thesis is to determine the provision of emergency drinking water supply readiness in emergency and crisis situations and to characterize the process of drinking water production up to its distribution. In the theoretical part of the thesis, legal regulations for the field of water management, professional terminology, requirements for the quality of drinking water, risks and crisis planning for the water management sector are also presented. In addition to the research nature of the work, the history of the supply of drinking water to the population and the development of water technology up to the present are also taken into account here, which can be used for educational purposes. For this reason, in order to make the issue more precise, a smaller number of image templates are also included to help the readers´ imagination. The research part is processed in the form of structured interviews with experts from selected drinking water distributors. The work defines the strengths and weaknesses of the production and distribution process and the readiness to ensure the emergency supply of drinking water. Based on the obtained data from the interviews, a SWOT analysis is developed and the results are interpreted using Fuller's triangle. At the end, the summary of the findings and the evaluation of the research activity is made.
Návrh mobilního stavebnicového systému na bázi dřeva pro krizové situace
Břeň, Václav
This thesis describes the design of a mobile wooden build for crisis situations. Crisis situations may be floods, natural disasters, armed conflicts or homelessness. The proposed wooden build should be able to suspend the operation of the destroyed or damaged homes for shorter periods. It is believed that this solution could replace standard housing up to several months. Dřevostavba was designed as a mobile modular, because of operational deployment in given situations. An important element for the design of buildings, especially for concept and layout, the transport, which is limiting in many areas.
Preparation for crisis management in Jindřichův Hradec, a.s.
The topic of the thesis is "Crisis preparedness of the Hospital Jindřichův Hradec a.s." The introduction to the theoretical part of the thesis is an introduction to the crisis management of the hospital. The thesis also focuses on the basic concepts used in the field of crisis management and the current legislation in this area. The next topic of the thesis deals with the structure and authorities of the crisis management of the hospital. Because of this topic it was appropriate to include chapters on risk analysis and crisis preparedness of the hospital. At the beginning of the practical part I introduce the Hospital Jindřichův Hradec a.s. from its history to the present. In the practical part I focused on the assessment of the crisis preparedness of the Hospital Jindřichův Hradec a.s. and using SWOT analysis to create procedures to improve the crisis preparedness of the hospital. 1. What are the risks that could lead to a crisis situation? 2. What is the level of crisis preparedness of Jindřichův Hradec Hospital, a.s. for selected crisis situations? To create the research part of the thesis, a SWOT analysis of risks was carried out, where the analysis was used to determine the possible risks and then to evaluate the optimal procedure for dealing with the crisis situation in the Hospital Jindřichův Hradec, a.s. It was found that the Hospital Jindřichův Hradec a.s. is very well prepared for some crisis situations. Through the analysis, it was also found that the hospital can improve its crisis preparedness in case of drug shortages, which was a very topical issue during the pandemic. The results of this work can be used to evaluate whether the Hospital Jindřichův Hradec a.s. is sufficiently prepared for crisis situations. The findings could be useful for improving the hospital's crisis preparedness.
Comparison of knowledge of laymen and experts about extraordinary events caused by the elements
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of natural elements. These elements are also associated with extraordinary events that often result in the loss of human life. The work characterizes the basic events that relate to extraordinary events of a natural nature. It defines individual extraordinary events caused by natural disasters, their subsequent resolution by crisis management bodies, the application of relevant laws and marginally mentions the most famous natural disasters in our country and in the world. At the same time, the diploma thesis examines knowledge with the help of a questionnaire survey of lay people and experts, which are subsequently analyzed, interpreted and hypotheses solved using statistical methods.
Reaction of selected departments of Hospital České Budějovice, a.s. to ensuring the epidemiological situation
The aim of this diploma thesis was to "Evaluate the readiness of selected departments of the Hospital of České Budějovice, a.s. to ensure anti-epidemiological measures." One research question was also asked "How are the departments of the Hospital of České Budějovice, a.s. ready to ensure anti-epidemiological measures? " The evaluation of the readiness of selected departments of the Hospital of České Budějovice, a.s. to ensure anti-epidemiological measures was carried out through a qualitative survey, which included 6 departments, which were selected through decision analysis and the criteria set out in it. The answer to the research question and the fulfillment of the aim took place by dint of a structured interview, which was divided into 2 parts, the period before the Covid-19 pandemic and the period during the Covid-19 pandemic. The both parts contained 4 groups of questions. The first group of questions dealt with issues related to protective and disinfectant products, finances and issues related to cleaning in the wards. The second group addressed issues related to staff and patients in selected wards. The third group of questions dealt with drug-related issues. The fourth group of questions was interested in model situations and methodical process. The answers gained by means the interview were processed in the form of two SWOT analysis. The results of the research show that in selected departments of the Hospital of České Budějovice, a.s. the readiness to ensure anti-epidemiological measures is at a very good level. Further, it was found that the readiness of the department to ensure anti-epidemiological measures is ensured through sufficient supplies and suppliers of protective equipment, hospital finances, large capacities of medical and non-medical staff, hospital pharmacy and adaptation of selected departments to isolate infectious patients.
