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Payments of a fiscal nature in Islamic law
Vojtěch, Jakub ; Kohajda, Michael (advisor) ; Kotáb, Petr (referee)
Abstract, Thesis Title, Keywords in English Language The text aims to offer a depiction of the system of selected payments having tax features, which are contained in Islamic law, based on a wide range of specialized literature and especilally on the primary sources of Islamic law. The primary objective of this paper is a review of the Islamic payments of a fiscal nature from the point of view of the theoretical knowledge as stated in the Czech tax legal theory. The system of Islamic payments that have been examined includes: i) Zakat, ii) Jizya, iii) Kharaj, iv) Khums, v) Sadaqa, including its form of Waqf, and finally vi) 'Ushr. From the perspective of the Czech tax legal theory only Zakat, Jizya, Kharaj and 'Ushr meet (albeit often with certain caveats) the obligatory theoretical requirements for taxes. Thesis Title: Payments of a fiscal nature in Islamic law. Keywords: Islam; Law; Taxes.
Overview of the Current State of the Art of Existing Energy Community Concepts in Europe and their Possible Implementation in the Czech Republic
Vojtech, Jan ; Ptacek, Michal
This paper presents an overview of the current stateof the art of energy communities in Europe and discusses realexamples/concepts implemented in some countries that fulfill theissued EU directives by different technical ways. Therefore,it brings so-called allocation keys used in the individual energycommunity concepts for the distribution of produced energybetween consumers and shows the important differences of thesekeys and their impacts (benefits/disadvantages) for consumersor distribution system operators, so distribution tariffs and thefuture evaluation of allocation keys are also presented.Furthermore, there is the discussion which energy communityconcepts (implemented in European countries) or their specificparts can be transferred to the Czech Republic, especially in thecontext of the current laws and their preparations.
Evaluation of the energy community concept in the Czech Republic conditions
Vojtěch, Jan ; Galík, Tomáš (referee) ; Ptáček, Michal (advisor)
The thesis is divided into six main parts. The first part deals with the description of European directives, regulatory instruments, and support instruments in the field of energy communities in the countries of the European Union, specifically Austria, Germany, France, and Spain. The second part is devoted to a study predicting the future development of domestic decentralized sources and their installed capacity potential. The third part deals with the current legislative state of domestic energy communities, including an outline of the possible future form of energy communities. The fourth part deals with the description of usable allocation keys and the differences between them, as well as distribution tariffs of the public distribution network and their possible adjustments and discounts related to energy communities. The fifth part deals with the description of the model and the scenarios used for its analysis, including the presentation of the results and the impact on distribution tariffs. The last part presents recommendations for distribution system operators, the Energy Regulatory Office and for energy communities.
Multiband fiber polygon for accurate time and coherent frequency transmission
Havliš, O. ; Vojtěch, J. ; Šlapák, M. ; Číp, Ondřej ; Čížek, Martin ; Hrabina, Jan ; Pravdová, Lenka ; Slodička, L.
The CESNET association, in cooperation with the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS, abbreviated ISI CAS), ČD Telematika and University Palacký in Olomouc (UPOL) Department of Optics built a multiband polygon on real optical routes . The multiband polygon is designed for two-way transmission of ultra-stable quantities, i.e. transmission of acurrate time and coherent frequency (T/F).
Fragmentation-free ultrastable transfers through shared optical fibers
Vojtěch, J. ; Smotlacha, V. ; Havliš, O. ; Šlapák, M. ; Altmannová, L. ; Kundrát, J. ; Vohnout, R. ; Velc, R. ; Čížek, Martin ; Hrabina, Jan ; Řeřucha, Šimon ; Pravdová, Lenka ; Lazar, Josef ; Číp, Ondřej ; Kuna, Alexander ; Roztočil, J.
Fibre optics transfers of precise time and ultra-stable optical frequency are gradually becoming part of portfolio of network services of research and educational networks. These national infrastructures very often share fibres with regular data transmission, because of significant share of fibre cost rental on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Situation is very similar in the Czech Republic, where there was more than 3000 km of ultra-stable transmissions within Czech e-Infrastructure, which itself runs over about 5800 km of dark fibre lines.
