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Barriere-free work (produce) environment
Boleslavská, Yvona ; Šindlar, Jiljí (referee) ; doc.Ing.arch.Peter Daniel,PhD. (referee) ; Ing.Kateřina Poláčková (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
This dissertation Barrier-free Work Environment examines and emphasizes some elements, which are projected and will be projected even more into architectural production – architect’s work. Buildings designed specially to create a working environment accessible for disabled people are of a current interest and they will become a very prominent subject of social development in the future, because it will be necessary to react sensitively to the disproportions in human abilities and in the society’s capability to create new workplaces, implement progressive technologies, computer systems, and last but not least, to react to new possibilities of people’s creative invention. This thesis is based on the key definitions for this topic – the terms health and handicap. It is aimed at the ethics of communication in a society and its perception by a person with some kind of disability – handicap. This thesis also analyzes the limits of human possibilities in the context of contemporary and future progressive technologies. The topic of accessible workplaces necessarily derives from the historical development of workplaces, and it indicates the future trends of development. An important part of this thesis is concerned with the conditions for creating a friendly working environment, not only from the aspect of the construction itself, but mainly by the interior design, its flexible furniture, and special work tools not only for the handicapped. This dissertation and its contribution to the scholarly research are based on evaluation of an opinion survey, whose respondents were companies employing handicapped people. The analysis and consequent synthesis of the answers given by the employers of the disadvantaged people brought pieces of information, which are summarized in conclusions and recommendations.

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