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Drinking water emergency supply in selected parts of the South Bohemian Region
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of emergency supply of drinking water when dealing with emergency and crisis situations at selected drinking water distributors in the South Bohemian Region. The topicality of the topic stems from the effects of climate change, such as the current long-lasting drought and the associated lack of water. The aim of the diploma thesis is to determine the provision of emergency drinking water supply readiness in emergency and crisis situations and to characterize the process of drinking water production up to its distribution. In the theoretical part of the thesis, legal regulations for the field of water management, professional terminology, requirements for the quality of drinking water, risks and crisis planning for the water management sector are also presented. In addition to the research nature of the work, the history of the supply of drinking water to the population and the development of water technology up to the present are also taken into account here, which can be used for educational purposes. For this reason, in order to make the issue more precise, a smaller number of image templates are also included to help the readers´ imagination. The research part is processed in the form of structured interviews with experts from selected drinking water distributors. The work defines the strengths and weaknesses of the production and distribution process and the readiness to ensure the emergency supply of drinking water. Based on the obtained data from the interviews, a SWOT analysis is developed and the results are interpreted using Fuller's triangle. At the end, the summary of the findings and the evaluation of the research activity is made.
Retarding Agents in the Process of Burning in Everyday Life
The introductory part defines the areas of use of flame retardants, the purpose of their use and explains the need for interviews with the professional public. The theoretical part describes the principle of operation, distribution and an overview of some of the used flame retardants. Furthermore, specific types of flame retardants are selected, including their characteristics in connection with legislation. The practical part analyses, on the basis of structured interviews with the professional public, how the professional public perceives flame retardants from a practical point of view and their professional expertise. At the conclusion of the work is the evaluation of the information obtained from individual areas of the professional public with a proposal for possible improvement.
Proper nouns in the early Czech travel accounts
The aim of this master´s thesis are personal names and geographicals names in the travelogue which was written by Kryštof Harant z Položic a Bezdružic. The travelogue is called Putování aneb cesta z království Českého do města Benátek, odtud po moři do země Svaté, země Jůdské a dále do Egypta a velikého města Kairu. Onomastics material is subjected to linguistic analysis. The signifiant research part deals with personal names and geographicals names, focuses on classification into required groups and on the analysis of onomastics. The part of this thesis is a statistics with percentage expression of acquired results.
Possibilities to restore seminatiral meadows in post industrial sites.
Kolářová, Petra ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Tátosová, Jolana (referee)
The post-industrial sites (brownfields) are sites which were devastated and abandoned by industrial production (generation areas, dumping grounds, mining areas…), but buildings and paved areas abandoned by agricultural production, too. On the other hand on these very disturbed places, primary succession, may leads to recovery of valuable ecosystems. It shows the potential of these areas for the restoration of valuable near natural ecosystems. One of the possibilities how to use these areas could became establishing species rich meadows rich, which could return to the meadow ecosystem his original function. They could benefit from oligotrophic status, at least some of these sites, too. The aim of this work is to summarize the information about factors which influence structure and diversity of meadows, their restoration and assess chance post-industrial sites utilization for the recovery of species rich meadows. Finally results of experiment about restoration of species-rich meadow ecosystems on mine spoil dumps in the surrounding of Sokolov are represented.
HPLC determination of silybin diastereoisomers in plasma of laboratory animals
Kolářová, Petra ; Tesařová, Eva (advisor) ; Bednář, Petr (referee)
Silybin is the main component of silymarin, a standardized extract obtained from the seeds of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). Flavonolignan silybin has antioxidant, hepatoprotective, chemoprotective and antitumor activities. Natural silybin occurs as an approximately equimolar mixture of two diastereoisomers - silybin A and silybin B. Analytical separation of these diastereoisomers is possible but preparative separation is complicated. The biological activity of the silybin A is different from the silybin B. Silybin diastereoisomers are mainly conjugated to glucuronides and sulfates in organism. A mixture of both silybin diasteroisomers is used in the majority of reported biological, chemical and pharmacokinetic studies. For the first time, optically pure silybin A and silybin B were used for pharmacokinetic study in this thesis. The object of this work was determination of the concentration of free and total silybin in rats plasma in relation to time. Theoretical introduction describes the current state of the problem of chemistry, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of silybin diastereoisomers. Second part is focused on the selection of appropriate analytical column, chromatographic method and suitable procedure for preparation of biological samples for the determination of the silybin...
