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Web application for creating a cyber security profile
Stejskal, Michal ; Sikora, Marek (referee) ; Dzurenda, Petr (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis describes design and implementation of optimalization program designed to find best combination of courses. The goal in this thesis was to get acquainted with European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF) in the area of cyber security, optimalization algorithms and with project Cybersecurity Skills Alliance – A New Vision for Europe (REWIRE). This thesis also includes web design and working with the database. Program is developed in the Python, PHP and Javascript programming languages. Between critical requirements of the program belongs optimality of found solution and time in which is the solution found. Program is connected with web interface, in which it is possible to search for optimal combinations based on input constraints.
Analysis of Shooting Situations in Footsal
Stejskal, Michal ; Buzek, Mario (advisor) ; Velenský, Michael (referee)
Názevpráce Analýza střeleckých situací ve futsalu. (Analysis of shooting situations at futsal.) Cíl práce Hlavním cílem této diplomové práce je zjistit a zaznamenat na základě rozboru videozáznamu a studia odborné literatury existenci opakujících se trendů v zakončení útočných akcí ve futsalu. Metoda K získání potřebných informací jsem použil metodu nepřímého pozorování videozáznamu. Zjištěné informace byly poté statisticky zpracovány. Výsledky Výsledky prezentují rozdíly při střelbě a vytváření střeleckých situací u elitních reprezentačních celků a objasňují existenci opakujících se trendů v zakončení útočných akcí ve futsalu. Klíčová slova futsal, střelba, střelecká situace, kvantitativní a kvalitativní analýza Powered by TCPDF (
Internal Organizational Communication Analysis
Stejskal, Michal ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Procháček, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with topics of internal communication with focus on its application in three particular companies. The main objective was to describe and evaluate the quality of internal communication, to analyze it and draw useful conclusions and practical recommendations to improve its efficiency. The basic concepts and specifics of information, communication, corporate culture and internal communication are presented and explained in the theoretical part, followed by an overview of the functions, goals, information flows and means of communication within the company. The assumptions of effective internal communication and related problems are accentuated. The practical part includes internal communication analysis based on a survey, qualitative interviews with managers, and company information available to the public. The thesis results in a detailed analysis of particular companies, their comparison, and specific recommendations for removal of the deficiencies and effective improvements.
Information and communication in the management of the music club
Stejskal, Michal ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Švarcová, Eva (referee)
This work focuses on analysis of operation of the PopoCafePetl music club and on solution of existing problems of processes. Work is formally divided in two parts -- theoretical and practical. The first part introduces two very important managerial tools -- information and cummunication. Basic attitudes to the definition of the term information are discussed from the point of view of the disciplines examining it. A compendium of the communication forms, functions, and processes is enlisted with stress on the business communication. A structural proposal of information system fitted to the music club operation and management support was created in the empirical part of the study. Its realization and consequent implementation would simplify its run and service into a more efficient way. More economical management, more consistent promotion and the raise of its competitivnes should be their collateral product. To apply the conclusions of the analyses or information system itself would be convenient to any eterprise in this field of business.

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