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The Phenomenon of Deterritorialization: Posting of Workers to the Czech Republic.
Trčka, Michal ; Lánský, Ondřej (advisor) ; Profant, Martin (referee) ; Lupták, Milan (referee)
The thesis deals with the general problematic aspects of posting workers within the European Union in connection with the European Commission's proposal for a revision of Directive 96/71/EC and analyses the structure of selected discourse in the debate on the given proposal. Posting, in this thesis, is regarded as a specific manifestation of the phenomenon of deterritorialization, with an emphasis on posting workers to the Czech Republic. The phenomenon of deterritorialization is considered here in three basic forms: firstly, as the deterritorialization of the modern (European) state, secondly as the deterritorialization of its borders, and thirdly as the deterritorialization of labour. The thesis employs the method of critical discourse analysis and the discourse-historical approach developed by Ruth Wodak. It focuses on an analysis of the social, historical and political context of the issue of posting workers using selected theories dealing with the phenomenon of deterritorialization and posting workers in the EU. The main part of the thesis is an analysis of the reactions and discourse strategies of selected Czech stakeholders regarding the proposal for a revision of Directive 96/71/EC, in particular that of selected government representatives. The aim of the thesis is to demonstrate, using the...
Strategic Analysis of an Enterprise
Uhrinková, Jitka ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor) ; Trčka, Michal (referee)
The topic of this diploma work is based on a specific assignment and needs of the company owner. The goal of the work is to conduct a strategic analysis of the company Rybářství Nové Hrady s. r. o. using external and internal analysis. Primary focus is concentrated on a comparative analysis, financial indicators of the company Rybářství Nové Hrady s. r. o. are compared with the indicators of a sister company Rybářství Kardašova Řečice s. r. o. The main emphasis is put on the information value of the ratio indicators and explanation of the reasons for reaching such values. Based on the acquired information, the economic situation of these companies is compared.

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