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Occupational Therapy Screening of Sensory Processing in Children with Perinatal Load in Preschool Age
Zdeňková, Veronika ; Dvořáková, Petra (advisor) ; Kuželková, Anna (referee)
OF DIPLOMA THESIS Author: Bc. Veronika Zdeňková Supervisor: Mgr. Petra Dvořáková Advisor: Mgr. Eliška Haškovcová Title: Occupational Therapy Screening of Sensory Processing in Children with Perinatal Load in Preschool Age Abstract: Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) have their origin in altered function of central nervous system. Children with SPD have difficulty to process sensory information and act in a proper way. Sensory Processing Disorders permeate all areas of an individual's perception and behaviour and have a significant impact on the quality of life of the child and his/her family. Children born prematurely are reported to be at higher risk of developing some form of SPD. This thesis focuses on the association between SPD and perinatal load. It is focused on the difficulties faced by children with SPD and their impact on further development, particularly in the preschool age. The theoretical part provides an thorough overview of the issues mentioned above. The practical part focuses on the design of an examination protocol to capture SPD in children with perinatal load in preschool age. The use of the proposed examination protocol is tested in six concrete patients with perinatal load. The results are then interpreted in the form of reduced case studies, which are primarily aimed at...
Sensory Processing Disorders in Children in Occupational Therapy
Zdeňková, Veronika ; Krivošíková, Mária (advisor) ; Vavříková, Marianna (referee)
BAKALÁŘSKÉ PRÁCE Jméno, příjmení: Veronika Zdeňková Vedoucí práce: Bc. Mária Krivošíková, M.Sc. Title: Sensory Processing Disorders in Children in Occupational Therapy Abstract: Sensory Processing Disorders significantly affect the daily life of the child and his family. They occur in about 7-15% of the population and in up to the 90% of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The aim of this thesis is to describe opportunities of occupational therapy interventions for children with Sensory Processing Disorders. The theoretical part presents the Sensory Integration method as a comprehensive method for diagnosis and therapy of these disorders. The next part is devoted to a more detailed description of individual Sensory Processing Disorders. The thesis also presents general requirements for the implementation of Sensory Integration therapy. An important part of the theoretical element is the description of therapy for two specific disorders - dyspraxia and tactile defensiveness. The practical part is focused on designing a therapeutic program for pediatric patients with dyspraxia and tactile defensiveness and assessing its effectiveness. Each patient underwent an initial examination using an interview, structured and non-structured clinical observation and Sensory Profile 2, and in dyspraxia also by...
Czech-Chinese foreign relations: perspectives of cooperation
Zdeňková, Veronika ; Peterková, Jana (advisor) ; Knotková, Vladimíra (referee)
The development of the People's Republic of China over the last decades is considered being one of the most significant trends in the current international environment. The Czech Republic has also experienced series of political, economical and social changes over the last years. However, the development of the Czech-Chinese foreign relations has not so far reflected these fundamental changes sufficiently. This thesis therefore describes the past development of the Czech-Chinese foreign relations and the development of the foreign policies of both sides and examines options for their mutual cooperation in the future. It is concluded that increased mutual cooperation could be beneficial for both sides for which supporting arguments covering the political and economic fields are presented separately for the Czech Republic and the People's Republic of China. In addition, specific diplomatic, economic and ideological instruments are proposed that might be used by both states in order to intensify the mutual Czech-Chinese foreign relations.

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1 Zdeňková, Vladimíra
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