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Advanced materials for organic bioelectronics
Sedlák, Jiří ; Salyk, Ota (referee) ; Weiter, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the research of PEDOT:DBSA material for possible use in organic bioelectronics. First, a method for preparing PEDOT:DBSA layers of required thickness was standardized and the dependence of the thickness on the conductivity of the material was monitored. Subsequently, the effect of thermal stabilization and EG, DMSO and H2SO4 substances on the conductivity of prepared layers was tested. Two principles were tested to increase conductivity. The first was the principle of adding substances as dopands into liquid polymeric solutions. The second method of sample preparation was the method of secondary treatment of already prepared layers of pure PEDOT:DBSA. All of prepared polymeric layers were characterize by two methods: four point probe and profilometry.
Efficiency test reference year for the evaluation and design of solar thermal system
Jelínek, Petr ; Milan, Palko (referee) ; Hirš, Jiří (referee) ; Sedlák, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis describes utilisation of test reference year for design and evaluation of solar thermal system. The evaluation was performed on a solar thermal system of a single-family house in Rapotice, Czechia. Long-term monitoring of the system as well as indoor and outdoor climate were performed there. Measured data were compared with test reference year and data in Meteonorm database. Selected boundary conditions of the solar thermal system were compared with numerical simulations in Polysun. The results of the comparison were statistically analysed. Results of the simulations utilizing test reference year were closer to the on-site measurements than dates from Meteonorm. Therefore it could be concluded that test reference year is the best database of climate data for design of solar thermal system in Czechia.
Assessment of natural and recycled materials in buildings
Stránská, Zuzana ; Ostrý, Milan (referee) ; Lupíšek,, Antonín (referee) ; Sedlák, Jiří (advisor)
Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an analytic method for evaluation of environmental impacts of products, services and technologies. It is associated with all the stages of a product's life. The environmental impacts are evaluated on the basis of material and energetic flows, which are in influence with the environment. These impacts are always determined in the relation with the function of the product or the service and so it is possible to compare them with the other alternatives. One of the most important reasons why I have chosen this dissertation thesis subject was the growing public interest in impacts of the building constructions on the environment and human organism. Only a few experts and scientific research centres deal with the problem of environmental impacts of the buildings in the Czech Republic so the main goal of this thesis is to help with a spreading a knowledge about it. There are four main problems to solve in the thesis: determination of environmental impacts of selected materials which are missing in available databases, creation of life cycle models of evaluated buildings, determining the most appropriate functional unit and determining the contents of the recommended LCA protocol for building analysis. In the first phase of the thesis there was built a detailed life cycle model of the reference building on the basis of available documents and databases. This "cradle to cradle" LCA model was then optimized for a large number of life cycle scenarios to determine the significance of the impact of individual variables on the overall environmental impact of the building. The knowledge gained from this analysis was applied to the lifecycle models of other buildings and then there was assembled the recommended form of the LCA protocol. In the final stage, the results of the environmental impacts were quantified on the different functional units which were used for determining the appropriate form.
The Constitutions of The Czechoslovak Hussite Church
Sedlák, Jiří ; Lášek, Jan Blahoslav (advisor) ; Veverková, Kamila (referee)
The diploma thesis is divided into two basic topics, in which it deals in a brief outline with the origin and development of confessional and ecclesiastical law in general and with development and mutual relation between confessional and ecclesiastical law in the territory of Czech lands since the arrival of the Cyril and Methodius until the establishment of the Czechoslovak Church. Further on it presents the timeline of sources of the "First" Constitution of the Czechoslovak Church (Ústava Církve československé). These sources are divided into the periods before and after the establishment of the Czechoslovak Church. The first period started with the Reform Program of František Náhlovský (Reformní program Františka Náhlovského) of 1848 followed by The Přerov Reform Program (Přerovský reformní program) of 1906, The Proposition of the Union of the Czech Catholic Clergy on the Renewal of the Catholic Church in the Czechoslovak Republic (Návrh Jednoty čsl. katolického duchovenstva na obnovu církve katolické v Republice československé) of 1919, Memorandum of the Delegation to Rome (Memorandum delegace do Říma) of 1919, Program of Platform Focus (Program Ohniska) of 1919 and Program of Reforms (Program reforem) in the Right of the Nation of 1920. The second period after the establishment of the...