Preparative diastereomeric separation of silybin and its sulfates by RP-HPLC
Kolářová, Petra ; Tesařová, Eva (advisor) ; Kalíková, Květa (referee)
Silymarin is standardized extract isolated from fruits of Milk Thistle plant (Silybum marianum). The principal component of silymarin is silybin. This flavonolignan is mainly responsible for the medicinal effects of Milk Thistle fruits: antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anticancer and chemoprotective activities. Natural silybin exists as an equimolar mixture of diastereomers A and B whose preparative separation is very hard. It was shown that the biological activity of silybin A and B are different. Silybin in the blood conjugates mainly to sulfates. The structure or biological activity of the sulfates is not yet known. The aim of this work is to develop practically applicable method for preparative separation of diastereomers of silybin A and B, and sulfates, which are considered as one of the major metabolites of silybin. The preparative method for separation of silybin A and B in the mobile phase consisting of 50% MeOH on the chromatographic column Labio C18 25x250 mm, was developed. In addition, preparative method for separation of mixture of products accured from the sulphation of silybin-23-acetate in the mobile phase consisting of MeOH/H2O 60/40 (v/v) with addition of 10 ml/l HCOOH, was optimized.
"Self-portrait in the circles of smoke": self-fashioning of the modern artist as a smoker in the Czech art at the turn of the 19th and 20th century
Kolářová, Petra ; Konečný, Lubomír (advisor) ; Lahoda, Vojtěch (referee)
The topic of this Diploma Thesis is the representation of an artist as a smoker in the Czech Art at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The motive is studied in the works of artists of the 1890s generation and the early avant-garde (Osma, Skupina výtvarných umělců), with the focus on the iconography of a smoker in art as well as the cultural history of smoking. Apart from paintings and graphics it uses other visual sources such as portrait photographs, caricatures published in contemporary newspapers and posters. The Thesis looks for a wider tradition in the European art and maps specific types of artist-smoker for whom cigarette, pipe or cigar is a part of his personal stylization. The first part concentrates on the early usage of the motive in the baroque painting and in the 19th century as such. The next part focuses on self-fashioning of modern artists characterized by their definition against social conventions. The attribute of smoking plays a role of a symbol of bohemian Iife, dandy astuteness, neurasthenic decadent, social or artistic revolt or emancipation of female-artists. The last part deals with the relationship of smoking to the actual art production of modern artists. Smoking is a metaphor for creativity of the symbolist poet or painter who draws the inspiration from his subjective...
Obnova druhově bohatých luk na výsypkách po těžbě uhlí, vliv růyných technik a velikosti obnovované plochy
Kolářová, Petra ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Mudrák, Ondřej (referee)
Common problems and characteristics of sites affected by the mining are land occupation, pollution, land degradation, hydrologic changes and landscape change what belong to the major environmental problems in many countries. Despite the regulation prescribed by the Mining Act which brought significant progress in post mining land reclamation, emphasise mostly in recovery of production capability of landscape, many recent studies state it may not be so effective in restoration of diversity and ecosystem services. In order to properly assess newer approaches in spoil heaps recultivation our research is focused on the restoration of species rich meadows using near-nature methods, specifically the transfer of turves and seeds-containing hay transfer supported by management (mowing and mowing with mulching). Additionally, the research is focused on influence of the plot size on restoration success and on effect of management on soil development. Both of the applied near-nature methods of species rich meadow recultivation are effective in species provisioning and thus succession acceleration. More successful is the method of transferred turves where it was possible to establish more than 60% of the species from the donor site. The species richness on sites and its spreading is dependent on implemented...

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