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Business and Investment Cooperation of China and selected Middle Eastern countries with a focus on oil trade
Kunovský, Ondřej ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to find out what the drivers of Chinese oil imports are. Also, it highlights an oil demand from three Middle Eastern countries. The reason for the topic was a rising Chinese oil demand and its interest in investments in oil industry. The thesis is divided into four parts. The first part describes development of mutual relations with the Middle East and a Chinese economy development. The second chapter introduces an economic development of Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates and explains their dependency on oil exports. Next part identifies internal and external oil trade drivers and highlights various investment projects. Then, the last chapter presents the perspectives of the New Silk Road and highlights projects with an impact on oil trade.
Effectiveness of Czech development cooperation with program countries
Isić, Merima ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Sejkora, Jiří (referee)
This thesis aims to analyze the effectiveness of Czech development cooperation with program countries, with particular emphasis on cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The analysis will be performed mainly in relation to effectiveness principles enshrined in the Paris declaration and the Busan partnership.
Taiwan's economic development in the 21st century
Jašková, Karolína ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
The aim of this paper is to analyse the economic development of Taiwan,especially during 21st century. The paper is divided into three main chapters. The first one focuses on the development and description of the economy from the historical and current perspective by using macroeconomic indicators. The second chapter deals with the sectoral structure of Taiwan's economy, its description, changes and development in time. The third chapter discusses the main issues of Taiwan, such as low birth rate and an aging population, environmental pollution and trade dependence on China.
Environment in China - current state, problems and perspectives
Salačová, Aneta ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Neumann, Pavel (referee)
The problematics of the environment has been underestimated in China for a long time. This country has been developing with incredible speed in the last three decades. The price for such growth is the current state of the environment in China. The thesis is divided into three chapters. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the current state of the environment in China and the development of the stance of the Chinese government towards the protection of the environment in the new millennium. In connection with the economic growth is analysed the dependence on air pollution and Chinese GDP. Last but not least are offered possible solutions and perspectives of the future development of air pollution in China.
Makroekonomický dopad mateřské (a rodičovské) dovolené ve srovnání České Republiky s Brazílií
Kalkusová, Marie ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Neumann, Pavel (referee)
This thesis aims to estimate the macroeconomic impact of maternity and parental/paternal leave in the Czech Republic and Brazil. In addition, the thesis stresses out the costs of Czech model application to Brazil and vice-versa. The first chapter brings a theoretical framework. It compares the analyzed policies in both countries and introduces the relevant terms. The second chapter estimates the costs of maternity and parental/paternal leave related to public expenditure and GDP for the years 2005-2014 and brings own simulation model for Czech model application to Brazil and vice-versa. The third chapter analyses the inefficiencies and suggest possible mitigation. The results show the costs of 0.71% of GDP and 1.66% of public expenditure in the Czech Republic and 0.50% GDP and 2.27% of public expenditure in Brazil in 2014. The Czech model applied in Brazil would be very costly and the opposite scenario would lead to the decrease of macroeconomic burden in the Czech Republic. The thesis also analyzes the influence of maternal and parental leave in other areas, such as labor market, where the current structure may penalize Czech women in long term. By this analysis, the thesis contributes to the current debate about the impact, the length and costs of maternity and parental leave.
Brazil as a destination for foreign direct investments
Brožová, Markéta ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Fialová, Barbora (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to elaborate conditions for foreign direct investments to be directed in Brazil and to find out how is the country attractive to investors and what are it´s drawbacks. The first theoretical chapter defines foreign direct investments and identifies factors that are determinant in the phase of decision-making whether to make or not a foreign direct investment in a considered economy. The second chapter follows with the specification of Brazil´s economy and its macroeconomic development in the course of 21st century. This provides a framework for elaboration of economic conditions for foreign direct investments in Brazil. The chapter also examines sectors in attempt to identify their competitiveness. The third chapter focuses on current situation of this country in terms of attractiveness of Brazil for foreign direct investments. Analysis of the situation is made according to the factors identified in the first chapter.
Middle income trap in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam - causes and solutions
Vícenecová, Romana ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Vlčková, Jana (referee)
Since the beginning of the millennium, Southeast Asia has become one of the fastest growing regions in the world. After recovery from the slowdown caused by the Asian financial crisis, most of them achieved significant growth and Asian miracle was created. Thanks to the liberalization of trade, export supporting policies, cheap labour and foreign investment, many of the southeast Asian countries entered the middle income countries group, which the World Bank defines with the Gross National Income per capita in the range from 1 045 USD to 12 760 USD. However, some countries in Southeast Asia are experiencing economic slowdown now and some of them fell into so called middle income trap. It is an economic phenomenon, which describes the situation when the country is no longer able to use its comparative advantages in the form of labour intensive production and its economic growth stagnates. Such economies find themselves on the edge between poor countries with cheap labour and advanced economies with high income. The main goal of the diploma thesis is to examine the topic of middle-income trap on chosen economies of Southeast Asia - Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. The thesis is focused on the evaluation of their economic situation, the depth of the middle income trap and possible solutions for each of these countries.
Special economic zones in China - Shenzhen and the newly established zones in central and western China
Hubínek, Jakub ; Stuchlíková, Zuzana (advisor) ; De Castro, Tereza (referee)
Special economic zones are one of the tools utilized by Chinese government to stimulate the growth of local economy, especially through foreign investment. This thesis is focused on special economic zone in Shenzhen and on use of special economic zones for development of inland provinces of China in recent years, which are lagging in economic development in comparison with the developed provinces on the eastern coast. Western development plan is demonstrated on the example of the province of Xinjiang. The thesis further sumarizes bow is the approach to establishment of special economic zones changing in recent years, compared to the period of early 1980s.
Amibitons, acomplishments and perspectives of the BRICS countries.
Beleščák, Dušan ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
The primary objective of this work is to comprehensively evaluate the capacity of the BRICS to achieve its objectives by mutual cooperation, based on the confrontation of the declared aims of the group itself during its annual summits with real achievements. The secondary aim of the study is to estimate the direction in which the cooperation between the BRICS will be heading in the future and to define possible challenges threatening its success. The thesis is divided into three parts. In the first part the author describes the genesis of the term "BRICS", and then continues by describing the essential characteristics of individual BRICS countries and their mutual similarities and differences. In the second, main part, the author evaluates the extent of fulfillment of individual goals set during the BRICS summits, taking place annually since 2009. The author evaluates seven selected key goals by analyzing the reasons for their implementation, proposed methods of implementation, the steps taken for their fulfillment, the effectiveness of these steps and the current status. Subsequently, in a similar manner author evaluates several sub-targets. In the third part, the author presents the expectations for the forthcoming BRICS summit, outlines possible directions that will be taken by BRICS in the future and identifies the weaknesses threatening their successful cooperation.
Trade Relations ASEAN-China: The way to regional stability and prosperity?
Šmoková, Barbora ; De Castro, Tereza (advisor) ; Jeníček, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis aims to assess the relations between China and ASEAN and their influence on regional stability and prosperity of ASEAN. The main focus of this thesis is the dynamics of trade relations, including the countries involvement in global value chains. The thesis covers trade in goods, services, cooperation in strategic areas and foreign direct investment.

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