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Attitude-behaviour gap in sustainable fashion consumption
Vrabcová, Johanna ; Richter, Eva (advisor) ; Skovajsa, Marek (referee)
In today's fast-paced world, it is no surprise that fast fashion has come to the forefront of consumer behaviour in the fashion industry. Fast fashion, with its huge overproduction makes the fashion industry the second largest polluter of the environment. Sustainable consumption, which is environmentally friendly and therefore offers several solutions to today's distressing situation, contrasts with today's fashion consumption. In connection with this fact, the aim of my bachelor thesis was to describe and explain the causes that lead to the discrepancy between pro-environmental attitudes and inconsistent behaviour, in other words, the existence of attitude-behaviour gap in the fashion industry. Through the method of synthesis of the scientific literature and a number of research studies, are described theoretically substantiated the barriers that are described by the respondents in the research studies as the main causes of their unsustainable consumption behaviour. Apart from the barriers, several possible solutions are explained in response to these causes. One of the main findings of this work is to emphasize the fact that examining the relationship between attitude, intention, and behavior in addressing the attitude-behaviour gap can be problematic, because social factors such as social...
Social isolation and loneliness of female university students during the COVID-19 pandemic
Gardianova, Tereza ; Richter, Eva (advisor) ; Skovajsa, Marek (referee)
of Diploma Thesis Abstract: The master thesis deals with the loneliness of university students (focused on women) during the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease. The work focuses on the identification of risk and protective factors of loneliness. It also examines coping strategies and compares their use between lonely and non-lonely students. The qualitative study identified risk factors associated with the pandemic (disruption of routine and everyday life, absence of university environment and reduction of social network and social contacts) and general risk/protective factors (social, personal, family environment, physical activity and nature). Coping strategies for university students are prevailed active, problem-oriented strategies. However, emotional strategies also appear during crisis situations. Passive coping strategies predominate among long-term lonely students. The main difference between lonely and non-lonely students was connected with the perception of loneliness. Non-Lonely students took loneliness as a means of self- development and personal growth. Based on the findings, a typology of loneliness was created.
Politics Public Administration with the Participation of Stakeholders in Decision-Making with the Focus on Lobbying
Vejskrabová, Markéta ; Just, Petr (advisor) ; Skovajsa, Marek (referee)
This thesis deals with the phenomena of lobbyism which has entered Czech cultural background together with pluralistic, representative democracy late in recent years. This feature has not a necessary tradition and it is still confronted with vague understanding of his function by Czech laic community. This thesis is outlined thus to first answer the questions where is lobbing held, how is it proceed and who are the groups which are lobbing. Last mentioned chapter is comparison of the different lobbing of non-profit and profit organizations, which are the main participation groups on decision making through their representative - the lobbyist, who presents interests of the group and often also the possible impacts of this particular law on their fields of interests to politician. The situation in Czech Republic is not conciliated to lobbing. The aim of this thesis is the recognition that if lobbing is defined, established and regulated does not need to be accompanied with hidden corruption and manipulation with public interest. The possible models of regulation are demonstrated on system of regulation by the facultative codex in Great Britain and the system of normative regulation by law in United States of America. From those and other cases of regulation in different states gain the result that the...
Rural Area as a Place for New Types of NGOs and Identities Creating.
Klvaňová, Linda ; Skovajsa, Marek (advisor) ; Bernard, Jan (referee)
This master's thesis is concerned with the immigration to rural areas in relation to the establishment of civil associations oriented to ecology and development activities. Through an analysis of three case studies it aims to study the question whether these associations might help the immigrants to integrate to the rural local environment as well as to form new social and organizational identities. The thesis summarises the results of the sociological research of rural areas, the studies of civil society, and also the modernist concepts of identity.
Civil Society and State, Comparative Study of Classic Thinkers about Civil Society and Hannah Arendt.
Nosková, Monika ; Skovajsa, Marek (advisor) ; Muhič Dizdarevič, Selma (referee)
Designed as a comparative study, this master's thesis aims to contrast some of the classic political philosophy thinkers with Hannah Arendt thought on civil society in oder to present what makes her theories new and beneficial for the further development of civil society. By analysing some of the ideas of the representatives of different trends it introduces to what degree they influenced their followers, opponents and Hanna Arendt's thought.
Citizenship - Theoretical Bases and Teaching Practice
Bucvanová, Eliška ; Moree, Dana (advisor) ; Skovajsa, Marek (referee)
Eliška Bucvanová. Diplomová práce. Citizenship - Theoretical Bases and Teaching Practice ABSTRACT IN ENGLISH Weak civil society can be seen as a possible drawback of Czech democracy. One of the possible ways of building it is citizenship education provided within the compulsory school system. Citizenship is also the main subject of this work, which uses qualitative research methods to find out how the concept of "citizenship" is understood by teachers at a selected primary school, what information they provide to pupils on this subject and how. Since the scope of the paper would be insufficient, it does not intend to map the state of citizenship education in the Czech Republic: its aim is to find out how teachers approach the subject and whether their opinions coincide, and to compare their views with the information contained in literature. The results of the work show that the selected school is at a comparatively high level; however, the teachers' attitudes to citizenship education and its aims lack consistency and comprehensiveness and, also, the pupils' knowledge highly varies. This can be due to the fact that citizenship education has long been in need of an integrated approach and, very probably, also training opportunities for teachers that would help them develop their professional skills. In...
Deepening democracy at the local level / Civic participation in Utrecht
Blahetová, Kristýna ; Skovajsa, Marek (advisor) ; Benyovszky, Selma (referee)
This thesis focuses on the topic of active citizenship in democratic societies. An emphasis is placed on the clarification of the role of the citizen as an engaged participant in the political process at the local level. This issue is contextualized within the theory of democracy, which legitimacy is fulfilled by the citizen participation. The empirical part is devoted to the research of the citizen participation in the Dutch city of Utrecht, where the way of cooperation between citizens and public officers was investigated in the process of public policy making. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the form and the contribution of the civic participation in Utrecht. Keywords democracy, democracy at the local level, participatory democracy, citizen, participation, codecision, cooperation, relationship between the citizen and the politician, level of participation
The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Process of Integration of Arabic Minority into Czech Society, in the Point of View of NGOs and Members of Arabic Community.
Strnadelová, Lenka ; Muhič Dizdarevič, Selma (advisor) ; Skovajsa, Marek (referee)
This master's thesis outlines the situation of the Muslim minority in the Czech Republic and aims to study whether the Muslim immigrants need help of NGOs during the integration process.

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