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Application of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Emission for the Diagnostics of Advanced Composite Materials
Trčka, Tomáš ; Chobola, Zdeněk (referee) ; Lokajíček,, Tomáš (referee) ; Koktavý, Pavel (advisor)
The subject of this dissertation is a theoretical and experimental study of electromagnetic and acoustic emission generated in the course of crack formation in solid dielectric materials. Theoretical part of this work is focused on the electromagnetic emission method, because it is related to a number of unsolved problems in the field of generated emission signals measurement, as well as in the field of the correct interpretation of obtained experimental data. Consequently, issues of emission signals detection by capacitance sensors and the transformation of crack primary parameters on the measured variables within the proposed transfer system have been dealt with. The results in this area were an extension of application range of the electromagnetic emission method on composite materials (especially on fiber reinforced polymer composites), identification and evaluation of the most significant emission sources in investigated composites and developing a methodology for evaluating of the crack primary parameters based on the measured emission signals waveforms in time and frequency domain. The experimental part of this dissertation was focused on a complex methodology for emission signals (including data from additional sensors) continual recording, processing and evaluation and for monitoring the response of stressed material to an applied mechanical load in real-time. Partial results from different research areas were also implemented into this methodology. This included the detection of emission signals, design and implementation of the appropriate measuring apparatus, analysis of measured signals in the time and frequency domain and advanced methods for processing and evaluation of measured data.
Streamline production of sewing machine parts
Švec, Michal ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the proposal of more effective production process of the feeder holder component in the company MINERVA BOSKOVICE, a.s. The first part of diploma thesis dedicated to the technologies which are used in the production of components. The second part deals with the analysis of the component and its current production process. The third part contains a proposal for a new production process, which contains a description of the machines used for production, a new jig, selected tools, mechanical calculations and technological method. The last part evaluates the current and newly proposed variant of production with their comparison.
SinuTrain 4.8 software tools for NC programming of five-axis milling
Beháň, Jakub ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Polzer, Aleš (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with preparing the production process of the winning prize, which contains a selection in the form of a hyperbolic paraboloid in its upper part. The work is divided into four main chapters. First of all, the introduction part of the diploma thesis presents the possibilities of programming in the Sinumerik control system. Next, the mathematical requirements of the selected surface - hyperbolic paraboloid - are explained. The practical part consists of creating an NC program where all the theoretical knowledge from the introduction is applied. Finally, the diploma thesis ends with an economic evaluation of the selected element.
Force loading of milling tools during the machining process
Švec, Michal ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Polzer, Aleš (advisor)
This thesis compares the force load of two kinds of cutting tool inserts while milling. The thesis is devided into two main parts – research and experiment. The research part is focused on the theory of the force load measuring, cutting tools and cutting tool inserts and their coating. 14 grooves were made with each cutting insert while the force load was measured. Constant cutting conditions were applied. The experiment was repeated four times for each kind of cutting insert. The aim of the thesis is to determine if both kinds of inserts mill with the same force load. The results reveal that one kind of cutting tool inserts mill with the force load higher up to 85 %.
Possibilities of the Sinumerik Operate 4.7 system for programming of CNC milling centers
Hanuška, Rostislav ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Polzer, Aleš (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on advanced NC programming using macros and user cycles. The first part deals with theory of programming and machining of thin-walled parts. The second part contains practical examples of creating cycles, including their graphical support, for individual thin-wall milling strategies. Everything is explained in detail and work can serve as a guide for programmers or wider professional public.
Use of laser machines in small companies
Gorgol, Daniel ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with laser technology. In the introduction thesis characterizes small and medium-sized companies. The next section describes the types of lasers and their possible applications in engineering industry. It also describes the possibilities of using materials for laser manufacturing as well as suitable semi finished products. It points to the use of this technology in established smaller companies. Finally, it proposes the application of laser machine to expand the machinery of smaller company.
A study of cutting forces during the turning process and their measurement
Piroš, Viktor ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Polzer, Aleš (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is structured as a literature search. Its target is to show a complex look at the problematics of force load in turning process. In the beginning, the thesis is focused on brief characteristics of turning process and tool geometry as a one of the main aspects influencing the force load in the machining system. Furthermore, the thesis deals with problematics of force load creation and its dependence on basic cutting parameters. Second part of the thesis is dedicated to the options of force load measurement in turning process and works out an illustrative example of numerical evaluationof measured data with basic statistical indicators in detail.
Design of a shaft of single stage gearbox machining
Fiala, Dominik ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Varhaník, Matúš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals about design of machining single-stage gearbox shaft. The thesis consists of five main parts. The first part focuses on constructional-functioning characteristic of single-stage gearbox shaft. The second part focuses on shaft component analysis. The third part focuses on 3D model and component drawing. The fourth part focuses on preparation of TPV documentation and the last part is the evaluation of the design.
Cutting materials based on diamond and their use in practice
Nonn, Vilém ; Varhaník, Matúš (referee) ; Trčka, Tomáš (advisor)
Cutting tools based on diamond belong to important cutting tools used in today's mechanical engineering. The unique properties of diamond enable it to machine effectively even difficult-to-machine materials. Currently it is possible to manufacture particular sort of diamond by adjusting the parameters of synthesis. To use diamond tools efficiently, it is necessary to choose a diamond with appropriate application characteristics.
Analysis of causes of inaccurate production
Foral, Jakub ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The topic of the Master‘s thesis focuses on NOK pieces which are produced during the production of components. NOK pieces and their rework significantly increase the company‘s costs. In the individual chapters there is an analysis of the company and the definition of a critical point. The FPY indicator was used for the analysis of the company, from which the component was identified. Three improvement concepts have been created for this component. These concepts may reduce the rate of NOK products in the company. The conclusion of the Master‘s thesis presents the evaluation and implementation of the selected change.

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