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Relations between Czechs and Czech Germans and their Development
Sedliský, Filip ; Tvrdík, Milan (advisor) ; Markvartová, Eva (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is focusing on the relationship between the Czechs and Czech Germans. Its main focus is on the development of said relations throughout times. The thesis itself bases it starting point at the beginning of the 19th century. During this time the term national identity is starting to emerge and as a consequence there emerge conflicts between Czechs and Germans living on Bohemian, Moravian and Silesian soil. The text of this thesis is intentionally divided into three main thematic segments. Each of these segments overlap with individual state bodies in which the relationships dynamically evolved. The aim of each segment is to analyse the relationships and their changes during certain time periods in order to compare these individual parts between each other. The main aim of this thesis is to produce a well informed and orderly text to help readers understand the evolutions of the aforementioned relations. The goal is definitely not to evaluate individual conflicts and to determine who was right in them. Objectivity and unbiasednes is one of the primary goals. The sources used to gather information for this thesis are both of German and Czech origin with the goal of combining the data from both sides to end up with a factual recollection of events which transpired. These parameters...
Camill Hoffmann. A biography
Polák, Pavel ; Tvrdík, Milan (advisor)
Résumé This thesis aims to describe the life and work of the poet, translator, journalist and Czechoslovak diplomat Camill Hoffmann. Hoffmann was born to a Jewish family in Kolin, his mother tongue was German but he also spoke Czech well. He attended a grammar school in Prague where he soon became a member of a poet's society publishing in the journal Jaro (Spring) which was issued by Paul Leppin. "Spring generation", as they were later called after the journal, is counted to the neoromantics. At the beginning of the 20th century, Hoffmann leaves for Vienna where he begins to work as a journalist for the daily Zeit. There he makes friends with Stefan Zweig, together they translate Baudelaire's poetry book Flowers of Evil. While writing for the culture department of the Zeit, he has close contacts to writers from central Europe, to Arthur Schnitzler, Marie Ebner von Eschenbach or Detlev von Lilliencron. Recommended by Max Brod, Hoffmann also published a poem of Franz Werfel, by that time an unknown author. In 1912, Hoffmann moves to Dresden where he works as a culture section chief-editor of the daily Dresdner Neuesten Nachrichten. His apartment becomes soon a meeting point for many artists, young expressionists. After the outbreak of the World War I, Hoffmann is declared indispensable for the daily, so he...
Lux in tenebris. Allegory and allegorical structures in Grimmelshausen's "Abentheurlichem Simplicissimus Teutsch"
Maroszová, Jana ; Stromšík, Jiří (advisor) ; Tvrdík, Milan (referee)
Grimmelshausenuv Dobrodruzny Simplicius Simplicissimus vydany v roce 1668 (s datem 1669) se do kanonu svetove literatury zapsal jako pikareskni roman. Jednim z duvodu, proc tato kniha dokaze oslovit ctenare i po vice nez 300 letech od sveho vzniku, je bezpochyby obdivuhodna vYznamova hloubka a dejova pest rost dfla, jez u ctenare muze navodit dojem neprebernosti a mnohoznacnosti autorem pouzitych prvku. Tato diplomova prace se zabyva kompozicnimi principy uplatnujicfmi se v teto knize. I kdyz se v dnesni dobe v praxi jiz mnohdy osvedcila uzitecnost pristupu naratologickeho, k nemuz vytvoril predevsim G. Genette prakticke instrumentarium, a tento pristup by se mohl nabizet i zde, ma prace se od nej vedome odklanf. Po strucne zmfnce starsfch pokusu 0 uchopeni domnele tektonicke struktury Simplicissima a nastinu nejdulezitejsich tendenci vyzkumu v nazfranf tohoto dfla byla formulovana zdejsf vYchozf pozice. Hlavnf vychodisko spocfvalo v uvaze, ze metoda analyzy by se mela prizpusobit zkoumanemu, ne naopak. Vlastni cetba Grimmelshausenova romanu jakoz i vysledky stavajicfch studif k Simplicissimovi me dale utvrdily v nazoru, ze bude potreba zamerit se ani ne tak na veliciny typu "vypravec", "pasmo postav", "perspektiva vypraveni", jako spise na alegorii a postupy produkce i recepce s ni v baroku spojene. Za...