Highly-coherent laser for precise optical frequencies dissemination
Pravdová, Lenka ; Čížek, Martin ; Hrabina, Jan ; Jelínek, Michal ; Řeřucha, Šimon ; Mikel, Břetislav ; Lazar, Josef ; Havliš, O. ; Altmannová, L. ; Smotlacha, V. ; Vojtěch, J. ; Velc, R. ; Číp, Ondřej
The paper presents a multipurpose laser with a very narrow spectral line, operating at a wavelength of 1540 nm and designed for cooled ions spectroscopy and the dissemination of precise optical frequencies over optical fibre links. The optical frequency of a commercial single-mode laser (NKT Photonics Koheras Basik) is spectrally narrowed to the level of several Hz using a high-quality optical resonator as an optical reference and an acousto-optic modulator as an active control element. The optical resonator is made of a low length thermal expansion coefficient material and is placed in a multi-shell vacuum chamber providing a stable operating environment. Optical frequency stabilisation uses PDH (Pound-Drewer-Hall) modulation and detection technique.
Infrastructure for accurate time and coherent frequency transmission using a multi band
Havliš, O. ; Vojtěch, J. ; Číp, Ondřej ; Čížek, Martin ; Hrabina, Jan ; Pravdová, Lenka
The poster describes the infrastructure for transmission of accurate time and coherent frequency using multiband, i.e. in a dedicated part of the optical spectrum in C, L and S bands, where bidirectional transmission is carried out on the in-house developed Czech Light system.
Phase coherent link between ISI and BEV
Čížek, Martin ; Pravdová, Lenka ; Hrabina, Jan ; Lazar, Josef ; Číp, Ondřej ; Havliš, O. ; Altmannová, L. ; Smotlacha, V. ; Vojtěch, J. ; Pronebner, T. ; Aeikens, E. ; Premper, J. ; Mache, W. ; Niessner, A. ; Schumm, T.
The paper deals with the current state and the first experiments performed on a 232 km long cross-border phase-coherent line between ISI in Brno and BEV in Vienna. This line is the first operational segment of the planned network for mutual comparison of different types of optical atomic clocks between ISI (Ca +), BEV (Cs) and Atominstitut (Thorium) in Vienna. At all workplaces, local highly coherent lasers (spectral line width in the order of Hz or better) will be synchronized with the link output. This network of synchronized lasers will serve as a transfer medium for the mutual comparison of optical atomic clocks in individual laboratories.
The influence of assisted vaginal delivery on newborn's adaptation
Michálková, Tereza ; Pařízek, Antonín (advisor) ; Vojtěch, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to introduce assisted vaginal delivery and to relate the end of delivery by the extraction method to the condition of the newborn immediately after delivery. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is focused on defining the concepts on the topic of childbirth and birth mechanism. Furthermore, it deals with the characteristics of vaginal operative delivery and the characteristics of different extraction equipment methods - technique of execution, indications, contraindications and complications. Furthermore, the thesis is focused on defining basic concepts about the newborn, both general and more specific to the topic of the thesis. An important chapter in the neonatal section is the postpartum adaptation and injury of the newborn. The practical part is conceived as a research part and analytical data collection from medical records and the hospital information system Medea was used for this purpose. The research was conducted at the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the General University Hospital in Prague. The collected data were processed in the web application for medical research data collection - REDCap. The aim of the practical part of the bachelor thesis was...
Law principles applied in Islamic banking
Vojtěch, Jakub ; Kohajda, Michael (advisor) ; Kotáb, Petr (referee)
TITLE: Law principles applied in Islamic banking AUTHOR: Jakub Vojtěch DEPARTMENT: Department of financial law and financial science THESIS SUPERVISOR: JUDr. Michael Kohajda, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: This paper aims at starting a deeper academic discussion of the most fundamental principles of Islamic banking and their application. Ther term "Islamic banking" denotes the banking services in compliance with Islamic law and is nowadays a rapidly expanding, global industry based on a traditional fourteen centuries old legal system. The text explains the basic special requirements (Halal, Riba, Gharar, Majsir, Shiraka, Shari'ah Board) for Islamic banks both in terms of defining and describing these principles as well as giving examples and considering acceptability of conventional products from the Islamic point of view. The study serves as a contribution to debate on the new academic and business field of Islamic banking where I am trying to depict the key and distinguishing features of this banking model, provide a comparison of functioning with the conventional counterpart and give some examples of various types of Islamic banking products. Effort has been made also to offer an overview of the Islamic ethical economy which is the philosophical basis for the Islamic banking model and to describe development and...

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