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Simultaneous online determination of nitric acid and nitrates in ambient air
Alexa, Lukáš ; Čmelíková, D. ; Cigánková, Hana ; Mikuška, Pavel
The innovated method for the simultaneous online determination of HNO3/NO3- in ambient air was developed. Due to high sensitivity of CLD (LOD = 5.1 nM in water solution, 3 s/n) no preconcentration method is required. The online methods were compared with the results obtained with the offline method based on sampling using filters and dry denuders (DD) covered by 0.5% NaF with subsequent analysis by ion chromatography (model ICS-2100, Dionex, USA) and capillary electrophoresis (model Agilent 7100, Agilent Technologies, USA).
Forest springs, a safe source of drinking water?
Mikuška, Pavel ; Alexa, Lukáš ; Kouřilová, S. ; Cigánková, Hana ; Křůmal, Kamil ; Itterheimová, Petra ; Kubáň, Petr ; Matoušek, Tomáš ; Barešová, Magdalena ; Pivokonský, Martin
Water from 25 forest springs was characterized for basic physical parameters and chemical and bacteriological composition. Chemical composition was mostly within limits for drinking water, but bacteriological results indicate faecal pollution of water in majority studied springs.
Parallel Determination of Particulate Ammonium by Using a Continuous Aerosol Sampler and Cascade Impactor
Alexa, Lukáš ; Hlaváčková, H. ; Cigánková, Hana ; Mikuška, Pavel
Ammonia is a significant gaseous pollutant present in the atmosphere. As a neutralizing agent of acidic species ammonia forms particle-phase ammonium (NH4+) salts and contributes thus to formation of secondary atmospheric aerosols (Harrison and Jones, 1995). Aerosols (particulate matter, PM) are responsible for many negative effects on environments and health risks to human. The diameter of PM has significant impact on their environmental exposure, where the decreasing particle size increases the adverse health effects. The ultrafine particles hence play a major role in adverse impact on human health (Ryer-Powder, 1991). Presented paper describes the use of the novel continuous aerosol sampler for online, and a commercial cascade impactor for offline, determination of NH4+ in ambient air.

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