Low energy family house
Nečesaný, Jiří ; Jelínek, Petr (referee) ; Sedlák, Jiří (advisor)
Thebachelor thesis issolving a low-energyfamily housewith a carportwhichislocated in Lužice. Alow-energyfamily houseisdesignedfor permanent housingforfourpeople. ThebuildingisdesignedfromceramicsPorotherm and has twofloors and basement. The house iscovered by hippedroofconsistsoflatticetrusses. Thecarportisintendedforone car and iscovered by a shedroof. Theobjects are based on stripfoundation.
Unemployment and its social and economic impacts in the South Bohemia region
The topic of this thesis is the unemployment in the South Bohemia region and its economic and social impacts in this area as well. For the purpose of the diploma theses, it was necessary to define some key theoretical concepts related to the unemployment. The key concepts were defined through the study of a scientific literature, statistical yearbooks and sources focused on this subject matter and labour market. The main assumption was distinguishing of various types of the unemployment, and introducing methods of counting them. The theoretical part of the theses concludes with the issue of socio-economic impacts of the unemployment and their mutual relations, and with the description of the employment politics in the Czech Republic. In the empirical part, development of the unemployment its aspects and structure are analysed. The core of the theses lies in the use of statistical methods, especially in Pearson's product-moment coefficient, correlation matrix and simple linear regression model. All these calculations were done in STATISTICA and R software. At the beginning of the calculation, appropriate social and economic indicators were specified. Finally, there is a discussion about possible results of examined issue at the end of the empirical part as well as some suggestions how to improve unemployed people situation.
Ultrasonic Directional Speaker
Sedlák, Jiří ; Michalec, Jaroslav (referee) ; Mikulka, Jan (advisor)
The master´s thesis deals with theoretical research and practical application of the principle of spreading acoustic waves through nonlinear medium. The theoretical part describes five different types of amplitude modulation and their mathematic representation, which were verified by the program Matlab. Next, the impedance characteristic of ultrasound PZT transducer was measured and the design of PWM modulator and class D amplifier was described. The practical part of the master´s thesis contains the realization of the parametric loudspeaker assembled from the class D amplifier and the PWM modulator. In conclusion, the designed parametric loudspeaker was measured and the individual types of amplitude modulation were compared with respect to the total harmonic distortion of transmitted useful signal.
Reconstruction of apartment block
Chmelař, Jiří ; Hudec, Mojmír (referee) ; Sedlák, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the project documentation of the reconstruction of sewing company in Zlín. Contemporary storey house will increased of one storey. In new storey will created five housing units. Space of sewing company will reduction and instead of will created housing unit and office. Next to the house is courtyard. On the courtyard will constructed gallery for entry to the housing units in second storey.
Kindergarten school
Muňko, Matej ; Hudec, Mojmír (referee) ; Sedlák, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of this work is new building of a kindergarten in Brno, district Brno – Slatina. The aim of this work is to create documentation for realization of the building of the kindergarten with all-day operation, with projected capacity of 60 children divided into three classes. Object is situated in calm, suburb part of the city. The terrain is flat. Object has two overground floors, is without basement and has a single-layer flat roof. Building is founded on foundation strips from plain concrete. The masonry of the building is from ceramic blocks from the Heluz system. The ceiling is made from ceramic-concrete ceiling beams with Miako filling blocks and from prefabricated prestressed concrete ceiling panels Spiroll.
Low energy house
Pavelová, Michaela ; Mrkos,, Dan (referee) ; Sedlák, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of my bachelor’s thesis is elaboration of the project documentation for construction of low energy house in Dlouhá Loučka. This is two-story detached object without basement which has a rectangular floor plan. It is roofed with pitched roof and the attic is residential part of the building. Thesis contains basic calculations which are needed for design of project documentation. Project documentation is elaborated according current standards.

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