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Deposition of Ga nanostructures on graphene membranes
Severa, Jiří ; Mikulík, Petr (referee) ; Mach, Jindřich (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the preparation of the graphene membranes for depo-sition of gallium atoms by the molecular beam epitaxy. In the first part properties ofgraphene and methods of its production are described. Second part focuses on the gra-phene membranes, their specific properties, applications and methods of production. Thirdpart describes growth theory of the thin films. Practical part is focused on preparationof graphene membranes, which consists of covering the holes in the silicon substrate bygraphene layer. For that mechanical exfoliated and chemical vapor deposited graphenewere used. Subsequently, gallium atoms were deposited on these membranes by molecularbeam epitaxy and in situ observed by scanning electron microscopy.
Preparation of graphene membranes for Ga deposition
Severa, Jiří ; Bartošík, Miroslav (referee) ; Mach, Jindřich (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the production of graphene membranes, which would be suitable for the deposition of gallium atoms. In the first part is characterized graphene. The second part is focused on preparation and improvement the production of graphene layers via atomically flat Cu foils. In the third part are described graphene membranes, techniques of their production and specific applications of graphene membranes. The fourth part introduced interface between gallium and graphene layers. The fifth part is the practical part. Graphene was grown on different Cu foils which resulted in higher quality graphene grown on smooth foils. Subsequently, the production of graphene membranes and deposition of gallium atoms were done.

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