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Nutritional Particularities of Ulcerative Colitis
VÁVROVÁ, Veronika
This bachelor thesis is focused on nutrition issues in people suffering from one of the idiopathic intestinal inflammations, namely ulcerative colitis. The theoretical part deals with the characteristics of the disease, its symptoms, complications and treatment. Furthermore, it focuses more on nutrition and dietary recommendations during periods of remission, relapse and short bowel syndrome. The practical part is divided into three parts in which the method of qualitative investigation is used. The first part of the research examines how the respondents suffering from ulcerative colitis were acquainted with the residue-free diet, using semi-structured interviews. The second part of the research maps how the nutrition differs in individual respondents by considering their case history and evaluating their three-week diet. And in the third part, with the help of their nutritional history, the foods most frequently causing problems for respondents are mapped. The results of the research show that most respondents were educated by a doctor, not a nutrition therapist. Even some respondents were not answered their diet questions, so they had to search for diet information on the Internet or visit a nutritional clinic because they were already at risk of malnutrition or malnutrition. Energy and nutrient intake is sufficient for most respondents. Respondents with insufficient energy and nutrient intake supplement their energy and nutrients with sipping. As emerged from the research, almost all respondents eat rationally, only omitting meals that cause them problems. The most common meals, which bring about indigestion, are spicy dishes, fruits and vegetables with peel, grilled meat, milk and cabbage.
Production and properties of high-strength cast irons in the cast state
Vávrová, Veronika ; Pernica, Vítězslav (referee) ; Kaňa, Václav (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on production of high-strength cast iron in the cast state, where the heat treatment is not needed. In the first part there is a description of possible structures of ductile iron. Then the production of heat treated high-strength ductile iron and the production of high-strength ductile iron in the cast state are presented. There is an experiment included to demonstrate the possibility of this technology.
Heat treatment of ductile iron
Vávrová, Veronika ; Ostratický, Marek (referee) ; Bořil, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on heat treatment and influence on the structure and properties of ductile iron. In the first part there is a description of the basic properties of ductile iron. Then the various types of heat treatment are presented. There is an experiment included focused on ferritisation annealing and its influence on the structure.
Lexical creativity in advertisements
VÁVROVÁ, Veronika
The diploma thesis explores lexical phenomena occurring in the language of French advertising texts published in selected French periodicals. It is divided into a theoretical and a practical section.

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