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Comparison of knowledge of laymen and experts about extraordinary events caused by the elements
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of natural elements. These elements are also associated with extraordinary events that often result in the loss of human life. The work characterizes the basic events that relate to extraordinary events of a natural nature. It defines individual extraordinary events caused by natural disasters, their subsequent resolution by crisis management bodies, the application of relevant laws and marginally mentions the most famous natural disasters in our country and in the world. At the same time, the diploma thesis examines knowledge with the help of a questionnaire survey of lay people and experts, which are subsequently analyzed, interpreted and hypotheses solved using statistical methods.
The current standing analysis of the complete security by an important buildings.
Complex security of buildings of special interest brings various rules and duties that must be followed. The role these objects play on a global scale is irreplaceable. It concerns complexes of buildings or their parts that secure elementary activities. These activities ensure people's basic needs such as energy and food supplies or services provided by the state administration and other society's needs. On the other hand, it is a fact that these buildings face various undesirable phenomenons disturbing their functions on the daily basis. Terrorism is a global problem we most frequently rank among these negative phenomenons . Terrorists use various sabotage and bomb attacks that cause high number of casualties and uncountable material damages. Natural threats like hurricanes, floods any many others belong among other phenomenons. Legislative regulations serving for elimination and moderation of the consequences of these undesirable phenomenons belong to the most essential security measures. The fire safety law, regulating one of the domains of complex security, represents one of the basic laws. Other norms are incorporated within the domain of fire protection such as local ordinances or regulations. Construction and technical requirements incorporated in the construction law represent one of the next fields of complex security. Last but not least different practices securing rescue and liquidation works represent very important safety measures. They form the elementary methodics for successful evacuation and many different activities. We can name endless amount of security elements sourcing from technical and mechanical, physically present safety engines. There are for example diverse antifire gadgets, alarming and monitoring systems. We can continue by mentioning protective elements such as regime and control measures for access into the important objects and moving inside, inhibitions and many other security elements and principles. In the research part of the thesis several objectives and hypothesis were established. The aim was to make an effort to find the answer to a hypothetical question asking whether the contemporary valid principles of complex security of important objects are sufficient. The next step is to attempt, based on the ascertained facts, to outline prospective changes and improvements in the domain of buildings' complex security. The qualitative research method in the form of interviews with specialists was employed in order to fulfil these tasks. There were 10 participating respondents from the domain related to the security of buildings. The ascertained results imply several important facts. For instance, one of the major contributions was that the chosen interviewees mentioned an immense number of interesting and inspiring findings in the domain of complex security of buildings. There were several important findings. In present, security elements and principles are properly technically dealt with but there are many factors going against support of this assertion. One of them are, for example, high financial acquisition and service costs of these safety measures. Another one is quite minor activity exercised by the top management in the field of security of buildings. All these findings lead to a conclusion that complex security of buildings of special interest is insufficient. In my opinion, a possible solution would be to start talking about imminent threats such as the upper-mentioned terrorism etc. It is necessary to realize the fact that ensuring today's security is very costly but important. Desirable outcomes cannot be reached without directing financial resources at arranging complex security of buildings. By underrating security the society runs increasing risks bringing serious consequences with them as a result.

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