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Invasive pest species in fruit crops in the Czech Republic
Holý, Kamil ; Stará, Jitka ; Kocourek, František ; Ouředníčková, Jana ; Skalský, Michal ; Pultar, Oldřich
The publication summarizes the basic information about invasive pest species in fruit orchards, spreading to our country since 2000. Information about morphology, similar species, area of origin, distribution in Europe and Czechia, risk of introduction, life cycle, host plants, methods of monitoring and control, are provided for each pest species.
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Minimization of risk of pesticide residues in fruit production: certified methodology
Kocourek, František ; Falta, Vladan ; Stará, Jitka ; Holý, Kamil ; Horská, Tereza ; Vávra, Radek
The publication is intended for fruit growers who are included in integrated fruit production systems. The information and the recommendations presented in the matarial can help them to minimize risk of residues of of of pesticides on non-target organisms, mainly natural enemies. In addition, the minimizing of pesticide impact on human health is considered. All recommendations are in the accordance with requirements of legislation which will be in force from 2014 for IPM and also for convention regimes of fruit protection. The spray scheduling is based on the knowledge of pesticide pre-harvest period coupled with the information about their side effects on non-target organisms. Environmental behaviour of pesticide residues from the application to the harvest is desribed for each active ingredient allowed in the Czech Republic in apples and pears. These data enable to assess the action pre-harvest periods for the both low-residual and non-residual fruit production. Information about side effect on natural enemies of pests and other non-target organisms have been worked up for each active substance of pesticides allowed in fruits in the Czech Republic. This knowledge allows us to classify pesticides into three groups marked as a so called green, yellow and red list for IPM growing systems. The possibilites of the use of biological and biotechnological methods are outlined at the end of the publication.
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Expert system for decision making about using of fungicides and zoocides in permanent cultures and vegetables and using of herbicides in field crops: certified methodology
Kocourek, František ; Šrámková, Anna ; Stará, Jitka ; Jursík, Miroslav ; Hamouz, Pavel ; Abrhám, Zdeněk
Basic principles of expert system for decision making about using of fungicides and zoocides in permanent cultures and vegetables and using of herbicides in field crops including vegetable are described in methodology. Procedure for decision making about using of pesticides is based on using of multidimensional economic thresholds, mainly for pest and weeds, and on analysis of economic parameters and evaluation of negative impact of pesticides on the environment. Methods of development of damage curves and the model for determination of multidimensional economic threshold for pests and weeds are described. Methods for determination of environmental impact for active substances of herbicides, zoocides and fungicides are described. Principles of model of degradation of residues of pesticides in fruit and vegetable are described and verified on case studies of herbicides in vegetable and zoocides and fungicides in fruit and vegetable.
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Methodology for evaluation of pest resistance to zoocides by biological methods and antiresistance staregies
Kocourek, František ; Stará, Jitka ; Zichová, Tereza ; Hubert, Jan ; Nesvorná, Marta
The methodology contains description of biological methods for evaluation of pest resistance to zoocides arranged according to world standards. The methods are verified on case studies on pests with proved resistance to insecticides or with high risk of selection of resistance in Czechia, as pollen beetle, Colorado potato beetle, cabbage seedpod weevil, cabbage stem flea beetle and codling moth. The methodology contains survey of basic principles of insect resistance management and proposals of antiresistant strategies for pest mentioned in the case studies. The methods for evaluation of resistance are utilized for resistance monitoring performed by state administration or other organisations. Recommendations given in antiresistant strategies are utilized for pest management in winter rape, potatoes and apples.
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Certified technological procedure of laboratory tests of acaricidal compounds against stored product mites
Hubert, Jan ; Nesvorná, Marta ; Stará, Jitka
The certified technological procedure was developed in order to support Czech national legislation - Act No. 258/2000. The procedure is aimed at the protection of stored plant substrates against infestation of mites (Acari: Astigmata). The procedure includes two tested methods (i) impregnated filter paper test and (ii) population growth tests. The procedure includes novel findings describing the discrimination doses of acaricidal compounds to the mites. The doses are useful for identification of resistance. The described methods enable the comparison of efficacy of different acaricidal compounds as well as the comparison of toxic effect to various populations of mites.
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Optimization of using of pesticides against pests in system of integrated production of vegetable
Kocourek, František ; Holý, Kamil ; Stará, Jitka
Methodology is addressed to farmers and growers of Brassica vegetable, mainly for growers in system of integrated production of vegetable. Methodology contain information and recommendation for control against main pests of Brassica vegetable necessary for implementation of principles of integrated control in agreement with legislation requirements valid from 2014. Selection of means against pests is based on evaluation of pre-harvest period of active substances of pesticides and evaluation of side effects of these substances on nontarget organisms. For each active substance of pesticide and evaluated vegetable species, data about residue degradation in dependence on time from term of application. According to residue degradation of pesticides in vegetable it is possible to state action pre-harvest periods for low-residue and no-residue vegetable production. Data about side effects on natural enemies and other non-target organisms are given for each active substance of pesticide allowed in EU for vegetable control including substances potentially available for allowing in the Czech Republic. According this knowledge it is possible to rank the active substance into green, yellow and red list of pesticides for integrated system of Brassica vegetable production.
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Methodology for evaluation of resistance of pollen beetle to insecticides
Stará, Jitka ; Falta, Vladan ; Kocourek, František
The methodology of evaluation of pollen beetle resistance to insecticides includes approaches that enable easy and reliably to detect resistance to pyrethroids and organophosphates. The methodology includes also information about mechanisms of resistance of insects to insectidies and methods, how to evaluate the resistance. To prevent or slow-down development of resistance in pollen beetle, antiresistant strategies are proposed.
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The Deirdre Legend in Irish Fiction/Legenda o Deirdre v irské literatuře
STARÁ, Jitka
This thesis focuses on the research of available annals and manuscripts that contain the ?Deirdre Legend?, both in the early medieval or late medieval version. The work deals with the comparison of the legend to the three different works of Irish literature: a poem by Samuel Ferguson, a drama by John Millington Synge and a novel by James Stephens. The research is focused on analysis of subject, genre and factual changes which distinguish these three works from the original version of the legend.

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