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Epitachophoretic preconcentration of proteins
Hrušková, Helena ; Voráčová, Ivona ; Foret, František
In this work, we present a developed method for preconcentration of standards of proteins cytochrome c, myoglobin, and hemoglobin. Firstly, the electrolyte system was selected and optimized to provide low analysis time, narrow shape of the protein zone, and eliminate overheating at the center of the device. In the next step, the developed method was tested on the preconcentration of proteins: cytochrome c, myoglobin, and hemoglobin. After several adjustments myoglobin and hemoglobin were also uccessfully preconcentrated. After evaluation of pilot results, this technique provides up to fiftyfold preconcentration and recovery of over 70 % for each protein. The next plan is to preconcentrate proteins from complex biological matrices such as urine or blood plasma.
Epitachophoretic separation and concentration of large volume samples
Voráčová, Ivona ; Foret, František ; Datinská, Vladimíra ; Novotný, Jakub ; Gheibi, P. ; Berka, J. ; Astier, Y.
There has been a growing interest in developing isotachophoretic protocols for concentration and purification of DNA as an alternative to the solid phase extraction protocols of DNA preparation. Also concentration of DNA from large volume samples is required. We have developed a new device suitable for separation, concentration and collection of ions from several milliliter sample volumes into microliter fractions. We have used a discontinuous electrolyte system comprising of the leading and terminating electrolytes utilized for concentration of samples containing DNA fragments. The method is simple, fast with high concentration factor and without extensive surface interactions.
Optical properties of nanoparticles
Voráčová, Ivona
Summary of physico-chemical properties, preparation and applications of luminescent nanoparticles.
Preparation of highly luminescent CdTe quantum dots and its probes
Voráčová, Ivona ; Lišková, Marcela ; Patrmanová, M. ; Klepárník, Karel ; Foret, František
Luminescence probes consisting of quantum dots conjugated with macrocyclic ligand complex were characterized by CE-LIF.
Luminescence of nanoparticles - quantum dots
Voráčová, Ivona
Compilation of materials, physical-chemical properties, synthesis and applications of quantum dots.
Immunofluorescent labeling of tissues and free cells via QD-protein conjugates
Lišková, Marcela ; Voráčová, Ivona ; Hezinová, Věra ; Klepárník, Karel ; Foret, František
Preparation of quantum dots and using their QD-protein conjugates in immunofluorescent labeling of cells and tissues. For conjugation was used method viaEDC/sulfo-NHS zero-length cross-linkers. We linked QD with annexin V, anti-CD3 and anti-PCNA. We labeled T-lymphocytes, apoptotic lymphocyte, mouse duodenum tissue and tumor tissue.

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