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Wireless networks security analysis
Szőcs, Juraj ; Vychodil, Petr (referee) ; Vymazal, Michal (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with analysis of security in wireless networks. There are desc- ribed various methods of security systems, such as WEP, TKIP and CCMP. There is also realization of attacks against the wireless network and there is analysis of security weaknesses. Then there are discussed possible defense mechanisms. Part of this work was also analysis of local security in certain areas and evaluation of their security.
Multimedia Data Distribution over Internet
Vodák, René ; Szőcs, Juraj (referee) ; Číka, Petr (advisor)
The text of this work deals with multimedia data distribution over Internet with a focus on creating web pages using application APIs that are available on Google and creating an independent video portal using open-source scripts ClipBucket and PHPmotion. There are analyzed problems of transmission of video and audio data using Web browsers. There are described protocols and codecs for video streaming in web browsers. In details it is described creating of Web sites with the inclusion of application API directly into the HTML source code and creating an independent video portal with a complete configuration of the server for hosting. As an annex the created Web pages are listed with video content and laboratory exercises on the practical test and integration of multimedia content and the practical administraton of the video portal.
Implementation of Asterisk VoIP PBX
Schön, Martin ; Münster, Petr (referee) ; Szőcs, Juraj (advisor)
The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In theory, it analyzed the signaling protocols, the RTP protocol for data transmission, VoIP Asterisk PBX and security options. The practical part describes the installation of the Asterisk PBX, conducted demonstration call forwarding. PBX was associated with an LDAP directory server to manage users and ejabberd for text messaging protocol XMPP. It was configured translation SIP-Skype using the SiSky Gateway and with dialplan SIP-H.323 translation. The study was to develop Dialplan with IVR. It was measured bandwidth of the audio/video codecs in an encrypted/unencrypted connections.
Analysis of delay dependence of modern communication services and channels, QoS optimization
Rozman, Jiří ; Szőcs, Juraj (referee) ; Endrle, Pavel (advisor)
The main aim of this thesis is to familiarize with options of services using real-time data transfer in wireless networks. Theoretical part presents wireless network based on IEEE 802.11 standard and its practical use. Large part is focuses on 802.11e standart, that provides support for quality of service in wireless networks. Furthemore this thesis deals with transport and applicaton protocols supporting multimedia streaming over computer network. Second chapter is focused on analyzing real computer network with purpose in measuring parametrs influencing quality of service such as bandwith, delay, jitter and loss. Last part deals with the design of wireless network in OPNET Modeler enviroment with focus on simulating parameters that influence quality of service.
Application for recording and measurement of the route using GPS coordinates
Orgoň, Marek ; Lattenberg, Ivo (referee) ; Szőcs, Juraj (advisor)
This barchelor thesis discusses the creation of mobile applications for Android, which will address the issue of recording the route and its subsequent display on the map. The first part deals with the actual system Android and design applications for it. The second part dealt with the design and implementation of applications for recording route and subsequent display on the map.)
Implementation of advanced filtration with the classification of packets for a wireless network
Grénar, Milan ; Molnár, Karol (referee) ; Szőcs, Juraj (advisor)
The diploma thesis addresses facility of QoS control with GNU/Linux tools iptables and iproute. An attention is focused especially on HTB and HFSC traffic shaping methods with regard to utilization in wireless networks. The paper also includes a simulation of ensuring QoS in wireless network with 802.11e amendment.
Analysis of security and authentication of wireless networks
Kulíř, Tomáš ; Jeřábek, Jan (referee) ; Szőcs, Juraj (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with wireless networks, mainly about the WiFi. It deals with summary of individual security mechanism both theoretically and using them in real hardware. Mainly it is interested in the security of the individual mechanisms and their weaknesses, which cause rupture of security. At each chapter the ideas and methods, that the attackers are trying for infiltration of wireless networks and decrypt encryption WEP, WPA or WPA2, are outlined. The principle of the authentication of the WiFi by the authentication server and its options, which is connected with directory service LDAP, is also explained in this thesis. The penultimate chapter deals with the summary of security mechanisms and references that should be adhered by design of the WiFi for the provision of the high security. The ending of the master's thesis is devoted to social engineering and its most famous representatives.
Analysis of Audio Codecs Applied in IP telephony
Hlavica, Michal ; Szőcs, Juraj (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
Issue of this diploma thesis is focused on analysis of audio codecs used within IP telephony. Attention of teoretical part is given mostly to audio codecs according to ITU-T recommendations, but also to signaling protocols used here. For practical part of analysis is chosen router Cisco 2821 and IP phones Cisco 7975G. Configuration is done over operating system Cisco IOS. Chosen signaling protocol is SCCP. For analysis itself are chosen 2 analysers – L-580FX and Fluke NetTool. These are used in combination with program Wireshark. Analysed parameters are latency, packet lost, bandwidth, jitter and mean opinion score. Measured values are presented in graphs and tables and they are discussed. Next output of the thesis is laboratory excercise, which deals with analysis of audio codecs.
Advanced features of traffic shaping for 802.3 and 802.11 networks under OS Linux
Pánek, Michal ; Endrle, Pavel (referee) ; Szőcs, Juraj (advisor)
This bachelor work deals with possibilities of traffic shaping and control in OS Linux. First part of the work examines indiviual tools needed for working with data stream. The second part consideres methods intended for traffic shaping. From these methods intended for use in standarts 802.3 and 802.11 were selected and described. The second part of paper focused on Hierarchical Token Bucket and Class-based queueing method. The third part is the practical application of methods on the hardware, the measurement of the individual standards and processing into charts.
Videoconference System for Distance Learning
Regueyra, Philip ; Szőcs, Juraj (referee) ; Polívka, Michal (advisor)
The aim of my diploma thesis is to introduce the problematic of today’s videoconference system and to compare the existing solutions. First chapters of my work are dedicated to a description of the theory of the conference system. Furthermore there is described the application Skype and application WebEx. These are the projects that are the nearest to the submission of this work. On the basis of the acquired information, the thesis is dealing with the creation of my own solution of video conference system. In the third chapter there are described all the used technologies needed for the realization of the project. The thesis is then dealing with the creation of own client on the platform Silverlight. This client is working on the components that play the multimedia content and on the service WCF RIA. After the part dedicated to a creation of the client, there are described the settings of services Windows Server 2008, on which the solution is realized. There are described the settings of services of web server, services of multimedia media, settings of SQL server and usage of program Windows Media Encoder. The last part is dedicated to a testing and plotting of the functionality of created video conference system. In the conclusion of the work there are evaluated the results of the work and described possible directions, where the development of the client of video conference could proceed.

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