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Utilization of Inventor Studio for modeling, vizualization and animation
Kučera, Petr ; Vaněk, Jaromír (referee) ; Kuchyňková, Hana (advisor)
Software program Autodesk Inventor is described in bachelor thesis. The aim is the description of the options of module Inventor Studio and its use at manual process and creating of a simple model of the electrical equipment and creating their presentations.
Motor controller UMC100 training device
Janáček, Martin ; Vaněk, Jaromír (referee) ; Dohnal, Petr (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis conserning motor controller UMC100-FBP by ABB s.r.o. shows usage possibilities of this technology for 3-phase asynchronous motor. For demonstration was laboratory task designed and developed. It shows serious defective states of motor in practice. Construction plan and electrical diagram were made in AutoCAD and Inventor Professional.
Line protection against overload and short circuit
Konšel, Ladislav ; Vaněk, Jaromír (referee) ; Valenta, Jiří (advisor)
This work includes a theoretical treatise on the operation of electrical wiring for the overload and short circuit. This is mainly on thermal effects of over current and their influence on the properties of conductors and insulation. Work Includes links to determine the load current, depending on the properties of leadership and its surroundings. It also deals with the protection of conductors against overload and short circuit. The work includes measurements process of warming wires. Practical project of proposal circuit is created using SICHR. The project includes proposals of conductor’s sizes and safety components for both residential building and individual flats.
CAE system EPLAN Electric P8 and design documentation
Měřínský, Jiří ; Vaněk, Jaromír (referee) ; Kuchyňková, Hana (advisor)
This Graduation Theses dissertate about a creation of a drawing documentation at the professional CAE EPLAN Electric P8 system. One original solution of a remote control and of motor-generator monitoring with a mobile phone, short SMS-aided in this case, was used as an example of the drawing documentation. As has allready been noted in previous Bachelor Thesis, this application can be use not only for a remote control of a motor-generator, but this solution is suitable for other electric devices too, which are out of reach of an attendance for example. In our case a generator with 6kVA power is concerned with rated output voltage 230Vac and rated current 25A. The system of a remote control has the advantage that it is created from standard components (electric instruments, a PLC – programmable automat, a GSM modem, an operating panel and the respective program in the PLC).
Bushing-type current transformer 25 kV, 400/5/5 A
Bálint, Zoltán ; Vávra, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vaněk, Jaromír (advisor)
The aim of this master’s thesis is the design of a double-core bushing-type current transformer. This appliance is intended for measuring and protection of high-voltage distribution systems of the internal type for the highest system voltage of 25 kV. The master’s thesis is divided into four parts. The first part describes the function of the current transformer. The next part deals with the analysis of the phasor diagram and errors of the current transformer. The major part of the thesis deals with the design of the protective and measuring core. The last part describes the 3D model of the bushing-type current transformer.
Protective measure - automatic disconnection of suply
Leitner, David ; Vaněk, Jaromír (referee) ; Valenta, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to explain the principle of automatic disconnection of supply, which is one of the basic protective measures for security assurance in electric installations of low voltage according to the new issue of Czech Technical Standard (ČSN 33 2000-4-41 ed. 2). Furthermore, the relevant clauses of the Czech Technical Standard in the new and previous issues are compared, with focus on the problem of automatic disconnection of supply in basic types of distribution networks. In agreement with theoretical conclusions, a project of electric energy supply system is proposed in the practical part of the thesis. Special attention is paid to showing the methods of modeling and verification of conditions for automatic disconnection of supply, with using control calculations in the SICHR program. Finally, the fulfillment of the conditions for automatic disconnection of supply is verified by revising the electrical supply system.
Analysis of Company Taxes
Benešová, Lucie ; Vaňek, Jaromír (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused on the description of the tax system in the Czech Republic and most taxes paid in the selected companies. At the beginning I explain the basic concepts that occur in taxation, define individual taxes on my practical part. In the practical part, I focus on four specific taxes that are paid in a particular company. Finally we evaluate the effect of paying taxes, the overall economic situation of the company.
Determination Parameters of Synchronous Machines according to Measurement
Hrtáň, Michal ; Vaněk, Jaromír (referee) ; Hájek, Vítězslav (advisor)
This "Determination Parameters of Synchronous Machines according to Measurement" bachelor thesis describes methods of tests necessary to determine loss and efficiency of electrical machines with focus on synchronnous ones. It determines calculation procedures for evaluating the measurements. Furthermore, it deals with measuring mechanical vibrations and noise of an electrical machines. Definitions of given tests are written up with regards to contemporary norms. From above mentioned information comes a serviceable tool for automatic measurement protocol generation, which is an electronic form. The measured values are the input of the form. The output of the form is the measurement protocol with results of calculation and graphs of characteristics. For the thesis purposes, the form was filled in with acquired values from tests of a specific synchronnous machine. The related calculations for determining the machine parameters are stated.
Demonstration stand for industrial automation elements
Dobiáš, Pavel ; Vaněk, Jaromír (referee) ; Dohnal, Petr (advisor)
The first part is devoted to familiarization with intelligent motor protection. On the device, the universal motor controller UMC100-FBP from ABB Ltd., explains the features and capabilities of these devices. Because the work is focused on creating a utility that will be used to communicate with a remote laboratory stand, in the second part briefly describes some of the communication protocols and network. The next section describes the implementation of remote communication and creation utility. To verify the accuracy of the displayed data as to the actual UMC100-FBP and the utility was performing a simple measurement. The results are discussed in the penultimate chapter. In the last part of the thesis describes a program created by the operating instructions of the program.

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