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Risk analysis of a municipality with extended powers Sedlčany
HERMOVÁ, Barbora
The aim of the master thesis is to evaluate, by means of risk analysis, whether risks that could lead to an emergency event could occur in the territory of Sedlčany. Due to the constant development, new risks arise for which it is necessary to prepare. The risks can be prepared for by means of a multi-criteria analysis, which I have prepared for the territory of the ORP. To achieve these objectives, I have identified the threats that may occur in the territory. The threats are divided into three categories: acceptable, conditionally acceptable and unacceptable. For each threat, variables were used to determine the probability of occurrence. Probability and consequences were assessed by semi-quantitative scales that are 10-point scales. The coefficients determine frequency, lethal impact, endangerment of persons, environmental damage, direct damage and cost, constraints on persons, duration, and constraints on society. The investigation revealed that the territory of Sedlčany ORP is threatened by 36 risks that could lead to an emergency. In some cases, an emergency may grow into a situation where the normal forces and means to avert it will not be sufficient. A state of emergency could then be declared. According to the risk analysis, such emergencies would include natural floods, flash floods, epidemics and widespread power outages. The ORP not only prepares for these emergencies, but also needs to know the type of plans that identify 23 emergencies that could occur regardless of the results of the risk analysis. The results were consulted with the crisis management officer Jan Kundrlík and with the Fire Brigade in Příbram, specifically with mjr. Mgr. Kristýna Vojtíšková.
Population awareness of the emergence of a special flood under the Kamýk waterworks
HERMOVÁ, Barbora
Everyday we are threatened by small or large emergencies in our lives. It follows, that it would be good to know important and recommended behaviours in crisis situations and to be properly prepared for these emergencies. The aim of this Bachelor´s thesis is to review and evaluate the awareness of the population of Kamýk about tasks during a special flood. The theoretical part is based on legal standards, professional literature and internet resources. The theoretical part itself is focused on flood protection, floodplains and related flood plans. Other major covered areas are flood forecasting and reporting service and flood authorities. I also briefly mentioned dams in the Czech Republic, their historical development and their characteristics. The last segment of the theoretical part are examples of special floods in our country and in the world. The practical part is based on a questionnaire survey. I created a questionnaire, which was then presented to students of primary school in Kamýk and other residents moving in the areas of Kamýk. To answer the research question "Is the population informed about the tasks of protection of the population in the event of special flood?" was carried out a questionnaire survey, which took place in contact form using a printed questionnaire. The questionnaire contained 16 questions and was answered by a total of 82 respondents. This research revealed that the awareness of the population in the mentioned area is insufficient. It is therefore necessary to focus on improving awareness of this issue.

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