Towards the analysis of Ludwig Winders novel "Der Thronfolger. Ein Franz Ferdinand Roman" in the context of the narrative of early and late work of its author
Broukalová, Jindra ; Krolop K., (advisor) ; Stromšík, Jiří (referee) ; Tvrdík, Milan (referee)
Ludwig Winder patri k vyraznym predstavitelum prazske nemecke li teratury mezi valecneho obdobi. Po smrti Franze Kafky se stal clenem Prazskeho kruhu. Rodistem i nekterymi rysy sve tvorby je zaroven spjat s moravskou nemecky psanou literaturou. Narodil se 7. 2. 1889 v moravskem Safove a zemrel 16. 6. 1946 v anglickem Baldocku. Po maturi te na nemecke obchodni akademii v Olomouci nastoupil Winder do redakce videnskeho levicove liberalniho listu "Wiener Zeitung" a zurnalistice zustal verny po cely zi vot. Jeho novinarske pusobeni je spj ato predevsim s prazskym nemeckym denikem "Deutsche Zeitung Bohemia", v nemz byl 25 let redaktorem. Po pocatecnim tvurcim hledani se Ludwig Winder venoval proze, v niz byl cenen predevsim pro svou vecnost a objektivitu. Pozornost kri tiky i ctenaru upoutal Winder romanem "Zidovske varhany", ktery je pokladan za j eho nejvyznamnejsi dilo. Asi v polovine 20. let dvacateho stoleti se Winder odklani od expresionismu, ktery se u neho plne projevil pouze v romanu "Kasai" z roku 1917, a v j eho tvorbe se prosadila pro neho tak typicka vecnost, ktera se ohlasovala jiz v drivejsich pracich a byla v souladu s li terarnim proudem nove vecnosti, prevladaj icim tehdy v nemecky psane literature. Za roman "Stefi aneb Dörrova rodina prekonava krizi" a s prihlednutim k dosavadni literarni...
Literary works of authors of Czech / Slovak origin in german-language literature ande their use in foreign language teaching or literature classes
Eichenmann, Lukáš ; Tvrdík, Milan (referee) ; Bučková, Tamara (referee)
The thesis focuses on German language authors of Czech and Slovak origin, who emigrated to German speaking countries in the second half of the 20th century. It first aims to define the concept of migration literature, and then deals with individual authors, their biographies and works. Subsequently, the thesis analyses whether select literary works by these authors may or may not be used in teaching foreign languages and literature.
Interpretation of the Czech theme in the novel Jáchymov by the Austrian author Josef Haslinger
Sudová, Kristina ; Tvrdík, Milan (advisor) ; Markvartová, Eva (referee)
At the beginning, this bachelor's thesis deals with labor camps in the Jáchymov region, especially the camp Barbora, and radioactive baths, which are still functional today. It also deals with two epochs of post-war Austrian literature, which include the work of Josef Haslinger, author of the analyzed novel Jáchymov, the period of social liberal consensus from 1966 to 1989 and the period after the fall of the Iron Curtain (1989 to the present) and its influence on modern Austrian literature on the last few decades. The following chapter is devoted to the author himself, who wrote the novel in 2011. A separate chapter is devoted to the main character - hockey goalkeeper Bohumil Modrý, who was unjustly arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison and a forced labor camp. The main topic is the analysis of the novel Jáchymov, the description of the characters, the plot and interpretation of Czech topics in this book, ie the political processes after the February coup in 1948, the Czechoslovak national hockey team, goalkeeper Bohumil Modrý and the Jáchymov area with forced labor camps where political prisoners had to mine in radioactive uranium mines. The work draws mainly from the novel Jáchymov and from the literary history of Wynfrid Kriegleder Eine kurze Geschichte der Literatur in Österreich,...
The portrayal of post-war Germany in the novel District court by Ursula Krechel
Julišová, Adéla ; Glosíková, Viera (advisor) ; Tvrdík, Milan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the novel District court (Landgericht) by the contemporary German writer Ursula Krechel, who introduces a life story of one German family in the period from the thirties to the seventies in the 20th century in this book. The fact, that the father has a Jewish origin fatally affects the fate of all the family members. Even though the story is a fiction, its historical background is real and supported by authentic material, which the author often cites. The first part of this bachelor thesis introduces the writer, analyses the title, time, places, style of narration, language and composition. It follows a summary of the story, a characterization of the main characters and an outline of their life stories. It deals then with the important themes in the novel - problems of the partnership, collapse of the family and loss of the identity. The result of this bachelor thesis is an analysis of this literary work, which answers the research question, how the postwar Germany is portrayed in the novel District court. The writer casts doubt on the post-war course of events in Germany. Besides the fatal war consequences on all members of the family, which failed to come together after the war, portray the inequities, which happened to the from exile coming people also in the...

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