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Geopolitical topics in Northern Ireland elections
Král, Josef ; Jelen, Libor (advisor) ; Vrhel, Matěj (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to analyse and interpret the electoral manifestos of several Northern Irish political parties, namely the Democratic Unionist Party, Traditional Unionist Voice, Ulster Unionist Party, Sinn Féin, Social Democratic and Labour Party, People Before Profit and Alliance, in terms of the projection of geopolitical and globally significant social events, namely Brexit and the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland, the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, into the electoral manifestos of the parties in question. The thesis uses a combination of critical discursive analysis and content analysis to process the given electoral programmes. In terms of timing, these are documents drawn up by the parties for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections in May 2022. The importance of each issue for the parties in question, the frequency with which the issues appear in the programmes and the way in which the parties deal with the issues in their programmes are examined. The parties' attitudes to the issues, or the existence of consensus or cleavages within the Northern Irish political scene, are also examined. The theoretical framework of the thesis is based on the theory of cleavage lines. The thesis has identified the projection of the aforementioned events into electoral...
Changes in the historical landscape around the Jesenice water reservoir
Vyčítalová, Romana ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Vrhel, Matěj (referee)
The main goal of this bachelor's thesis is to analyze the changes in the historical landscape around the Jesenice water reservoir. In the theoretical part, the main concepts related to the above-mentioned topic are defined. The analytical part is focused only on the monitored territory. To achieve the main goal, sub-goals are set, consisting of a study of scholar literature related to the monitored area, analysis of changes in land cover before and after the construction of the Jesenice water reservoir, analysis of changes in the number of inhabitants and houses, analysis of changes in campsites and cottage settlements. To achieve the sub-goals are these methods used: the creation of maps based on orthophoto images, the creation of graphs based on data from the Český statistický úřad, the analysis of changes from aerial photographs and a structured interview. key words: Czechia, landscape, reservoir Jesenice, transformation, recreation
Usage of interdisciplinary relations of geography and historiography in teaching of the local region (using Jáchymov as an example)
Krátká, Marie ; Jelen, Jakub (advisor) ; Vrhel, Matěj (referee)
Bakalářská práce se věnuje mezipředmětovým vztahům mezi zeměpisem a dějepisem ve výuce místního regionu na 2. stupni základních škol a na gymnáziích. Cílem práce je analýza výuky místního regionu a využívání mezipředmětových vazeb vyučujícími na školách v zájmovém regionu Jáchymovska. Dílčím cílem je dále vytvořit materiál, který by mohl být využit v rámci výuky místního regionu pro učitele na Jáchymovsku. Výsledkem analýzy je, že většina učitelů na Jáchymovsku místní region učí, ale vyčleňují mu méně času, než je celorepublikový průměr. Někteří vyučující mezipředmětové vazby využívají, ale spolupráci kolegů učitelů by bylo rozhodně potřeba dále rozvíjet. Většina dotazovaných učitelů se v hodinách též zabývá dějinami regionu. Nově vzniklý pracovní list by měl být využitelný pro učitele na Jáchymovsku i v celém Česku. Klíčová slova Mezipředmětové vztahy, místní region, zeměpis, geografie, dějepis, Jáchymov, pracovní tábory Abstract This Bachelor thesis is devoted to interdisciplinary relations of geography and historiography in teaching of the local region in secondary schools and grammar schools. The main goal of this thesis is an analysis of teaching of the local region and usage of interdisciplinary relations in schools closely connected to Jáchymov region. The secondary goal is to create a...
The Troubles and its current cleavage lines - spatial analysis
Král, Josef ; Jelen, Libor (advisor) ; Vrhel, Matěj (referee)
Main goal of this work is searching for spatial patterns of The Troubles and analysing of their relation to cleavege lines of contemporary society of Northern Ireland. This work further examines relations between spatial layout of victims of The Troubles and characteristics of brexit referendum of 2016. Analysis was performer using Spearman corelation coefficient. Cleavage line theory was used in this work, which originates in work of Lipset and Rokkan. This work found existence of relations between spatial layout of The Troubles and some factors of brexit referendum of 2016. KEYWORDS Northern Ireland, Irish republicanism, The Troubles, unionism, referendum, brexit
Czech Pacific Railway, railway or tourist atraction?
Malátek, David ; Vrhel, Matěj (advisor) ; Fialová, Dana (referee)
Rail transport around huge cities is a part of the suburban system transport. The railway line 210 passes through a popular tourist and recreational area Posázaví (around Sázava river). This line is known as Posázavský Pacifik ("Czech Pacific Railway"). This thesis examines suburban and tourist potential of this railway line. Suburban transport is related to getting citizens to work and schools. Another important source of informations about usage of the railway line is a number of occupancy of the lines. Based on another thesis and literature sources will be determined the basic characteristics of suburban and tourist importance of the railway. Also there is going to be an analysis of advantages of the connection based on factors which influence the usage of the railway that will be created. As a result there will be a complete characteristics of the importance of Czech Pacific Railway including an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of this railway and possible opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). Key words: Czech Pacifik Railway, railway, Posázaví, suburban transport, tourism
Teacher's personal teaching conception as a crucial factor of geography lessons
Štorková, Kateřina ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Vrhel, Matěj (referee)
Teacher's personal teaching conception as a crucial factor of geography lessons Abstract This bachelor thesis examines a teachers' personal approaches of teaching geography, teaching styles and other selected aspects of the learning process. The main task of this work was to determine the content and the way of teaching of modern geography teachers, as well as the most important aspects of geography to be taught and what the teachers primarily want to teach their students. Beside this, a very important goal was to create a research tool (particularly a survey) to determine a teacher's teaching method and its impact on the learning process. Basic terminology, such as teacher's personal approach of teaching and teaching styles are defined in the theoretical part. Methodology and practical part follow afterwards. The practical part is consisted of results of the survey. The survey was prepared and piloted based on the theoretical-methodological balance sheet and the literature discussion. The results show that this survey was usable in practice and that the teacher's personal approach significantly influences the teaching process of geography. Respondents were found to place emphasis on teaching general worldview, logical reasoning, map and space orientation, and activities that are practical for life. The...
Concept of School Geography in Hungary, Poland and Slovakia
Vrhel, Matěj ; Hanus, Martin (referee) ; Řezníčková, Dana (advisor)
- This work deals with changes of education systems' concepts (with a special emphasis on teaching geography) in post communist states of Central Europe. Monitored states are Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. We follow the changes of concepts within the period of the fall of iron curtain till today, the main trigger of changes are curricular reforms. The obligatory curricular documents of these states became a subject of content analysis. We describe how the documents had been created and how they were introduced into everyday life. Another aspect of this work is the analysis and comparison of school systems of the individual lands. The mentioned analyses represent a wider framework for fulfiling the main aim of this thesis. Thus for the analysis of the concept and character of geography as a subject of general education in the process of general education in monitored lands. The concept and character of school geography are analysed starting with the period of last decades of totalitarian regimes and going through post-totalitarian curricular reforms untill today. The content analysis follows the inclusion of school geography into learning areas of curricular documents, the main educational aims and the content design of thematic plans. A further, respectively quantitation aspect is the number of...

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