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Different Boundary Conditions For LES Solver PALM 6.0 Used for ABL in Tunnel Experiment
Řezníček, Hynek ; Geletič, Jan ; Bureš, Martin ; Krč, Pavel ; Resler, Jaroslav ; Vrbová, Kateřina ; Trush, Arsenii ; Michálek, Petr ; Beneš, L. ; Sühring, M.
We tried to reproduce results measured in the wind tunnel experiment with a CFD simulation provided by numerical model PALM. A realistic buildings layout from the Prague-Dejvice quarter has been chosen as a testing domain because solid validation campaign for PALM simulation of Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) over this quarter was documented in the past. The question of input data needed for such simulation and capability of the model to capture correctly the inlet profile and its turbulence structure provided by the wind-tunnel is discussed in the study The PALM dynamical core contains a solver for the Navier-Stokes equations. By default, the model uses the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) approach in which the bulk of the turbulent motions is explicitly resolved. It is well validated tool for simulations of the complex air-flow within the real urban canopy and also within its reduced scale provided by wind tunnel experiments. However the computed flow field between the testing buildings did not correspond well to the measured wind velocity in some points. Different setting of the inlet boundary condition was tested but none of them gave completely developed turbulent flow generated by vortex generators and castellated barrier wall place at the entrance of the aerodynamic section of the wind tunnel.
The potential for tourism development in the South Bohemian Region
VRBOVÁ, Kateřina
The main goal of my Bachelor thesis is to analyze the potential for tourism development in the South Bohemian Region. The studied region is divided into nine tourist areas. The potential is evaluated using the modified method of Jan Bína from 2002. The highest value of potential is 229 points in the tourist area Lipensko, the lowest in Třeboňsko (166 points). The evaluation of the real use of the potential is based on a survey through questionnaires. All of the 207 questionnaires were gathered through November and December 2021. In general, the potential of the South Bohemian Region is using sufficiently. Another objective of the questionnaire research was to find out what respondents are dissatisfied with in this region, what they lack here or what they would welcome here. To increase the use of potential, I propose to build a new aquapark in Toulava, to increase the number of parking places and better promoting children's cultural events.
The diversity of diatom genera: relationship to genetic variability within the genus Frustulia and the role of geography
Vrbová, Kateřina ; Kulichová, Jana (advisor) ; Kopalová, Kateřina (referee)
The occurrence of some diatoms depends on degree of pollution and water quality. Due to this attribute are diatoms used as indicators for the environmental bioassessment. But the maximum use of diatoms for this purpose is complicated by high number of species which are defined based on the ultrastructural morphological features which are indistinguishable without the electron microscope. The aims of this study were to find out the influence of environmental factors, types of habitat and geography on the structure of diatom community. And find out if richness of higher taxonomic levels is correlated with species richness, in this case if it responds with the genetic diversity within diatom species complex Frustulia crassinervia-saxonica. In this study, 49 permanent slides from natural samples were analyzed. Samples were taken from benthos of different types of freshwater habitat - lakes, dams, pools, peat bogs, stream, wet wall on diverse localities in Europe, Canada, Greenland, Chile and New Zealand. In all slides were counted 300 cells which were determined based on the morphological features on genera level. Altogether 43 benthic genera were identified. The results of this thesis showed that number of genera correlated with pH gradient but do not correlate with other environmental factors -...
"Measure twice and cut once"
Krutská Vrbová, Kateřina ; DAŇHEL, Jan (advisor) ; HORNÍČEK, Jiří (referee)
"Measure twice and cut once" MSc. Kunc´s super8 format narrative fabrication in 80´s. This dissertation presents amateurish authorial films of MSc .Vladimír Kunc on Super 8 mm film format with emphasis on film editing as an reflection of time in the moment of its origin in the 80ties. I will compare the phenomenon of applied magnetic sound of Dr.Rentz for Kunz image montages with a sound of composition of authorial films of The Wizzard of Oz, who has chosen adventurous way of audio tape to his films on Super 8mm film format in the same decade. The aspect of authorial sound montage is looked through the contemporary technological and distributive possibilities.The text also presents analysis of expressional means of Super 8 mm films and the way of their using within particular authorial approaches-model authorial subjects. This dissertation presents study of narrative films which during the filming and editing look for not only notice value but also the way of narration.The films which are looking not only for message but also its form in the context particular period.
The outsourcing of payroll accounting
Vrbová, Kateřina ; Müllerová, Libuše (advisor) ; Zelenková, Marie (referee)
Graduation thesis deals with the outsourcing of payroll accounting. The first part of graduation thesis provides the information about outsourcing as such, specifications of the basic terms, the historical development and the life cycle of outsourcing. The part about outsourcing of payroll accounting summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of using outsourcing from the client and provider perspective. A practical example compares the internal and external processing of payroll accounting.
Jan Hus - A Mass for Three Dead Men
Krutská Vrbová, Kateřina ; Špaček, Radim (advisor) ; Daňhel, Jan (referee)
Jan Hus - A Mass for Three Dead Men updates the legacy of the medieval reformist priest known also as John Hus. Yet writer and director Miroslav Bambušek is film takes place in the late twentieth century and relates to history in what has been more recently known as the Eastern Bloc. Jan Hus introduces us to and advocates three individuals- Ryszard Siwiec, Oskar Brusewitz, and Graham Bamford, all three of whom set themselves on fire to protest the political regimes in which they lived, and against which they had struggled. The film makes use of Hus own theses and orations, and is in four languages, with subtitles. 76 minutes.

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