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The role of the institutions in the process of formulation of the renewed sustainable development strategy (2006)
Škrábalová, Lenka ; Rovná, Lenka (advisor) ; Urban, Luděk (referee) ; Zadražilová, Dana (referee)
The aim of the disseration is to assess the participation of institutions in the process of the formulation of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy and to find out, which of the institution was mainly responsible for leadership in strategic management towards the sustainable development EU. The participation of institutions in this process was analysed from the point of view of main integration theories (intergovernmental and supranational) and by the application of the model of formulation of strategy (Continuous Improvement Approach to Managing Sustainable Development). The main aspect of this dissertation was to analyse the practical realisation of sustainable development at the EU level as well as to observe various actors which were involved in the process of preparation of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. The method of analysis was analytical and narrative case study design. The research was embedded in the context of enforcement of sustainable develoment policy at the EU level.
Establishment of cosmetics shop
Paliulionis, Lenka ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The aim of this work is to create a business plan to establish a biocosmetics shop and to verify whether this plan would be feasible and viable under the conditions considered. The theoretical part describes the used methodics, which is than subsequently elaborated and discussed in the practical part. In conclusion are presented the project evaluation and the answer to the final question.
Business plan for the establishment of a transport company
Liška, Jiří ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
This bachelor thesis is conceived as a business plan for the establishment of a company operating in the field of occasional transport of persons. The minibus with lift is to be carried by cyclists, boaters or skiers. Market, customer and competition analyzes were conducted. Based on them, the feasibility was decided.
Establishment of a construction company. Business plan.
Suchánek, Václav ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The main goal of this Bachelor thesis is to prepare realistic proposal of business plan for SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) foundation. Theoretical part brings us into domain of basic information about structure of business plan, general description of SME and related legislation. Further specification of construction company, management and marketing strategy. Practical part contains concrete foundation business plan of construction company and building materials.
Small Business Management in the Service Sector - expanding business
Trnka, Aleš ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of expanding the operation of a small company. The aim of the thesis is to provide an overview of the complexity of the problem, so it explores the main issues that an entrepreneur/manager of a small company has to deal with before, during and after the expansion itself. Most importantly, the thesis focuses on the recruitment and integration of new employees. The theoretical part of this thesis is based on the study of relevant literature and legislation and focuses on the essential points of the studied issue. The practical part of the thesis examines a retail company in the automotive sector, which is currently undergoing a process of expansion and this example is used to study factors that affect small businesses in general. The evaluation part of the thesis summarizes the acquired knowledge and draws conclusions from it to make recommendations for entrepreneurs/managers of small companies. It presents key points for an entrepreneur/manager to consider prior to an expansion, describes the individual phases of the expansion and the processes within each, and outlines issues that need to be addressed both during and after an expansion. In this section, special attention is given to the issue of human resources. Using the concrete example of the surveyed company, the positive and negative outcomes of the expansion are assessed.
Business plan - extending the services of a kindergarten
Šimek, Martin ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The thesis deals with the business intention of extending the services of a kindergarten in the city of Prague - Velká Chuchle. The work consists of three parts. The first part is focused on the theoretical issues related to the given issue. The next part is devoted to introducing kindergarten, its market position. The last part of the thesis focuses on a specific business plan that is created based on the market gap in this area of business.
Podnikatelský plán v oblasti pronájmu nemovitostí
Řezáčová, Radka ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to create a business plan focused on the rent of the house which might be built in Ostrava-Vitkovice. It analyses 2 renting possibilities-flats for senior residents or rooms for tourists. The aim of the work is to find out if it makes sense to built that house. The work compares both renting options and evaluate the most viable and effective one. In the introduction there are described methodics which are used and discussed subsequently in the practical part. In the final part there is an evaluation and conclusion of the project. The answer for the final question can be found there as well.
Business plan to set up an e-shop with mineral stone jewellery
Lövenhöferová, Zuzana ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the creation of a business plan for the establishment of e-shop offering jewellery of mineral stones and natural materials. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to elaborate a business plan and collect all relevant information to start a business within the e-commerce, including the own evaluation of the project and the decision about its implementation.
Family businesses and succession issues
Skorčíková, Martina ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The intention of this thesis is to create a procedure for a successful family business handover. The thesis is split into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part summarises, based on research, all theoretical knowledge related to managing and handing over a family business and a closer look at entire process. The practical part includes a case study and an analysis of a specific family business and the exact steps and procedures that will be needed to implement.
Business plan to establish e-shop and a store with nutrition for athletes.
Mazochová, Lenka ; Zadražilová, Dana (advisor) ; Zadražil, Václav (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to evaluate whether the business plan for the establishment of the e-shop and the store is viable and economically sustainable. E-shop and store will deal with the sale of nutrition for athletes, especially food for expeditions. In the theoretical part is presented the essence of the business plan. It is followed by the practical part where the product is summarized, the competitors and suppliers are analyzed, the company's foundations and structure are presented, the goals and visions of the company are presented, followed by marketing, financial plan, risk analysis with SWOT analysis. At the end is everything evaluated.

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