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Species-specific and individual predictors of birds' collisions with glass obstacles in the Czech Republic
Semeráková, Anna ; Sedláček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Viktora, Lukáš (referee)
Recent landscape transformation is associated with the emergence of various artificial obstacles that change the natural form of habitats and biocorridors of free-ranging animals. Glass obstacles represent a particular problem due to their transparency and reflectivity. Collisions with glass represent one of the most significant causes of bird mortality worldwide, accounting for over hundreds of millions bird deaths annually. Many authors consider this source of mortality to be completely non-selective. In that case, total collisions mortality would represent a function of population size. However, here I assume that the relationship between collision mortality and population size is more complex and that certain avian ecological groups may be differently susceptible to glass collisions based on their specific ecological characteristics. Long-term records of bird-glass collisions in the Czech Republic were provided by the Czech faunistic databases. These records were compared with the population size of analysed species and with selected ecological and morphological species characteristics. Consistently with the premise, I found out that the greatest amount of collision mortality is explained by the species' population size. However, other species characteristics, such as higher body weight,...
The fundamentals considerate of the soil cultivation and land improvement at the ecological technique farming (with specification at the marginal area Šumava)
The principal aim at this bachelor work is the strike a balance farm{\crq}s conversion from ecological to conventional farming from the aspect land improvement and economize. The first part of the bachelor work is dedicated to the problems of soil cultivation in the two types of farming. There are underline the main piece of knowledge in terms of rotation of crops, the forms of soil cultivation, the fertilization and the others subjects, which equate to conveniences and disavantages bio-farm opozit the classic. In the practical part there is take the progress of farm SHR Victora, which is in the beginning ecological farming applied mainly because of reversion. After the farm was compelled changed your status and use the classical way because of competitive advantage. At the soil cultivation and in the rotation of crops the farm kept the ideas of ecological farming. At the and of the work there is the resume of the results and thera are suggestion the acqusition for conversion to integrated farming.
Economical efficiency of integrated farming
In the work are analyzed the most important differences in plant production as well as in single system of farming. There is determined their effect on variability costs in farming. The work evaluates differences between yields of selected commodities with respect to system of farming and factors, which can the results change. There are the variability costs on the area and a value of rent ability determined with regard to standard farming technologies in every farming system. The profit on area is demonstrated in reference to redemption price of the year. The study is concerned with SWOT analysis of integrate way of farming. There are determinate the strong and weak sides in plant farming, able occasions and threats. The strategies to the future are discussed. The aim of this work is the comparison of economic effectiveness of selected commodities in different agriculture systems. It is concentrated first of all on evaluation of differences between yields of commodities in confrontation to system of farming and factors changing the yields. Secondly, the high and the structure of variability costs to production of selected commodities, the price differences between conventional and organic farming and the evaluation of economic effectiveness selected commodities is studied.

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2 VIKTORA, Lukáš
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