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Rationalization of the production line
Straka, Jiří ; Štipčák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Osička, Karel (advisor)
This masters thesis optimises production of the step plates (which are parts of the sliding steps systems used in tramways, subways, hi-speed trains etc.) to increase the production rate to meet customers demand. The purpose of the work was reached by detailed analysis of the production process followed by evaluation of the results which led to the list of the possible solutions. The solution with the greatest time improvement was chosen and explained in detail.
Evaluation of the material and technical facilities used for practical training at school and a proposal for its modernisation
Straka, Jiří ; Slavík, Milan (advisor) ; Jiří , Jiří (referee)
The Bachelor Thesis deals with the evaluation of materially-technical background of practical lessons at school with the proposal of its modernization. It is specifically focused on the materially-technical support for the subject Motor Vehicles (of driving lessons) at the High School of Agriculture and Food in Klatovy. The material didactic means are described in the theoretical part as well as the way of their classification and usage at lessons. The practical part judges the specific school equipment for drivers preparation and brings the proposal for its modernization. It is based on the questionnaire survey among students and among teachers of the driving lessons.
Rationalization of assembly tools
Straka, Jiří ; Ondra, Josef (referee) ; Osička, Karel (advisor)
This bachelors thesis optimises arrangement of assembly tools in workplaces of the production line by using lean manufacturing methods. The purpose of the thesis was reached by waste analysis and implementation of the 5S method. Rationalization improved ergonomics of workplaces and saved more than 250 hours per year. In summary, it means undoubtedly good improvement in both productivity and costs reduction. Next steps will focus on purchasing of professional cordless automatic screwdrivers.
Technology of production part
Straka, Jiří ; Dvořák, Milan (referee) ; Osička, Karel (advisor)
This diploma thesis is developed within my Master’s degree studies, branch mechanical engineering (M21 K), and specialization in M STM. The aim of this thesis is to solve the technology of mechanical production (machining, tooling) for the machine component called ‚shape lid‘. I execute the analysis of this technology from the perspective of the conventional machining process, and alternatively, some of the non conventional machining process, too. Conventional machining process is so far used for manufacturing of this sort of machine’s element. It‘s implying laborious work difficulties, even it’s economically disadvantageous. I suggest a new technology of manufacturing. At first, a semi-finished component could be sized by conventional machining process, and then it could be finished by the CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine. By the non-conventional machining process assume the usage of an electro-erosive machining, plasma machining, or water jet machining.Conventional technology suppose the usage of CNC milling machines. Thereinafter, feasibility aspects of this brand new technology are considered in technical and economical perspective.
Production of screw-thread in small engineering company.
Straka, Jiří ; Prokop, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This work, wrought in branch of engineering technology in terms of baccalaureate studies, mentions the basic type partitioning of screw threads and their screw-threads labelling. There are presented some possibilities of screw threads manufacturing by chip-forming operation and by chipless machining operation, both with using of appropriate tools. Further the methods of production used in small machine-works are described. In this case the small machine-works is represented by secondary technical school.
Design and execution of user interface of applications for the Windows Phone 8
Straka, Jiří ; Buchalcevová, Alena (advisor) ; Mittner, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on design and execution of user interface of mobile applications for the Windows Phone operating system. The main objective is to extend the MMSP methodology by the support of mobile applications' user interface design. Another objective is to compare user interface of the major mobile operating systems (Anroid and iOS) with Windows Phone, and thus to identify advantages of Windows Phone user interface for ordinary users. The thesis is divided as follows: the first part describes user interface of the major mobile operating systems and identifies advantages of the Windows Phone operating system for ordinary users by comparing it with the rest of the major operating systems. The thesis further deals with execution of the MMSP methodology. Firstly, the methodology is extended by the task of mobile application user interface design. This describes the principles of user interface design. Furthermore, the role of the mobile application user interface designer, who is responsible for the design of user interface is defined. The thesis describes the possibilities of Windows Phone user interface applications, so that they are comprehensible to the user interface designers. Moreover, the thesis evaluates the application support of user interface application creation for Windows Phone, in the last chapter. The thesis extends the MMSP methodology, in a way that it supports user interface design. The thesis also creates a comprehensive summary of Windows Phone user interface and its operating elements, which has not been available in Czech until now.

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