Risk analysis of a municipality with extended powers Sedlčany
HERMOVÁ, Barbora
The aim of the master thesis is to evaluate, by means of risk analysis, whether risks that could lead to an emergency event could occur in the territory of Sedlčany. Due to the constant development, new risks arise for which it is necessary to prepare. The risks can be prepared for by means of a multi-criteria analysis, which I have prepared for the territory of the ORP. To achieve these objectives, I have identified the threats that may occur in the territory. The threats are divided into three categories: acceptable, conditionally acceptable and unacceptable. For each threat, variables were used to determine the probability of occurrence. Probability and consequences were assessed by semi-quantitative scales that are 10-point scales. The coefficients determine frequency, lethal impact, endangerment of persons, environmental damage, direct damage and cost, constraints on persons, duration, and constraints on society. The investigation revealed that the territory of Sedlčany ORP is threatened by 36 risks that could lead to an emergency. In some cases, an emergency may grow into a situation where the normal forces and means to avert it will not be sufficient. A state of emergency could then be declared. According to the risk analysis, such emergencies would include natural floods, flash floods, epidemics and widespread power outages. The ORP not only prepares for these emergencies, but also needs to know the type of plans that identify 23 emergencies that could occur regardless of the results of the risk analysis. The results were consulted with the crisis management officer Jan Kundrlík and with the Fire Brigade in Příbram, specifically with mjr. Mgr. Kristýna Vojtíšková.
Preparation of the municipality for solving emergencies and crisis situations
MÁŠKA, Dominik
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyse the preparedness of mayors and municipal authorities to deal with emergencies and crisis situations. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis focuses on the analysis of relevant literature and legislation, which is closely related to the duties of the mayor and municipal authorities in the field of preparation and management of emergencies and crisis situations in the municipality. The emphasis is mainly on the obligations of municipal authorities in the field of public protection and related laws. Along with the preparation and management of emergencies or crisis situations, we encounter concepts where their correct and uniform understanding is important for an adequate approach to the emergency and the application of prepared measures. For this reason, the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis focuses, among other things, on these concepts and measures. For the practical part of the bachelor thesis the hypothesis "Mayors and municipal authorities are prepared to deal with emergencies and crisis situations with different levels of preparedness" is chosen. In order to refute or confirm the hypothesis, data from 52 questionnaires filled in by municipal mayors or other competent persons focused on the issue were processed. The survey was based on the results of questionnaires sent to municipalities located in the Czech Republic. The results of the questionnaires show that with regard to the possible threats to the municipality and the number of inhabitants in the municipality, the preparedness of the municipality for dealing with emergencies and crisis situations varies and the hypothesis is confirmed.
Activities of the Police of the Czech Republic in times of emergency
The bachelor's thesis addresses the issues of the Police of the Czech Republic, its position within the Integrated Rescue System and its performance in the normal state and subsequently in the event of a state of emergency, which was declared in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. The work is divided into two parts, the first part is theoretical and the second is practical. The theoretical part of the thesis is divided into several chapters and subchapters, while the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis characterizes the Integrated Rescue System, describes its activities in the event of an emergency and lists and describes its basic components, most of which is devoted to the Police of the Czech Republic. Regarding the Police of the Czech Republic, the theoretical part describes important aspects, such as the characteristics of this component, its composition or the performance of basic tasks. In connection with these tasks, the last part of the theoretical part contains the issue of the declared most important emergencies in the Czech Republic, which lists all the declared emergencies in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic and related measures within the Police of the Czech Republic. In the practical part, the research was carried out using a questionnaire survey, which was intended for members of the Police of the Czech Republic. The aim of the questionnaire was to find out whether the police of the Czech Republic managed the situation that arose in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic and whether this situation affected the performance of the service and the service of the performing police. The questionnaire survey was developed into graphs and pictures and the information obtained was interpreted and described in more detail in the discussion. The questionnaire survey showed that the Police of the Czech Republic, thanks to the police officers who are a solid base of this unit and approached the crisis situation in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic with great respect, managed to face the Covid-19 pandemic, both internally and personnel. to the tense atmosphere that prevailed among the public. Although the police perceived a certain concern, especially the recovery of their loved ones and lacked contact with other colleagues after the regime measures were adopted, they did not feel psychologically affected due to their personal preconditions on the basis of their recruitment and the new situation was handled with complete professionalism.
Analysis of crisis communication of the state administration (state) towards the population in times of crisis situation
VACÍK, Slavomír Ladislav
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of analysis of crisis communication of the state administration (state) towards the population during the crisis situation, which proved to be relevant from today's coronavirus crisis point of view. The analysis was based on a questionnaire survey, which was attended by 162 respondents. The questions were answered mainly by people aged 21 to 65, mostly with a university degree, living in municipalities of various sizes. Within the questionnaire, the respondents' satisfaction with the communication of the state administration towards the public was ascertained regarding the communication channels used, the type of information provided about the emergency, its comprehensibility and credibility. The evaluation of the research revealed that the Internet was mostly used by respondents to obtain information about emergencies, especially news portals and social networks, as well as traditional television and radio broadcasting. Most respondents stated that they could quickly find important information about the crisis situation and that it was understandable to them. It was also found that most respondents were able to distinguish the true message from misinformation and also tried to verify important messages from multiple sources. To do so, they mainly used public radio, television and its news internet portal, because they were considered the most trustworthy. Respondents to the questionnaire also stated that they obtained the information mostly from ministries and municipalities. The research resulted in several recommendations for the state administration. The state should consider creating a special mobile platform that would inform residents about emergencies and measures to manage them. It should also ensure the rapid, comprehensible provision of important, consistent information using all new and traditional communication platforms.

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